John Wesley Donaldson

Newspaper Clippings about Southpaw Pitcher John Donaldson

April-June 1913 John Donaldson Games

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April 26 and 27, 1913

Waterloo, IA
"The first practice game of the season will take place on Saturday, April 5, when Doc will lead his men against the Des Moines Three-Eye league team at Drake college, Des Moines, until the last Sunday of April when Andrews will invade Waterloo with his band of Boosters and meet the All-Nations team.

In three more weeks Waterloo fans will have an opportunity to get a line on Dr. Jay Andrews baseball quad. On April 27, the Waterloo team is scheduled to meet the All-Nations teams at the new ball park and from the present indications the park will be in readiness for the battle.

In addition to the games with Des Moines and St. Joe, Dr. Andrews has games scheduled with the All-Nations team, Highland Park and Simpson colleges.

Doc Then Signs Four Promising Players from the Second Team of Des Moines All Nations Here Soon - Today he left for Simpson college where he will meet the college team in a practice game. Thursday and Friday they will meet the Hopkins Bros. team at Highland Park. The next important practice games will be at Waterloo when they meet the strong All Nation team on the 26th and 27th of this month. The management of the All Nations team has succeeded in signing some of the foremost players of the world. Among the more famous, who will appear at Waterloo is Mendez, the great Cuban pitcher. Baseball critics, who have watched him in action say that he has them all beat and nicknamed him the "big six" of the Cuban race. One of his famous assets is perfect control, but on top of this he has the other things that consitute a good box artist. He is heavily built, likeing very much like Ed Walsh of Chicago. He has speed and among the breaks in his assortment of benders is the quick jumping spit all. Any team that beats Mendez will have to do so by fast work. The team will travel in a special car this year and a brass band will also travel with it furnishing music at the different stops. At least one player from nearly every nation has been selected for the team. There are Japs, Cubans, Germans, Swedes, Indians, Russians and Americans.

On Saturday and Sunday the strong Hopkins Bros team of this city will meet the Waterloo squad at league park. Andrews will then give his men a few days practice here and will then go to Waterloo on Saturday and Sunday, April 26 and 27, where they will meet the strong All-Nations team in two exhibition games. Besides having the great Mendez on the squad for pitching purposes the All-Nations management also carries the great colored pitcher, Donaldson. These two men will pitch the games at Waterloo and will be well worth the price of admission just to see work. Mendez is one of the most graceful pitchers in the business, and critics on break balls say there is no man playing professional ball, who can touch this wonder.

Dr. Andrews is completing all arrangements for the appearance of the Waterloo team against the All-Nations team in Waterloo on April 26th and 27.

The players can practice at either Prospect or Cedar River park and a game can be arranged with the State Teachers' squad for one afternoon next week, while the locals are scheduled to meet the All Nations team in this city on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be a big noise in Waterloo on the twenty-sixth and seventh of April, when the All-Nations team clashes with Manager Andrews and his Boosters. Among the players of fame on the All-Nations club, is Mendez, the Cuban pitcher, who beat the Detroit and Philadelphia teams so easily in Cuba a few years ago.

The rugulars and yannigans will entertain the local fans until Saturday and Sunday when the star All-Nation team will play here. These two games will be played at the new park. Manager Andrews will give his men its final test in the All-Nations games and as this team is rated among the best on the road this year the real strength of the local team can be determined in these games.
Donaldson, the great colored twirler, will pitch the game on Saturday for the visitors while Mendez, the giant Cuban, will do the box duty on Sunday. Both men are rated among the best twirlers in the game and the games will prove a valuable test for Doc's batting material. The team is also said to have some high class stickers and the local pitchers will get a chance to test their metal.

All-Nations Team Will be Very Strong - The local team will devote the next three days to putting on the finishing touches and on Saturday and Sunday will meet the strong All-Nations team in this city. These contests will give the local fans an excellent opportunity to get a line on the team, as the All-Nations team will present an exceptionally strong line-up. There will be Chinese, Japanese, Cubans, Indians, Hawaiians and John Donaldson, the famous colored pitcher.
Strong Pitching Staff - Donaldson will pitch one of the games in the city, while Mendez, a Cuban, will be on the mound in the other battle. The colored twirler has worked in fourty-five games and has never been defeated, while the Cuban has an international reputation, having participated in a number of games against major league clubs. The All-Nations team won 99 and lost two games last season and the squad that will face the Waterloo team on Saturday and Sundy will be practically the same aggregation, Chauteau, an Indian, who was with the Oklahoma state league last season, and Mendez, the Cuban, being the new players.

The games betwee the Waterloo baseball team and the All-Nations team will be played at Cedar River park on Saturday and Sunday, as the new ball park will not be completed for some time. The local players will probably practice in the city park this afternoon and every morning and afternoon this week, as Dr. Andrews men will have to be in the best possible condition to defeat the team of foreigners. J.E. Gaul, one of the managers of the All-Nations team, was in the city yesterday completing the arrangements for the game. His palyers will arrive in Waterloo Saturday morning in a special car. The All-Nations ball players are also musicians of considerable ability and they will give a concert in the business districts before the game.

While in the city the team will be on exhibition in Lafayette Park and will climax their pre-season work with two games with the star All-Nations team on Saturday and Sunday of this week. These two games promise to be very interesting owing to the two great pitchers the All-Nations team is carrying. Besides Donaldson, the greatest colored twirler before the public today, the team also has the services of Mendez, the great Cuban box artist. Until 1910 and 1911, the great Cuban was unheard of, but when the Philadelphia Americans, world champions, took a trip to the island off the coast of Florida, his reputation was no slow in becoming world wide. In one ten-inning game he defeated Chief Bender, beating the Phillies 2 to 1 and allowing two hits. Catcher Thomas of Philadelphia says that he is one of the greatest pitchers in the game today and although he is not in a class with Walter Johnson, he is not far behind. He has terrific speed and splendid control and is also a good fielder and a dangerous hitter. The woman first-baseman for the All-Nations squad is also highly rated. She is said to be the equal of many of the initial sackers playing class D ball and unlike many of the women players is also handy with the stick. The team carries a sub-baseman who sometimes covers the first sack.

All-Nations Team - Dr. Andrews realized that his players will have a difficult time defeating the All-Nations team on Saturday and Sunday, as the team of many nationalities will have a pair of strong pitchers. Mendez, a Cuban, and Donaldson, a colored twirer, are both exceptionally strong slab artists and it will give the Waterloo hitters an opportunity to disply their skill. The exhibition games with the All-Nations team will be played at Cedar River park, as the new park is not ready.

Admission will be free on every day with the exception, when the fast All-Nations team will appear here for two games. If you are looking for a real ball game and something to yell for take those two games in.
Andrews will use his strongest team against the All-Nations team on Saturday and Sunday. Tuttle will start the games on Saturday and may twirl the entire game. If he is taken out either Wilkus or Schorn will be put in. Ashley will start the game on Sunday and will be followed by Zaunderman.

Does the Stunt on First Base Much to the Amusement of Fans. Everything Ready for All-Nations Games. - Ready for Games. - The players are now ready for the two exhibition games on Saturday and Sunday. The team work is coming along slow but sure and the individual batting is slowly improveing. The way they were laying them out yesterday was good for sore eyes and the fans have little to worry about along the batting lines. The pitchers are in good condition and could open the season today. A team for a final test was well selected when the All-Nations squad was booked. The two pitchers, Mendez and Donaldson, will rank with or above and twirler in the C.A. and will be mighty good practice for the local players to wield their bats against. Donaldson will probably twirl on Saturday and Mendez on Sunday. The visiting team travels in a special car and along with the ball team they carry a band. A concert will be given on the streets both days of the games and the musicians will then retire to the ball grounds and offer the refrains for the combats.

Donaldson, All-Nations "Phenom," who will probably twirl this afternoon.

All-Nations Gang Are in the City - Arrived in their Special Car Last Evening and are Now Ready For the Two Clashes in This City - Tuttle will Twirl - Will Probably Start Game for Waterloo Against Donaldson, the Great Colored Pitcher - The All-Nations baseball club arrived in Waterloo last evening in its special car and are now ready for the clash with the Waterloo team at Lafayette park this afternoon at 3:30. They carry bleachers with them so those who prefer the seats can obtain them. The manager of the visiting team stated last evening that he would probably work Donaldson, the great negro pitcher, this afternoon and save Mendez, the Cuban for tomorrow.

Band Will Play. - The All-Nations band will be on the streets today and will also be at the park in the afternoon, both today and tomorrow. The line-up for the visiting team has not been given out but Waterloo will bat in the following order: White, Goes, Wintz, Corkhill, Free, Siglin, Jokerst, Macauley and Tuttle.

All-Nations Star, With Mighty Donaldson in the Box Defeated by Score of Ten to Three. - In the first exhibition game of the season in this city the Waterloo Central association team took the All-Nations team into camp at Lafayette park yesterday afternoon to the tune of 10 to 3. The local stickers hit when hits counted and with Tuttle pitching in great form, there was little doubt of the outcome of the game. Donaldson, the tall negro, pitched a good game for the visitors, allowing nine hits and striking out ten. Tuttle was his master, however, allowing five scattered hits and sending eleven of the visiting batters to the bench by the shortest route.
Owing to the cold wind that was blowing yesterday, the crowd was held down to a few over three hundred. A grand stand has been erected and a canvas fence stretched around the diamond. There will be plenty of room for those who attend the game today and also plenty of seats for those who wish them. The game will be called at 3 o'clock sharp this afternoon. Fast Infield. - The first thing that impressed the fans yeseterday was the fast work of the local infielders. Siglia, Free, Macauley and Wintz make a combination hard to beat and their work yesterday both in practice and in the game brought the usual rounds of applause from the crowd. "Butch" Free, on second base, took the bacon yesterday on his fast work around the keystone station. He is sure on ground balls and covers most of the ground between first and second in a clever fashion. He has a nice peg to the first sack and can throw from any position.
Wintz, on third, also pulled some pretty plays yesterday, but his arm seemed a little weak. He has an accurate delivery but did not use the usual amount of steam behind the throws. Manager Andrews says his arm is sore at the present time and will probably round into shape before the opening of the season at Kewanee on Wednesday. Tuttle Looks Good. - Tuttle pitched the entire game for the local team and showed up mighty good. He has a good fast one and what few curves he did use yesterday looked as big as a barn. He tried a nice slow ball on several occasions, but had trouble locating the plate. He allowed five hits during the course of the game no two coming in the same inning. Blattner scored the only run for the All-Nations with a long home run over the left field canvas. Goes was the only local player to fall in hitting. In five times to bat he did not connect with the ball for one safe drive, but did take five strolls to the first corner. He is credited with two runs on no times at bat and no hits. White and Corkhill were the heavy hitters making a pair apiece, White rapped out two singles in five trips to the plate, while Bob leaned up against a double and a triple in two times at bat.
Three in First. - Davy White started off the fireworks for the locals, after Tuttle had whiffed three of the visitors in their half of the first, with a pretty single to right. Goes followed with his first free trip and White moved to second. Wintz popped to Donaldson and Corkhill laid down a pretty bunt advancing each of the runners. White scored on an error by the opposing first baseman and Goes moved to third on the play scoring a minute later on Free's single. Free stole second and moved to third when Blattner errored on the play. He scored from this station on Siglin's pretty two base drive to right center. The All-Nations again failed to reach first in the second frame, but Tuttle scored one run for the locals on a life on Reeve's error, a passed ball and a wild pitch. Crouch scored the first run for the visitors in the third when he started the inning with a safe single. He advanced to second on a fielder's choice and strike. Corkhill, first man up for Waterloo in this frame hit one for Waterloo in this frame hit one on the nose tagged for three bases. He loitered at that homeward station while Free, Siglin and Jokerst were benched on strikes.
The Big Fourth. - In the fourth, Reeves hit for a single and then stole second, but died at this corner when Donaldson and Dunbar were struck out and Crouch grounded to Macauley and was thrown out to Sgilin. This frame was Waterloo's big inning and they scored four runs on three hits. Tuttle led off with a single and reached second on a hit by White. They both advanced on Reeve's second error and the bases were filled a minute later when Goes took his third walk to the initial sack. Wintz then came to the rescue and put one under the canvas in right center for three sacks and a cushion clearer. Corkhill at this stage of the game pulled one of the pretty inside plays of baseball with the assistance of Wintz. He laid down a perfect bunt and scored the runner from third taking his own death on the play at first. In the sixth after Castanier had grounded to Siglia unassisted, Blattner stuck one over the left center canvas for a homer.
In the seventh, the visitors failed to score, but Waterloo added another pair. Corkhill, first up, walked and was then forced at second in the only double play of the game when Free hit to the viting short stop who threw to Blattner getting Corkhill and then retired Free at first. Siglin then was hit in the foot and got a life on first followed closely by a steal of second. He scored from this point when Jokerst hit one safe. He went to second when Naika fumbled his bounder in right and scored from there on Macauley's bingle. Corkhill got another safe crack in the eighth but failed to score. Reeve's got a life on an error by Free in the ninth was advanced on a hit and scored on two infield outs.

WATERLOO TEAM DISPLAYS FORM - HAD LITTLE TROUBLE DEFEATING ALL-NATIONS. - Indication Point to Strong Squad - Infield Very Fast. - In the Waterloo baseball players continue to play the game all season like they played the exhibition game Sunday afternoon, the local fans will enjoy a very successful season. The All-Nations' squad proved a weak aggregation and the locals had but little trouble rolling up a big score, winning 17 to 0. But it was not the score that encouraged the home bugs but the spirit displayed by Dr. Andrews' squad of ball heavers. Every man on the team displayed real life throughout the battle and all were exerting every effort to make the game worth while. Their work on the defense was a revelation to the hungry Waterloo fanatics, not a slip of any kind being made during the afternoon. The visitor's pitchers were solved with ease so it was impossible to get a line on the strength of the team in the hitting department, but several of the players landed on the ball with vengeance and looked like the real article, but one thing is certain, Waterloo will not have to score many runs to win games if the defense proves as strong as expected.
Pitchers Look Good. - Tuttle and Ashley, the two moundsmen who opposed the All-Nations team on Saturday and Sunday, looked great on the firing line and both should prove valuable assets to the Waterloo club. Jokerst and Goes, Waterloo catchers, were both given an opportunity to work in the series and the two receivers look like permanent fixtures on the local squad. Both are will built for the strenuous work required of them and both have had the experience, so that Manager Andrews will be well fortified in that department. The infield worked together like a well-oiled machine. Wintz, Macauley and Free headed off several difficult drives in the two days, while Siglin handled balls fired at him in all directions. The inner guards had but one opportunity for a double play, but they pulled that off in lightning fashion and cut off the visitors' only chance to score.
The outfielders had but little opportunity to shine on the defensive, but Corkhill and White, the two men who have been chosen for regular positions in the outer garden, have displayed their old-time form in their positions and will no doubt be clouting them out for the locals when the battle is on in full sway. Youngster Can Hit. - Sheldon, the youngster signed for an infield position but who has since been switched to the outfield, has been demonstrating that he can hit the ball and has also displayed considerable ability in the outfield. Waterloo fans have not had an opportunity to see Zonderman, Carnes, Wilkus or Schorne in action, but the four men will be retained on the staff for some time so the local enthusiasts will se all the men in action. Sunday's Game. Sunday's game was a swatfest so far as Andrews' men were concerned, a total of sixteen hits being garnered off the All-Nations' pitchers. Five home runs and three doubles were included in the list of swats.
Saturday's Game. - Donaldson, the big colored pitcher for the All-Nations team, had plenty of speed in Saturday's game, but the locals landed on him at opportune times and his support was also somewhat weak, so Dr. Andrews' recruits had but little difficulty in capturing the contest. White and Corkhill led in the hiting for the locals, while Tuttle was holding the visitors at a safe distance.

Nothing to It But Waterloo - Team Again Makes Hit with the Fans by Trouncing All-Nations 17 to 0. Five Home Runs Made by Locals - But Few Save Coin - Were over 1,000 Paid Admissions Sunday and About 700 Who Peeked Over Fence. Team Off For Kewanee - Before a crowd of nearly 1,200 boosters, who were inside the park, and about 600 sight-seers, who hung around the outside thereby saving a quarter, the Waterloo baseball club took the All-Nations team down the line by the score, of 17 to 0, Sunday afternoon at Lafayette park. The game was the last of the pre-season 1913 and this morning at 7:45 Manger Andrews and his all-star gang will leave for Kewanee via the Rock Island. They will reach Davenport during the noon hour and will drop off there for dinner resuming their journey to the scene of the opening Central association battle at 1 o'clock. Kewanee will be reached late in the afternoon and the men will retire early after supper in preparation for the umpire's "play ball" on Wednesday P.M.
Ashley Twirls. - Ashley did the twirling on Sunday and brought joy to the hearts of the many fans. Ashley is the tallest man on the squad standing six feet and three inches in the shoes his parents gave him when he first cast his eyes on the orange shaped globe. (For the deep thinkers we will add that this means bare or stocking feet. John took thins easy in the game, never was in trouble, and seemed "fit" to go another nine rounds had the occasion demanded. He had perfect control, as did Tuttle the day before, and when he did curve them they looked awful big. goes caught instead of Jokerst on the previous day and Sheldon, utility man, took Goes's place in right field. The "kid" looked like a regular major leaguer to the fans and the way he brought forth the smiles it can be easily seen that he has also won a warm place in the hearts of local fans. He stands up to the plate just as though there was nothing that was going to stop him from slamming one out against the back fence. He has a nice swing and does some nice poling. He had a total of six bases in one inning Sunday making a home run and a double in two trips.
The fielding of the team was again in the glare of the spotlight. It would be hard at this time to say which one of the bunch was the best. It is a fact, however, that they are all mighty good and will keep them all going at high speed. Free on third is fast and sure on ground balls. His arm is fast rounding into shape and on a line. Macauley on short is the keystone to the infield. He is fast, a sure infielder and has a rifle peg when he is whipping them over to first. "Butch" Free on second will look after the ground fly ball around the keystone. Anybody that takes it easy going to the initial sack when Free is after the ball will find out to his sorrow that the saying "make hay while the sun shines" is a pretty good saying after all. Siglin and the pair of catchers also showed up to advantage and are there with the "goods." Siglin on first uses his feet to good advantage and picks them out of the air in all directions. He had a few chances to scoop them from the dust, but what few chances he did have, he succeeded in doing. Jokerst will do the bulk of the catching and Goes will be placed in right field. Both men are big and heavy. Both have perfect pegs down to second, are good hitters and good fielders.
Pitchers O.K. - The twirlers are all that could be asked for and although only two of them were seen in action the other four can be classed up among the top-notchers also, Zaunderman and Carnes along with Ashley and Tuttle, will do the bulk of the work, while the two south-paws will be called upon during the games when there are plenty of left-handed hitters in the game on the opposing squad."

March 19, 1913

Seward, NE
"Seward will have an Indian in the team. John Crowe, who played at third for the All Nations here last spring, has been signed for this season by Manager Zink."

May 10, 1913

Omaha, NE
"Two Ball Stars Will Be Here On Saturday - With the coming of the All Nation baseball club next Saturday and Sunday baseball fans will have an opportunity to see two of the most remarkable players outside of organized baseball, John 'Broom' Donaldson, the lanky colored pitcher, whose work last season in the All Nations-Storz game at Rourke Park was one of the greatest exhibitions of pitching ever witnessed on the Vinton street grounds, will endeavor to secure satisfaction from the Brewers for the only defeat he suffered last year. The other player, whose fame outranks even that of the dusky John Donaldson, is the great Cuban player, Jose Mendez, who proved a puzzle to the Philadelphia Athletics and defeated the world's champions (at that time) by a score of 1 to 0."

Omaha, NE
"Storz Preparing for Great Game Tomorrow - Manager Bradford Gets New Twirler, Del Alderman, Former Professional - The Storz Triumphs and the All-Nations of Des Moines will clash at Rourke Park, Saturday afternoon, providing the weather permits. Last season, when these two aggregations met, the Brewers won both games. The game will start at 3 o'clock, Manager Bradford has added another twirler to his staff. Del. Alderman, the south paw, formerly with the Sioux City and Wichita teams of the Western League, who retired from the professional ranks to look after his business interests at Lyons, Nebraska, has now joined the forces of the Arthur Stors Auto Supply Co., and will play Saturday and Sunday ball with the Storz Triumphs. Alderman will work in one of the games with the All-Nations at Rourke Park, Saturday and Sunday, and is to be pitted against either 'Broom' Donaldson, the elongated negro, who with his terrific 'smoke' and dazzling shoots, struck out eighteen of the Triumphs last season, or Mendez the Cuban star, who earned a national reputation by shutting out the Philadelphia Athletics by a 1 to 0 score in Cuba."

May 11, 1913

Omaha, NE
STORZ PREPARING FOR A GREAT GAME TODAY - Manager Bradford Gets New Twirler, Del Alderman, Former Professional. - The Storz Triumphs and the All-Nations of Des Moines will clash at Rourke park, this afternoon, providing the weather permits. Last season, when these two aggregations met, the Brewers won both games. the game will start at 3 o'clock, Manager Bradford has added another twirler to his staff. Del Alderman, the south-paw, formerly with the Sioux City and Wichita teams of the Western league, who retired from the professional ranks to look after his business interests at Lyons, Nebraska, has now joined the forces of the Arthur Storz Auto Supply Company, and will play Saturday and Sunday ball with the Storz Triumphs. Alderman will work in one of the games with the All-Nations at Rourke park, Saturday and Sunday, and is to be pitted against either "Broom" Donaldson, the elongated negro, who with his terrific "smoke" and dazzling shoots, struck out eighteen of the Triumphs last season, or Mendez the Cuban star, who earned a national reputation by shutting out the Philadelphia Athletics by a 1 to 0 score in Cuba."

Omaha, NE
"STORZ TEAM SWAMPED IN DOUBLE-HEADER - All-Nations Walk Away With Two Games by 1 to 0 and 3 to 2 Scores. - Second Round With Colored Portsider on Mound Goes Full Twelve Innings. - About 4,000 screeching fans witnessed four hours of snappy baseball Sunday at Rourke park, in which the All-Nations took both games of a double-header. The first game was shortened to seven innings to allow the visitors ample time to catch a train, but the second battle required extra innings, the All-Nations finally proving the victors by registering in their half of the twelfth. Scores were 1 to 0 and 3 to 2, with the All-Nations on top. The second game especially was a real thriller from start to finish, and the interest was further augmented by frequent demonstrations among the colored folks present. Their pet, "Broom" Donaldson, smashed all records in this vicinity for strikeouts, whiffing twenty-eight of the Brewers in the twelve innings played. Mendez, the swarthy Cuban, proved true all the notices that have been printed of him, and emerged as the illuminating star of the day. He hurled the first victory for the visitors, allowing the Storz but three hits, and then batted in the fifth inning with a double behind a pass, that counted the lone run.
Paul Kelley, on the mound for the Storz, held his own with the Cuban in all but the fatal fifth. Kelley's mates were not in a swatting humor, but two of the locals reaching the second sack. Donaldson and Mendez divided the honors as the chief trouble-makers in the second game. The tall colored port-sider was strictly in evidence owing to his ability in whiffing Bradford's men. The Cuban, not being content with his damagin efforts in the previous game, proceeded to add trouble to the Storz with a startling catch and two timely swats. That catch of Durkee's Texas leaguer in the eleventh stopped the locals from winning right there and then. Morrie Olson deserves a lot of credit for his masterly work on the slab. He worked out of many predicaments in his usual careful manner, and it can be stated he was a victim of hard luck in the twelfth when Donaldson's hit landed on the slab and bounced too high for him to grasp the pill in time to throw the lanky twirler out at first."

Omaha, NE
"Pitchers Do Splendi Work - Win Two Games for the All-Nations Over the Storz Triumphs. - Donaldson is the Real Star - He Strikes Out Twenty-Eight of the Brewery Hitters in the Second Game - Mendez, the Cuban, Also Shines. - Fred Bradford's semi-professional ball tossers, the Storz Triumphs, dropped both games of a double-header to the All-Nations yesterday afternoon at Rourke's park. Masterful pitching on the part of the visiting team spelled defeat for the locals. Donaldson, who hurled the second game struck out twenty-eight batters winning the game in twelve innings, 3 to 2. The first game was lost by the Triumphs, to the tune of 1 to 0, in seven innings. Mendez, the Cuban wonder, who two years ago defeated the Philadelphia Athletics, by a 1 to 0 score, was directly responsible for the winning of both games for his team. In the first game, the one in which he pitched he gave but two hits and scored the only run of the game in the fifth inning with a two-base hit. In the secon battle he made a wonderful catch off Durkee's Texas leaguer over short. Graham was on second when Durkee batted what looked to be a sure hit. Mendez started running with the ball at the crack of the bat and caught it with a leap, making the third out, just as Graham reached the plate. - Scores Winning Run. - Then in the twelfth inning he doubled, stole third and scored on Donaldson's infield hit. It was the winning run of the game as the Storz failed to score in their half of the final inning. Both games were fast and interesting. The pitching of Donaldson in the second game was the feature. Fifty men faced him and twenty-eight were sent to the bench through the strike-out hits. At only one stage of the game was he in danger and that was in the fifth inning, when with the bases full and but two out he struck out the next two men to face him, including "Doc" Welch, the former Omaha player. He managed to strike out every one of the Storz players at least once and Olson whiffed five times. Eddie Creighton was the only local man, who could seem to connect safely. Creighton got three singles in four times at bat. An unusually large crowd was out to witness the game. The Storz team put up a fine exhibition of base ball and would have won, but for the wonderful work of the opposing twirlers. They managed to hit the ball hard enough in the second game, but when hits were needed they were not forthcoming. - But One Run. - The visitors made the only run in the first game. In the fifth inning with two men down, Castanier walked and scored on Mendez' double to center. In the second game the Storz drew first blood. In the first inning with two down, Drummy walked and scored on Welch's double. The visitors tied it in the fourth. Donaldson landed safe on an infield hit, went to second on a dead ball and scored on Walla's single to right. In the fifth they made another. Mendez singled, took second on a sacrifice and scored on Reeve's double. The Storz tied the score again in the sixth. Prucha tripled and scored on Falconer's single. In the twelfth Mendez doubled, stole third and scored on Donaldson's infield hit."

May 12, 1913

Fremont, NE
"Struck out - By Crouch, 1; by Dunbar, 2; by Donaldson, 2; by Hinkley, 7; by Thiesen, 7."

Fremont, NE
"Fremont 14 - All Nations 0. - Special Dispatch to the World-Herald. - Fremont, Nebraska, May 12. - The Fremont Pathfinders shut out the All-Nations team today, the feature being the heavy hitting of the locals. Hinkley and Theissen of Fremont were invincible, holding the visitors to one hit, not a man reaching second base."

May 18, 1913

Omaha, NE
"The colored whirlwind, Donaldson, suffered a bad inning, that of the second, the Storz bombarding his offerings in that inning. While he whiffed eighteen his wildness proved costly."

May 22, 1913

Battle Creek, NE
"All Nations 5, Battle Creek 4. - Special Dispatch to the World-Herald. - Battle Creek, Nebraska, May 22 - The All Nations ball team defeated the home team today in a fast game of ball by the score of 5 to 4. Batteries - Battle Creek: Hoffman and Scott; All Nations: Blattner, Donaldson and Reeves. Struck out - By Hoffman 19; by Blattner, 3 in five innings; by Donaldson, 8 in four innings. Hits - Off Hoffman 9, off Blattner 8, off Donaldson 4.

May 25, 1913

LeMars, IA
"Yesterday a pretty pitchers battle was staged between Gaspar and Donaldson, when the All Nations took the locals into camp by a 1 to 0 score."

May 26, 1913

Brewster, MN
"Brewster defeated the All Nation baseball team here yesterday 4 to 3."

May 27, 1913

Luvurne, MN
"The Luvurne Grays went down to defeat for the second time this week, when on Tuesday afternoon, they were defeated by the All-Nation club."

May 30, 1913

Worthington, MN
"On Memorial Day, a game was secure with the All Nation team and the result was a victory for the visiting team, the score being 10 to 2."

May 31, 1913

Sioux Falls, SD
"Before an exceptionally large crowd for a week day the Greater Sioux Falls ball team defeated the All Nations Saturday afternoon by a score of 3 to 1."

June 1, 1913

Sioux Falls, SD
"Struck out, by Gardner 5, by Donaldson 16."

June 10, 1913

Marshall, MN
"Lefty Neeham pitched a fine, though up hill game for Marshall and Mendez, the Cuban, for the All Nation till the 7th, when Smoky Donaldson relieved him."

June 11, 1913

Granite Falls, MN
"Donaldson, the big coon and one of the best colored pitchers in the game, threw the last inning, striking out three men, but allowing one hit, Pfraemer getting the bingle."

June 12, 1913

Willmar, MN
"One of the largest crowds of the season saw the All Nation team, with "Lefty John" Donaldson, their crack colored twirler, in the box, defeat the locals last Thursday afternoon by a score of 7 to 0."

June 13, 1913

DeGraff, MN
"The All Nation Base Ball team defeated the home club Friday, by the score of 13 to 4."

June 14, 1913

Donnelly, MN
"The ball game last Saturday evening between Donnelly, and the All Nations was quite exciting."

June 15, 1913

Herman, MN
"Sunday afternoon the local ball nine took on the All Nation ball tossers and were defeated in a one sided contest by a score of 12 to 6."

June-July 1913 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

June 16, 1913

Hancock, MN
"Donaldson, the big smoke in the pitching line for the visitors pitched the first three innings and struck out six men."

June 17, 1913

Hankinson, ND
"Donaldson had the home boys at his mercy during the entire session and allowed only two hits, one of which was the veriest scratch and due to the muddy condition of the field."

June 18, 1913

Havana, ND
"Mendez started the game, but was relieved by Donaldson in the eighth."

June 19, 1913

Campbell, MN
"Campbell, Minn., 1; All-Nation, 9."

June 20, 1913

Halstad, MN
"The All-Nation Base Ball Team played the local team here Friday and won by a score of 12 to 2."

June 21, 1913

Georgetown, MN
"Yesterday the All-Nations, with Big Eagle the Indian heaver working in fine shape, won from Georgetown 10 to 0."

June 22, 1913

Moorhead, MN
"Athletics Lost to All Nations - It was a complete walkaway for the All Nations baseball team when they met the Moorhead Athletics yesterday afternoon on the latter's grounds in the city across the river. The score was 7 to 0 in favor of the visitors who come in their own special car. An enormous crowd gathered to witness the game for it was a contest that gave much promise as until yesterday the home team had not known defeat. Donaldson was the star pitcher for the All Nations. The big colored twirler didn't give his opponent, Vennes, any opportunity on the ball until the sixth inning when the latter showed more of his old form and did not allow another score. Vennes made possible the only wallop his team got throughout the game when he delivered a nice single in the eighth, the hopes of which were shattered when he was caught in going from first to second. Albeit the home boys did lose they played well and their old friends have not lost confidence in them by any means. The All Nations came, saw and conquered and all the local fans are glad of an opportunity to have seen a good game and good players like Donaldson and Mendez."

June 23, 1913

Hope, ND
"Gala Day - at Hope, North Dakota - Monday, June 23, 2013 - Band Music All Day. No Let-up in the fun. Come! Come! The Famous All Nations Ball Club - Men of all nations including Cubans, Chinese, Japanese, Hawaiians, Portu-Canella Indians, Montenegro, American and Mexicans. With his clud is the famous John Donaldson, the greatest colored pitcher of today, and Jose Mendez, the Cuban who beat the Philadelphia Athletics 1 to 0. Two big games with Hope on June 23rd. Admission 35c Children under 12 years 15c Grand Stand 15c. - Two Big Games, 3:00 and 6:30 o'clock - Wrestling Match - Ben Reeves will appear in matches with a number of local grapplers at the ball diamond. Big Dance at Night - The Celebrated Fisk Orchestra the same as the Imperial, which made good at Hope last winter, the only difference, states manager J.E. Gaul, is that they have an Italian Double action Harp, which is worth the price of the whole dance. This dance is a benefit for the Ball Team. Tickets $1. Spectators 25 cents. - Something Doing all Day Long. No dull moments on June 23rd 1913."

Hope, ND
"2 base hits: Walla, Mendez, Donaldson, Dunbar, Miller."

June 24, 1913

Pekin, ND
"On Tuesday the "Colts" backed up against the 'All Nations' travelling troupe of Ball tossers..."

June 25, 1913

Hansboro, ND
"Hansboro, 0; All-Nation, 3."

June 26, 1913

Egeland, ND
"Egeland, 0; All-Nation, 8."

June 27, 1913

Doyon, ND
"Doyon, 2; All-Nation, 16."

June 28, 1913

Knox, ND
"The ball game here Saturday with the "ALL NATIONS" team resulted in a defeat for our team, the score being 11 to 0 and guess that they might have made it worse..."

June 29, 1913

Leeds, ND
"They played a very fast game at Leeds Sunday with a score of 1 to 0, but Leeds had no chance to score at any time with that cloudy south-paw pitcher in the box."

June 30, 1913

Rollette, ND
"The All Nations base ball team thoroughly defeated a picked nine..."

July 1, 1913

Rollette, ND
"The star pitcher, a cheerful darky, then went into the box and that held the Leeds men down through the inning and this finished the game."

July 2, 1913

Warwick, ND
"Warwick, 0; All-Nation, 2."

July 3, 1913

Devils Lake, ND
"The visiting players put u a nice, clean, sportsmanlike game and the match was smooth sailing for them."

July 4, 1913

Devils Lake, ND
"Devil's Lake, 2; All-Nation, 3"

July 5, 1913

Towner, ND
"The All Nations defeated Towner last Saturday. The game was called in the sixth inning on account of rain."

July 6, 1913

Towner, ND
"Donaldson was in the box for the All Nations and struck out eighteen Towner batsmen."