John Wesley Donaldson

Newspaper Clippings about Southpaw Pitcher John Donaldson

1923 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

March 25, 1923

Dallas, TX
"The Monarchs won the first game of the season here by defeating the fast Dallas club by the score of 10 to 5. Several thousand local fans turned out to witness the first game which was a hard fought game for the first five innings at which time the heavy hitting Monarchs got their bats to working and put the game on the ice. Rogan, Gissentaner, and Currie did the pitching for the Monarchs, while Duncan was behind the bat. The Dallas Black Giants have a great team and will cause the boys from the big league much trouble before they leave."

April 1, 1923

Dallas, TX
"Dallas, Tex., April 1. - The Dallas club celebrated Easter Sunday by getting away in front in their game against the Kansas City Monarchs, but the lead was for a short time only. Manager Crawford sent Rogan to the mound in the place of Currie in the fourth. A five-run rally in the fifth gave the National leaguers the lead. Dallas 4, Monarchs 7."

April 5, 1923

Waco, TX
"Monarchs 4, Paul Quinn College 3. Second game Monarchs 16, Paul Quinn College 2. The feature of this game was the hitting of Heavy Johnson, getting two home runs and two doubles out of five times at bat, and one run by Newt Joseph, the Monarchs third-sacker. The locals could not do anything with the pitching of Currie, Rogan, and Bell."

April 6, 1923

Galveston, TX
"Monarchs 16, Galveston 0. Second Game, Monarchs 5, Galveston 3."

April 7, 1923

Dallas, TX
"The Monarchs arrived at Dallas, Texas Wednesday morning safe and sound after a long and tiresome journey. Just think the boys had to put up with riding in one of those horrible sleeping cars. O boy what a reception the gang had before their train pulled out from the Union Station. Sam Crawford, John Donaldson, Hurley McNair, Joe Mendez, Heavy Johnson, Newt Joseph, Cliff Bell, Mothell, Dobbie Moore, Hawkins, Drake, and Allen formed the advance guard. The special arrived at Muskogee at 12:30 A.M. where Williams and and Forman, two husky catchers, joined the party. More than 200 Negro fans were at the station at Muskogee to help give the boys a great send off. Newt Joseph was carried from his berth by the Muskogee fans and presented with a handsome present. The train was delayed for several minutes leaving Muskogee. Well when the old rattler rolled into the station at Dallas one would have thought that a circus parade was about to come down the street as the Negroes of that city were up early to get a glimpse of the big Negro Leaguers. McNair was met by a delegation of his former playmates but the seriff failed to put in his appearance. Cliff his former playmates but the sheriff from his former fellow citizens.

The boys were escorted to their Hotel where they put in the rest of the day telling the natives of their big league stunts. Manager Crawford ordered all the gang to report early next morning to the ball yard. Never in the history of Dallas have the Negro citizens taken such an active part in the old national sport as they are at the present time and some big things are going to happen before the boys leave there. Frank Blattner also accompanied the team. The boys met their old pals on their arrival, there was Bullet Rogan, Frank Duncan, and Bill Gissentaner who arrived the day before from Hot Springs, in the pink of condition. Hubbard Campbell of Luther, Oklahoma, and James Williams of Greenville, Texas both left hand pitchers joined the team on its arrival at Dallas. Williams is a much touted pitcher having played four years with Wiley University and two seasons with the Dallas team and he is expected to make good. Campbell comes well recommended and it is likely that both will come North with the team.

Bubbles Anderson joined the team Friday, and Big Rube Currie pulled in from California on Wednesday. Rube looks the picture of health and great things are expected of the big graceful pitcher this season. Sunday the boys stack up against the Dallas gang for the season but they are not expected to let themselves out too much at the start. Boss Wilkinson bought the boys another set of new uniforms and new sweaters and the gang will sport them in Dallas for the first time. Every member of last season's team is now in camp with the exception of George Carr, who was in the city on the day that the team left for the sunny South.

Carr, is on his way East to play with one of the Eastern teams and will not be with the boys this year. Carr for two seasons was one of the most popular players in the league but he had a very bad season last year and his work was far below his regular standard. Carr, had an opportunity to join the team this season but chose to go East. Carr no doubt will see that he has made a great mistake in jumping to the outlaws and will soon want to return to organized ball."

Galveston, TX
*Galveston Game for April 7
"Monarchs 11, Galveston 0. Rogan's pitching was the feature of this game, allowing Galveston just one hit."

April 13, 1923

Houston, TX
"Monarchs 9, Prairie View College 1."

April 15, 1923

Houston, TX
"Monarchs 10, Houston 3."

April 19, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"The Kansas City Monarchs are now doing their training out at the New Muehlenbach Field. Manager Mendez, led 26 base ball players to the new park Monday noon for their first hard work. The boys have had several days work on the Paseo, but needed a fast playing field to put them on the edge. In their work on the new field, the boys acted like they were in mid-season form. Mendez assisted by catcher Duncan were giving the pitchers their first real try out. Harold Morris the chunky little pitcher from California, looks very promising and after a few days with the boys of the big league he will be given a regular berth. All that Morris needs is more experience, as he has every thing that a young pitcher needs. Morris is a very pleasant chap to meet and comes to this city well recommended as one of the finest young men of the state of California. Morris also is a rather keen looking chap, I had better tell all the girls right now that Morriss is a young married man and is now raising another young pitcher to send to the big league some day. Morriss is just 21 years of age and states that he has fell in love with Kansas City.

Drake ready for the Go. - "Plunk" Drake the old reliable pitcher of the Monarchs is going to have one of the best seasons of his career. Drake is one of the best pitchers in the game and a credit to the league. Drake had several offers to go East and join the Eastern league but he states that as long as he is being treated right by Owner Wilkinson and the Kansas City fans, he is going to stay right here in Kansas City. We need more base ball players like Drake.

Duncan and Moore in Pink of Condition. - Frank Duncan the greatest catcher and Dobie Moore the peerless short stop are taking things rather easy as they are both reported in the best of condition after the winter campaign in Cuba. Frank and Dobie after being in Cuba all winter are having a hard time understanding the local fans' language as both boys speak Spanish very fluently now. Peso-Peso.

Lem Hawkins has arrived. - Lem Hawkins better known to the local fans as just plain (Hawk) has developed in the past two seasons into one of the best first sackers in the league (if) not the best. Hawkins was a member of the Monarchs about three or four seasons ago, but was sent to the Chicago Giants with Jay Bird Ray in the deal that brought Frank Duncan to the home team. Hawkins was at that time just an ordinary first sacker or rather appeared so with such men as Ben Taylor, Leroy Grant, High Pockets Hudspeth and Wesley of the Detroit Stars, and old man McAdoo of the St. Louis Giants to compete against but today Hawkins ranks with any first sacker that has ever played in this league, and he is full of fight all of the time and keeps the boys on their toes. Hawkins has made many friends since coming to Kansas City, and is well liked by the management for his loyalty to the team.

Old Reliable McNair. - Hurley McNair is the greatest sun-fielder in the game is anxious for the gong to sound. Mack as the gang calls him is known by all of fans in the league. He is a wonderful outfielder, and can go in and pitch a good game any time they they call upon him. Mack is a dangerous hitter and when he steps to the plate the fielders go way back. Mack has been playing base ball ever since Rube Foster was in knee-pants therefore he is known as the Grand Old Man of Base Ball.

John Donaldson. - Donaldson a few seasons ago was the greatest pitcher in the country black or white and a team in his league with just two pitchers like Donaldson was when in his prime would make a runaway race for the pennant. Donaldson used to strike out more than 15 men every time that he pitched. He was the greatest left hander that the game has ever boasted of. John has developed into one of the best outfielders in the game, and is one of the fastest men in the league. He will look after center field this season and just watch John pull down the long flies that are hit into his territory.

Heavy Johnson, the Black Babe Ruth. - Heavy needs no introduction to the local fans, as they are all looking forward to seeing him hit more home runs over the fence than Bunny Brief of the K.C. Blues. Heavy is the most dangerous hitter to ever enter the league.

Bullet Rogan. - Bullet Rogan the Monarch pitcher some times called the Giant Killer is now down to form and when he faces the Chicago American Giants he is going to start killing right from the go. Rogan not only is a great pitching star, but he is about the greatest all-round base ball player in the game barring no one. He can play every position on the team. Yes, Rogan started catching behind the bat, and the locals have seen him in every other position since joining the Monarchs. He would catch sometimes but if it was not for that great Frank Duncan who is ready to catch every day.

Manager Joe Mendez. - Joe is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. He was at one time considered by John McGraw of the New York Giants the greatest pitcher in the game, and would bring more than $50,000.00 if he had been a white man. Mendez today can take his turn in the box, and only last season he won many games for the team. He is a capable manager and the boys will all work hard for him. Joe has been playing base ball for 20 years and still going great.

George Sweatt. - Sweatt the big college player, now teaching school will report to the team before the season opens. Sweatt is considered by such men as Foster, Mendez, Petway, and Wilkinson one of the greatest finds, since the league started. Sweatt is young, tall, and one of the fastest men in the game. He has since entered college, played base ball, foot ball, basket ball and was a star track man. He is in the game every moment of the time, and when he arrives he will take up his regular position at second base. Sweatt after his two seasons with the Monarchs should be a real setr this season. It is well that he is going to report before the season opens.

Joseph, Allen, and Creasy. - Newt Allen is one of the most valuable utility men in the game, and you can place him any day into any old position and Newt will deliver. He will hold down second until Sweatt arrives, but Newt states that he will make Sweatt hustle to stay on second. Joseph and Creasy are going to have a merry race between them for the third base job. Newt has been with the team for two seasons and is now considered a veteran but in Creasy he is going to find a classy little player full of pep and ready to go. Creasy played last season with the All Nations and such men as Donaldson and Sam Crawford state that Creasy is here to stay as far as ability is concerned.

Mothel to Help Dunan. - Mothell the Topeka flash is going to help Frank Duncan do the catching this season. Mothell is another player you can use most any place any time. Mothell was with the Monarchs the first season of the league and the last season with the All Nations. With Henry Williams of (Rheumatic Fame) on the sick list Mothell will be used regularly.

The Monarchs went to Topeka last Sunday to play the Topeka Senators of the Western League. The largest crowd ever to witness a game in the capitol city was out to see the opening of the season. Rogan, Mendez, and Morriss with Duncan and Mothell were the batteries for the Champions. The Monarchs won the game by a score of 8 to 4. Heavy Johnson opened the season with one of his famous home run drives the longest hit ever seen in the Capitol City. Several hundred local fans drove to Topeka to see the Monarchs win. The local fans will have their first chance to see the local champions in action next Sunday when they stack up against Roy Sanders' All Stars. The game will be played at Muehlenbach Field. A double header will be on the card for the day. The first game starting at 1 o'clock.

The National Negro League will open the season April 28-29-30, at Birmingham, Alabama, with the Cubans playing the Black Barons. The Kansas City Monarchs the greatest drawing card in the league will open the season with the American Giants in Chicago May 3-4-5-6. This will be a hard fought series as both teams will fight hard to get an early start."

April 21, 1923

San Antonio, TX
"Monarchs 12, San Antonio 6."

April 22, 1923

San Antonio, TX
"Monarchs 9, San Antonio 3."

April 27, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"Monarchs Open 1923 Season Tomorrow at Association Park - The National Negro Base Ball League is all set for the big opening Saturday, April 28th at Association Park. Kansas City Monarchs vs Rube Foster's American Giants of Chicago. - The Kansas City Monarchs will open their season tomorrow afternoon at the old Association Base Ball Park, with their most formidable rivals, the American Giants of Chicago, under the leadership of Andrew Rube Foster, the greatest base ball leader in the country. The Monarchs are going to be put to the acid test right from the start as we all are aware that Foster is going to bring a fighting aggregation to this city and try and win the first series from the great Monarchs.
The Big Parade. - As usual the local fans will usher in the season with their big auto parade which will traverse the principal streets of the city. A slight change has been made in the plans for the parade. The parade will form on Lydia avenue between 15th and 18th streets, facing South, promptly at 12:30. An escort of motorcycle policemen will head the parade followed by a car containing Manager Rube Foster, Manager Sam Crawford, and Secretary Gilmore, after which will come the second regiment band under the leadership of Captain Cooper in a large auto truck closely followed by the Monarchs and the American Giants. Several visiting newspaper men from the different cities of the league will be here for the big opening. It is expected that more than 300 automobiles will be in the parade. A car containing several Negro members of the local police department also be in the line. There will be no places reserved in the line for any certain parties and those coming early will get the best positions in the parade The parade will traverse about the same route as last year. The parade will leave 18th and Lydia promptly at 1 o'clock.
City Officials to Attend the Opening. - Mayor Cromwell, Commissioner Oppenstein, Mayor Gordon of Kansas City, Kansas, and Judge Casimir J. Welch have been invited to attend and the two Mayors will act as the official battery for the opening.
Kansas City the First City to Use Negro Umpires in the League. - For the first time in the history of the National Negro League Negro Umpires will officiate. Two of the best known race umpires have been selected to start the season at Kansas City. One comes from California, where he has umpired for several seasons. Another comes from the sunny South where he has officiated for the past 10 years. The officials of the leage have secured the services of six race men to be used around the circuit this season and the local fans will have the opportunity of seeing them all work. Kansas City has always been in favor of race umpires and Owner Wilkinson was one of the first men to take action to secure the services of competent men to use in the league.
The Same Old Monarchs. - The Monarchs are one team that was not bothered by players jumping over East to the outlaws. Several new men are now trying out with the team but it looks like the same old gang will be found starting the season with a slight shifting of the men. Duncan and Williams behind the bat, Hawkins on first, Anderson on second, Moore at short, Joseph at third, with McNair, Donaldson and Heavy Johnson in the outfield. Allen will be used for utility roll with Joe Mendez doing relief work in the box. The pitching staff should be the strongest in the league with Currie, Rogan, Gissentaner and Drake doing their regular turns. It might be possible that Manager Crawford will pick up some promising youngster while down South that will make some of the old regulars hustle to hold their jobs.
Boss Wilkinson bought the boys a new set of uniforms during the series with the Blues last year, and this season he has bought them still another new set of uniforms and sweaters. it is the intention of the management to make the Monarchs the best looking team in the league.
The Monarchs will play the American Giants starting Saturday, April 28-29-30, May 1-2 followed by the St. Louis Stars who will be here May 5-6-7-8-9. AFter this series the Monarchs will go to Milwaukee and Detroit for their usual battle.
Tickets on Sale. - Secretary Gilmore will plae tickets on sale for the opening game Saturday the 28th, at Barker & Burke billiard parlor on Twelfth street, at the Panama Taxi Company on Twelfth, at Starks shining parlor and newstand, and M. Campbell & Houston drug store, 23rd and Vine. The Entertainers Cafe will also have tickets on sale. The usual prices will prevail.

April 28, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"The Monarchs will start the following lineup today against the American Giants: Hawkins, 1B; Anderson, 2B; Moore, S.S.; Joseph, 3B; Donaldson, C.F.; McNair, L.F.; Johnson, R.F.; Duncan and Williams, C; Rogan, Currie, Drake, pitchers. The Monarchs, as they appear today, look to be the class of the league. The Monarchs have the greatest pitching staff in the league. With Johnson, Moore, Rogan, Duncan, McNair, Donaldson, and Joseph, the Monarchs have about the fastest and the hardest hitting bunch in the league. "

Kansas City, MO
*Account of the game
"Chicago American Giants 0, Monarchs 5. John Donaldson, Center Field."

April 29, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"Fifteen thousand local fans saw the Monarchs go down in defeat at the hands of the American Giants of Chicago in a loosely played game. The crowd was the largest ever to witness a game before two league teams in this city. Chicago American Giants 15, Monarchs 13."

April 30, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"BECKWITH'S HOME RUN DIDN'T WIN AGAINST MENDEZ - Kansas City, May 1. - The Monarchs handed Rube Foster's men another beating today. Kenyon lost to Gissentaner. The Monarchs got 15 hits to Chicago's 9. - Kansas City, Monday. - Just what Professor Mendez had on the ball today those in the stands couldn't tell, but one thing that was certainty, the Giants went down to defeat the second time and the home town folks saw the Monarchs win, 7 to 3, and Mendez stage a comeback. The only redeeming feature of the game was Beckwith's homer into the bleacher stands in the second. Harney was driven to the showers and Luther fared little better. Rile went to the rescue for the third time in three days. Beckwith slammed one to the fence and John Donaldson snatched it for an out just before it hit the screen. Torrienti was sent out of the game and off the playing field in the third when he objected to a decision at second by Umpire Gholston. Torrienti used some "awful" language and then thew a handful of dirt on the ump's newly creased trousers. The fans booed his actions. Donaldson got to doubles and Duncan got two singles and one double. A good sized crowd for Monday was out. The temperature hovered around 80 at 2 o'clock. Two more games and the Giants return home. St. Louis will be here for five games starting Saturday. John Donaldson, Center Field with two runs and two hits."

May 5, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"St. Louis 5, Monarchs 7. John Donaldson, Center Field. Runs Hewitt (2), Kennard, Ray, Holt, Donaldson (2), Moore, McNair, Allen (2), Drake."

May 6, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"St. Louis 0, Monarchs 6. John Donaldson, Center Field."

May 21, 1923

Sioux City, IA
"Donaldson's original All-Nations baseball team, of Kansas City, administered a severe drubbing to the Sioux City Stock Yards team, at Mizzou Park Sunday afternoon, the score standing 9 to 2. Colley, of the visitors, received excellent support and kept the Stock Yarders down to zeros in every inning but the ninth, when the only two scores put across by the Sioux Cityans were brought in. Mothel caught for Colley. The batteries for the Stock Yards team were Green and Briggs. Last year the All Nations team, composed of whites, negroes, Japanese and Indians, lost but nine games out of 103 played with professional and semi-pro teams. It split a two-game series with Sioux Falls, S.D. this spring, while the Stock Yarders lost a game to Sioux Falls by 9 to 7."

May 24, 1923

LeMars, IA
"Le Mars lost in a good exhibition of baseball to the All-Nations on Monday with a score of 7 to 5. Freymann was on the mound for the locals and struck out eight men, which was good for a team of sluggers like the All-Nations. A rally in the eighth inning by Le Mars tallied four scores but not enough to beat the visitors. White, the small right fielder of the colored boys, was the first man on the batting list. He was thrown out at first on an infield hit. The next batter drew a base on balls and scored on a three-base hit by Cully. Donaldson, the star pitcher, struck out three times at five times at bat. The All-Nations tallied two scores in the first inning.
Osborne, the first Le Mars batter, fanned out, and Kellen, next up to the platter, waved at three pitched balls and Faber sent a pop fly to the first baseman. This retired the side. A two-base hit, a base on balls and a fly to left field accounted for the All-Nations for one run in the first of the second. The locals scored in the last of the second on a home-run hit by Siebert. The pill sailed high over the left field fence. The side was retired on two strike-outs and a fly to short stop. The All Nations did not score until the fifth inning when they tallied the score on a double and a single.
The eighth inning was the big rally for the local team. Osbourne, the first man up, hit a double, Kellen drew a base on balls, Faber hit a single and "Tuffy" Stiegel hit the ball into the right field fence for a triple. If Steigel's hit had been two feet higher it would have cleared the fence. Four men crossed the plate on this doings.
The colored boys added three more scores to their total in the eighth inning on a home run, single, double, and fielder's choice. The final score ended 7 to 5 for the All-Nations."

June 3, 1923

Fort Dodge, IA
"Lehigh 2, All Nations 3. Second game, All Nations 3, Fort Dodge 4. John Donaldson, Center Field and Pitcher in 2nd Game. Struck out, in second game by Donaldson, 1."

June 5, 1923

Albert Lea, MN
"All Nations 4, Albert Lea 5. John Donaldson, Center Field. Three-base hits - Donaldson."

June 6, 1923

Albert Lea, MN
"The World's All Nations Base Ball Club handed the Albert Lea Tigers a solid defeat behind the pitching of John Donaldson. The great lefty kept the locals off balance by allowing nine safe hits, while striking out 13. Donaldson's home run was also the feature of the game. "

June 7, 1923

Austin, MN
"Austin 5, All Nations 5. John Donaldson, Center Field. Two-base hits Gute, White, Donaldson, ReBuse. Sacrifice Hits - Donaldson, ReBuse."

June 12, 1923

Glenwood, MN
"Tuesday's game was won by the locals, 4 to 2. Colley pitched for the visitors, and Lemke made his first start of the season with the home team, and got away in good shape. He was hit quite freely, especially in the eighth, but was supported by brilliant fielding."

June 13, 1923

Glenwood, MN
"Yesterday afternoon the mighty Donaldson was in the box for the visitors and it was a different story. The score of 12 to 2 tells the tale. The locals sure had the "buck," and their six errors were responsible for about the same number of runs. The big inning was the fourth, when the visitors made four scores on three hits, two errors and a walk."

June 17, 1923

Duluth, MN
"All Nations 6, Hibbing 3. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Sacrifice Hits, Dondaldson. Two-base hits, Donaldson, Colley, Edmunds, D. Booth, Rawlings. Struck out, by Upham, 1; by Reiger, 8; by Donaldson, 3."

June 18, 1923

Hibbing, MN
"All Nations 1, Hibbing 1. John Donaldson, Center Field. Sacrifice Hits, Donaldson, Creasy."

June 20, 1923

Hibbing, MN
"All Nations 9, Hibbing 3. John Donaldson, Center Field."

June 23, 1923

Hibbing, MN
"All Nations 5, Hibbing 4. John Donaldson, Center Field."

June 24, 1923

Hibbing, MN
"All Nations 5, Hibbing 4. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck Out - By Anderson, 7; by Donaldson, 13."

June 27, 1923

Crosby, MN
"The game last Wednesday was played at the Crosby ball park and resulted in a defeat to the locals by a score of 12 to 2. Tracy was on the mound for the locals, but that hard-hitting bunch got him and pounded him all over the lot."

June 28, 1923

Ironton, MN
"ALL NATIONS PITCHER SHUTS OUT CROSBY NINE - Crosby, Minnesota, June 28. - (Special.) - All-Nations mixed ball team swamped the local crew here today by a score of 10 to 0. The story of the game is easily told - too much Pitcher Donaldson and too little hitting by the locals, who could not find the colored twirler from Kansas City. Crosby not only failed to make runs, but failed to hit the big colored boy, who pitched a no-hit, no-run game."

June 29 & 30, 1923

Perham, MN
"ALL NATIONS WINS TWO - The All-Nations Baseball team, one of the fastest of the traveling baseball organizations played two twilight games in Perham last week Friday and Saturday, winning both battles. Friday night's game was won 6 to 3 and Saturday's 3 to 0. In the second game Donaldson pitched two innings to give the fans a chance to see him in action. In his younger days he got into the national league under pretense of being a Cuban but was barred when it was discovered that he was a negro. McGraw classed him then as the best pitcher in base-ball. He is still a great pitcher and while he held the mound Perham did not get the ball out of the infield."

July 1, 1923

Moorhead, MN
"All Nations 16, Moorhead 0. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Sacrifice Hits, Donaldson, Mothell, Creasy, Davis. Struck Out, by Donaldson 7, Bell 6, Carlander 2, Brewster 3."

July 4, 1923

Moorhead, MN
"All Nations 12, Moorhead 3. John Donaldson Center Field and Pitcher."

July 5, 1923

Inkster, ND
"Inkster 3 - All Nations 2 - This game was one of the best seen on the local diamond this season and resulted in a victory for the locals by a score of 3 to 2. Burkman pitching for Inkster did wonderful work and was effective at all times. The All Nations scored their first run in the 3rd inning and pushed another across in the 5th. The locals were held scoreless until the 6th inning when with 2 men down, Commons and thmoason laid down a clean drive scoring Thrliefson and Greer. The All Nations were unable to score during the remaining inning."

July 6, 1923

Neche, ND
"The famous All-Nations appeared on the home grounds as scheduled Friday evening, and while they are without question mis-branded, on the other hand they are without question base ball players. They proceeded to make runs without any delay, and when they thought the game was getting 'draggy' and had runs a-plenty proceeded to strike out. they are in a class all by themselves, outside the Leagues, and we crave the opportunity to see them in a game with their equals. The Internationals put up a great exhibition of the National game all the way through, not making an error and executing two double plays. Stevenson pitched a good game, but the ability of the All-Nations to hit was too great a handicap. Davis was on the mound for the All-Nations and he allowed seven hits and his team made one error. Davis led in hitting with two clean home runs. Collectively they got 14 hits and made 12 runs. The Internationals made but one score the paid attendance numbered 905."

July 11, 1923

Velva, ND
"The game with the All Nations team in this city Wednesday evening of last week was a very good exhibition of base ball, The All Nations team in a good one and the members pulled off some sensational plays. They kept the crowd well entertained throughout the entire game. The score was 9 to 2 in favor of the All Nations team. Lyle Leburg pitched for the locals, and he threw a very good game."

July 21, 1923

Wahpeton, ND
"Giants 11, All Nations 6."

July 22, 1923

Moorhead, MN
"All Nations 4, Union Giants 2. Batteries, John Donaldson and Foreman; Luther, Harney and Cardenias."

July 27, 1923

Madison, MN
"Madison 2, All Nations 4. John Donaldson, Center Field."

July 29, 1923

Lake Norden, SD
"Before a very large crowd at the Midway ball park at Lake Norden, Sunday afternoon, the All-Nations defeated White two games. The score of the first game was 14 to 2 and the second game 9 to 0. Ed Ward, playing with White, knocked out a home run. It is reported that the gate receipts were well over $1300.00."

July 31, 1923

Brookings, SD
"The All Nations ball team, one of the best known ball teams in South Dakota who tour the state every year, played a game of ball with the White salaried team here Tuesday afternoon. Of course the All Nations had control of the situation at all times and no doubt could ahve made the score what they desired, the game ended in a victory for them 8 to 7. White played a series of four games with the All Nations, losing all."

August 1, 1923

Brookings, SD
"All Nations Defeat White. - Brookings, South Dakota, August 1. - Special: By defeating the White, South Dakota club at Brookings by the score of 9 to 8, the All Nations won four straight games from them. All Nations have lost but three games out of the fast 4 games played."

August 2, 1923

Garretson, SD
"In a pitcher's battle between John Donaldson of the All Nations and Doc Juel of Jasper, the All Nations defeated Jasper 3 to nothing Thursday, Donaldson getting nine strikeouts and Juel thirteen. Jasper got two hits and the All Nations five."

August 5, 1923

Sioux Falls, SD
"All Nations defeated American Legion 2 to 1, in a hard-fought game at Wall Lake yesterday afternoon. About 1,500 fans watched the contest. The Nations scored first in the second inning on a single, a stolen base, sacrifice hit and a wild pitch. Manager Schultz's men evened the count in the third when Schultz walked, went to third on Costello's single and scored on Collins' sacrifice fly. The winning tally came in the sixth on a double and a single. All Nations 2, Legion 1. Batteries, John Donaldson and Sam Crawford, Collins and Schultz."

August 6, 1923

Beresford, SD
"Sibley, IA, August 8 - The All Nations added two more games to their long string of victories by defeating Beresford Monday by the score of 7 to 1, and Sibley, Iowa, by the score of 10 to 0."

August 7, 1923

Sioux Falls, SD
"The All Nations continued their long winning streak by defeating the Sioux Falls legion club at Wall Lake by a score of 2 to 1. The pitching of Crawford and Donaldson of All Nations and Collins for legion were outstanding features of the game."

August 8, 1923

Sheldon, IA
"All Nations 5, Sheldon 14. John Donaldson, Center Field. Three base hits - Grant, Creasy, Allen, Donaldson, Foreman."

August 9, 1923

Sheldon, IA
"All Nations 7, Sheldon 1. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Two base hits - Wilhelm (2), Ward, Donaldson."

August 12, 1923

Spencer, IA
"Spencer 8, All Nations 1. John Donaldson, Center Field."

August 13, 1923

Everly, IA
"Monday the All Nations defeated Everly by the score of 13 to 7."

August 14, 1923

Dell Rapids, SD
"All Nations Beat Dell Rapids. - Sioux Falls, South Dakota. August 15. - The All Nations ball club won from Dell Rapids Tuesday by a 9 to 6 score. Features of the game were running catches by Crawford and Donaldson. All Nation players, Donaldson pitched for the winners and Forman caught."

August 15, 1923

Spencer, IA
"The Spencer baseball team is keeping up its wonderful record of winning. They won the tournament at Garner last week defeating Gilmore by a score of 11 to 3, Bay Side Cubs of Mason City by a score of 4 to 2, and Dow City by a score of 10 to 3. Burkman pitched the first game, Archie Kelsey the second game and Sid Holmgren the third game. Swede Risberg, an outlawed White Sox player, pitched for the Bay Side Cubs the second game. Friday Spencer took Sheldon's scalp by a score of 15 to 1, Burkman, pitching for Spencer.
Sunday at Arnold's Park Spencer beat the All Nations team of Kansas City by a score of 8 to 1 in a hotly contested game. Spencer made several bad errors, and there was more than the usual amount of "rag chewing"
Play by Innings Allan first batter for the All Nations made a base hit. Donaldson hit to Houle and Pat caught him out. Mothel was hit by a pitched ball. Forman's fly was caught by Ridgway. Creasy struck out. In Spencer's half of the first inning, Ekberg took a base on balls. Houle struck out. Ben was out at first, and Ekberg was put out trying to steal second. Second inning. All Nations - Campbell got to first on an error by Pat. Bobo struck out. Joseph was hit by the pitcher. Crawford made a base hit. Frank flied out. Crawford at home plate, Ekberg to Standaert. Allen was out Standaert to Pat. Second inning, Spencer - Pat made a base hit. Frank was out, Crawford to Bobo. Ridgway flied out to Crawford and Holmgren struck out.
Third inning, All Nations - Donaldson got to first on an error by Ben. Mothell struck out. Forman made a base hit. Creasy hit to Archie and was put out at first and Campbell did the same. Third inning, Spencer - Standaert and Archie struck out. Eckberg took a base on balls and Houle struck out. Fourth inning, All Nations - Bobo and Joseph struck out and Crawford hit a fly to Archie. Fourth inning, Spencer - Ben hit to first and was out. Pat hit to Crawford who threw him out at first. Frank made a base hit and Ridgway flied out to Crawford.
Fifth inning, All Nations - Allen hit and reached first on an error by Ben. Donaldson flied out to Ridgway. Mothell struck out. Forman made first on an error by Ridgway and Allen came home. Campbell was out, Ekberg to Pat. Fifth inning, Spencer - Holmgren struck out. Standaert made a base hit. Archie hit a two-bagger and brought in Standaert but was out himself trying to reach third. Ekberg hit to second and was out at first. Sixth inning, All Nations - Campbell hit to Houle and was put out by Pat. Bobo hit to Archie and was out at first. Joseph got a base on balls. Crawford reached first on an error by Ridgway. Allen hit to Pat and was out. Sixth inning, Spencer - Houle hit to second and was out at first. Ben knocked a two-bagger. Pat reached first on an error by Creasy. Frank hit and got to first on a fielders choice and Ben scored. Ridgway hit to Mothell and was put out by Bobo, scoring Pat. Holmgren hit a fly to Campbell and was out.
Seventh inning, All Nations - Donaldson made a base hit. Mothell hit to archie and was put out by Pat. Foreman hit to short and was out at first. Creasy hit a fly to Archie and was out. Seventh inning, Spencer - Standaert made a base hit. Archie hit a two-bagger and Standaert scored. Ekberg made a base hit. Houle knocked a two-bagger and Ekberg came home. At this juncture Crawford was yanked and Quest took his place, Crawford going into left field and Campbell quitting the game. Ben hit a two-bagger. Pat struck out. Frank made a base hit and was put out trying to steal second but Ben scored. Ridgway struck out. Eighth inning, All Nations - Campbell hit to Ekberg and was put out by Pat. Bobo hit a fly to Archie and was put out. Joseph was out Ekberg to Pat. Eighth inning, Spencer - Holmgren took a base on balls. Standaert made a base hit. Holmgren was put out at third. Archie hit for two bases. Ekberg hit to Mothell and was put out by Bobo.
Ninth inning, All Nations - Allen hit a liner to Ekberg and was out. Donaldson and Mothell flied out to Ridgway."

August 16, 1923

Sutherland, IA
"Spencer, Iowa, August 16. - Thursday the All-Nations defeated Sutherland, Iowa, by the score of 16 to 4."

August 18, 1923

Armstrong, IA
"Spencer Loses To Sherburn - Wins From Sheldon and Lake View; Loses to Sherburn and All Nations. - Coming Games - Friday, August 24 - Sibley at Spencer. Sept. 5 - All Nations at Spencer. Sept. 16 - All Nations at Arnolds Park. - Arnolds Park - Sept. 26 - Sibley vs Sheldon, Winners to play Spencer. Game called at 2 p.m. Admission for two games 75 cents. The Spencer team is at Armstrng for games Wednesday and Thursday. They are playing All Nations today and tomorrow will play Lone Rock. Sunday at Arnolds Park Sibley will play Sheldon, the winning team to play Spencer. The first game will be called at two o'clock and the admission for the two games will be 75 cents. The local team is booked for two more games here with the All Nations, one for September 5 and the next one at Arnolds Park September 16. Other games are being arranged for and it is likely that games will be played forenoon of the fair.
Spencer lost to the All Nations Saturday in a most exciting game. Kelsey started to pitch for Spencer, but it was not his day. He had hard luck from the first. Standaert, regular catcher was out of the game, and this bothered Archie. In the third inning with the bases full and no one out Holmgren relieved Kelsey and succeeded in retiring the All Nations with only one score, and from then on pitched good ball. Donaldson, who pitched for the All Nations, is said to be one of the best in the game, his color being all that kept him from being in the big leagues. However, Spencer's team has not much to complain of, as this is only the second game they have lost. Struck out by Donaldson 13, by Kelsey 2.
Play by Innings - First, All Nations - Allen hit for three bases. Donaldson singled to left field, Mothell struck out. Foreman made a base hit bringing it to Allen. Creasey grounded to Ben, Pat put him out and threw to Markson who put Donaldson out at home. Spencer - Ekberg walked, Houle and Ben struck out. Pat flyed out to Butler. Second, All Nations - Crawford was hit by a pitched ball. Butler struck out and Crawford was put out trying to steal second. Davis was out Ekberg to first. Spencer - Frank hit to third out at first. Ridgway struck out Burkman singled to center field and Markson was out to Crawford. Third, All Nations - Bobo hit for single Allen walked. Donaldson hit a single. Mothell was hit by pitcher, Foreman singled Creasey was hit by pitcher. Archie Kelsey was then taken out and Holmgren went in to pitch for Spencer with the bases full. Crawford struck out. Butler hit fly to pitcher. Davis hit short to first but three scores were registered for the All Nations.
Spencer - Holmgren hit to second out at first. Ekberg did the same. Houle hit for two bases and Ben Kelsey was out on fly to short. Fourth, All Nations - Bobo walked. Allen singld to center. Donaldson walked. Mothell was safe at first. Bobo put out at home. Foreman struck out. Crealey hit safe bringing in Allen and Donaldson. Crawford flyed out to right field. Spencer - Kelsey hit fly to left and was out. Frank Struck out. Ridgway out second to first. Fifth, All Nations - Butler made a single. Davis struck out. Bobo struck out. Butler out trying to steal second. Spencer - Burkman, Markson and Holmgren struck out. Sixth, All Nations - Allen struck out. Donaldson out pitcher to first. Mothell hit for two bases. Foreman out pitcher to first. Spencer - Ekberg walked. Houle hit for single. Ben Kelsey singled to left field scoring Ekberg. Frank singled to left scoring Houle. Ridgeway struck out. Burkman walked. Markson hit fly to center and was out.
Seventh, All Nations - Creasy singled to left. Crawford out pitcher to first. Butler out fly to center, Davis struck out. Spencer - Holmgren struck out. Ekberg out fly to center. Houle struck out. Eighth, All Nations - Bobo struck out. Allen and Donaldson hit to short and were out at first. Spencer - Ben Kelsey was hit by pitched ball. Pat Kelsey and Frank struck out. Ridgeway hit for three bases scoring Ben Kelsey. Burkman struck out. Ninth. All Nations - Mothell hit fly to left field and was out. Foreman and Creasy struck out. Spencer - Markson hit long fly to left field and was out. Holmgren and Ekberg hit to third and were out at first. All Nations 6, Spencer 3."

August 19, 1923

Buffalo Center, IA
"This will be the best base ball game you will see in southern Minnesota this year, as Donaldson's All Nations are one of the best ball teams on the road. Lone Rock has one of the best teams in this country, having won 70 percent of their games played, and will have a special team for this day. Both teams have colored batteries and colored players and will fight till the last man is out. DON'T MISS SEEING JOHN DONALDSON PITCH AS HE IS THE GREATEST PITCHER THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN.
Dancing Afternoon and Evening. Music by Al Gabel's eight-piece orchestra, one of the best orchestras in the U.S. Come and dance where the music is played by professionals of the highest type and the time is perfect. Admission to the ball game, adults 55c including war tax, children over 8 years old 25c. Grandstand 10c to all who occupy seats. Bleachers free."

"Don't miss John Donaldson pitch ball at Hand's Park next Sunday. He is the greatest pitcher the world ever knew."

"A large number of base ball fans from this place went to Hand's Park Sunday to see John Donaldson's All Nations trim the Lone Rock team. It was a good game and won by the All Nations by a score of 5 to 1."

August 20, 1923

St. James, MN
"St. James 1, All Nations 3. John Donaldson, Center Field."

August 23, 1923

Albert Lea, MN
"All Nations 1, Albert Lea 3. John Donaldson, Pitcher and Center Field. Struck out, by Neison, 9; Donaldson 3; Quest 4."

August 24, 1923

LaCrosse, WI
"LaCrosse 4, All Nations 5. John Donaldson, Center Field. Two-base hits - Donaldson, Butler, B. Angell, Benn."

August 25, 1923

Rochester, MN
"NATIONS BEAT ROCHESTER - Winona, Minnesota, August 27. - The All-Nations defeated Rochester, Minnesota, Saturday by the score of 3 to 0. Features of the game were the pitching of Crawford and hitting of Bobo of the All-Nations."

August 26, 1923

Winona, MN
"All Nations 6, Chains 3. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Donaldson 13, by Moss 7."

September 12, 1923

Spencer, IA
"Divide With All Nations - Spencer divided with the All Nations in a double header played at the Clay County fair grounds last Wednesday afternoon, losing the first 9 to 3 and shutting out the visitors in the second 4 to 0. Close to 700 braved the cold and north wind to watch the pastime. Archie Kelsey hurled the first game and the visitors hopped on him for thirteen hits, while he also dished out seven walks and three wild pitches that contributed largely in the scoring. The locals gathered six hit off Bell, while other hard hit balls went directly into fielders' hands. An oversight in base umpiring also cheated the locals out of two scores and possibly more. The All Nations got their first run in the first inning. After two were down, Creasy poled out a three-bagger and Foreman brought him in with a single. the Indians evened matters in the third when Sandaert got on by Bell's fumble on his grounder and Kelsey hit a single. Ekberg sacrificed Standaert and he scored when Bell tried to catch him between third and home instead of throwing out Even at first on the latter's grounder. Hart hit a sharp grounder to short and Bobo was a foot off the bag, making a stab at it after Hart was called out. Both Ekberg and Even had crossed the plate but the decision threw out their scores.
A piece of hard luck gave the visitors two scores in the fourth. Foreman singled, Bobo drew a pass and Butler got on by an error. A double play on Crawford's grounder nicked foreman at the plate and retired Crawford. Then Harold hit a grounder down first base line that hit the bag, the ball bouncing over Kiner's head and allowing two to score.
Kelsey Gets Wild Streak - In the fifth and sixth Kelsey developed a wild streak which, with timely hits allowed five runs to score. In the fifth Mothell drew a pass and hits by Creasy, Foreman, Butler and Crawford brought in four runs and in the sixth three passes in succession and a wild pitch scored another. The locals scored two in the seventh, Standaert getting on by an error, Kelsey sacrificed him and Ekberg getting a single. Even's long fly later scored Ekberg. The All Nations scored another in the ninth by the aid of two passes, a hit and a wild pitch. A different brand of baseball was displayed by Spencer in the second game, Holmgren outpitching the All Nations' ace, John Donaldson. the Spencer hurler allowed but three hits and collected 16 strike outs, while Donaldson allowed but five hits and got 8 strike outs. The locals scored all of their runs in the sixth, Ekberg getting a single and stealing second. With two outs, Donaldson purposely passed Houle and then Hart came through with a liner to right field that struck just inside the foul line, scoring Ekberg. Kiner followed with a two bagger between third and short, scoring Hart and Houle and passed ball put him on third. On the throw in to the ground Kiner raced home. The All Nations succeeded in getting but two men to second throughout the second game, once on a sacrifice and a second time on a stolen base following hits.

October 12, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"THE NEGRO NATIONAL BASEBALL LEAGUE - A SUMMARY OF THE SEASON JUST CLOSED. - Gisentainer, left-handed pitcher, thought he could do better in the Eastern League, and John Donaldson toured with the All-Nations, were not in the lineup when the season closed."

December 22, 1923

Kansas City, MO
"NEGRO LEAGUE TEAMS ANNOUNCE RESERVE LISTS - Kansas City Monarchs: - Wilber Rogan, Rueben Currie, Plunk Drake, William Bell, Cliff Bell, Jose Mendez, Frank Duncan, Henry Williams, Lemuel Hawkins, George Sweatt, Bubbles Anderson, Dobie Moore, Hurley McNair, Wade Johnston, John Donaldson, Heavy Johnson, Newt Joseph, Willie Bobo, Newt Allen, Dink Mothell, Sam Crawford, Sylvester 'Hooks' Foreman."

1924 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

January 19, 1924

Kansas City, MO
"WHO ARE THE NEGRO WORLD CHAMPIONS? - There are today several players still active in the game as players that are a great credit to the game. Men who if they were white would have their names carved in the hall of fame. There is the great Donaldson, Joe Mendez, John Lloyd, Bingo DeMoss, Grant, McNair, Petway, McAdoo, men who for the past 10 or 12 years have been real stars and still considered stars today. There is old Sam Crawford one of the best hot weather pitchers in the game."

March 14, 1924

Kansas City, MO
"ROGAN AND PLAYERS REPORT TO JOIN CHAMPION MONARCHS - Kansas City, Missouri, March 14. - The Negro National League champions, the Monarchs, are now arriving here upon the scene. Bullet Rogan, John Donaldson, Hurly McNair, Heavy Johnson, Lem Hawkins, Plunk Drake, Dewey Creasy, George Sweatt, Bubbles Anderson, Newt Joseph, Henry Williams, Wade Johnson and Newt Allen have reported to Owner Wilkinson. Frank Duncan, Joe Mendez and Walter Moore will arrive on the 12th, fresh from their sojourn in Cuba. The team will not make the trip south this year, but will do their training at the new Muehlenbach field here. Every member of last year's pennant winners will report with the exception of Rube Curry, one of our big pitchers, who is reported to have jumped. Curry is under contract to play with the Monarchs this season and has accepted money on his salary for the season of 1924. It might be possible that he will report with the other boys who are now on their way from Cuba. Several new men have arrived here for tryouts with the team and from advance reports several of the oldtimers will have to work hard to hold their present positions. The management has opened up a suite of offices located at 1517 E. 18th St., where they will have all the facilities for handling the work of the club. The locals will open the season at home this year and the boys are expecting to get away with the jump on the other teams. Sam Crawford left the city this morning for Birmingham, where he will handle the team this year. He will take several players south with him who have had experience in the league, and states that Birmingham will be in the fight right from the start. Bullet Rogan, the Monarch pitching ace, reported in the pink of condition, as he has been writing life insurance this winter. Hawkins, the big first sacker, is hard as a rock as he has been driving a taxicab all winter. Heavy Johnson, the black Babe Ruth, has been working out for the past two weeks. We are not making any claim, like a few other managers, but when the season opens Kansas City will again be in the thick of the fight."

April 13, 1924

Topeka, KS
"Kansas City Monarchs 8, Topeka Giants 1. John Donaldson, Center Field."

May 4, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Little Sauk 3, Bertha 4. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Sacrifice Fly, Donaldson. Three base hits: Johnson, Donaldson. Struck out, by Donaldson 17, by Stephan 7."

May 11, 1924

Wadena, MN
"Bertha 4, Wadena 1. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Two-base hits, Donaldson. Struck out, by Donaldson 15, by Ronning 9."

May 18, 1924

Bertha, MN
"St. Paul Patocks 0, Bertha 7. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Donaldson 16, by Lynch 6."

May 25, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Wadena 1, Bertha 4. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Delbern 6, by Donaldson 15. Two-base hits, Wheeler, Edinger, Kassube, Donaldson 2."

May 30, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Minnesota Braves 0, Bertha 13. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Bishop 1, by Donaldson 20."

June 1, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Park Rapids 4, Bertha 6. John Donaldson, Left Field and Pitcher. Struck out - Stephen 7, Donaldson 1, Nunn 5, Miller 3."

June 15, 1924

New York Mills, MN
"Bertha 2, New York Mills 4. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Two-base hits, Donaldson, Fox. Struck out - by Repola 9, by Donaldson 6."

June 22, 1924

Pelican Rapids, MN
"Bertha 3, Pelican Rapids 2. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Donaldson 11, by Horstman 6."

June 29, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Alexandria 5, Bertha 6. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Stolen bases, Johnson 3, Donaldson 4, Abbott 2. Two-base hits, Birkhofer, Donaldson. Struck out, by Donaldson 10, by Sohle 5."

July 4, 1924

Sauk Center, MN
"Bertha 6, Alexandria 1. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out - by Cave 7; by Donaldson 15."

July 6, 1924

Park Rapids, MN
"Bertha 2, Park Rapids 2. John Donaldson, Right Field and Pitcher. Struck out - by Donaldson, 6 in 5 innings, Fisk 2 in 8 innings, Nunn 8 in 13 innings."

July 13, 1924

Barnesville, MN
"Bertha 4, Barnesville 2. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Two-base hit - Donaldson. Stolen bases - Donaldson, Tweeton. Base on balls - Donaldson 1, Fiddler 1. Struck out - Donaldson 15, Fiddler 11. Wild pitch - Donaldson."

July 17, 1924

Staples, MN
"Bertha 5, Staples 2. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Donaldson 19, by Merrick 7. Sacrifice fly, Donaldson."

July 20, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Alexandria 8, Bertha 9. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Two-base hits, Bundy, Sohle, Donaldson. Struck out, by Donaldson 7, by Sohle 3. Hit by pitcher, Shears by Donaldson."

July 23, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Wadena 3, Bertha 0. John Donaldson, Left Field."

July 30, 1924

Perham, MN
"Bertha 2, Perham 1. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Repola 8, by Donaldson 12."

July 31, 1924

Verndale, MN
"Bertha 3, Staples 4. John Donaldson, Left Field. Stolen bases, Donaldson 2. Two-base hits, Donaldson, Wheeler, Benshoof, A. Jones, Frank. Three-base hit, Donaldson."

August 6, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Barnesville 0, Bertha 2. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Two-base hits, Donaldson 2, Wagner. Sacrifice, Gass, Feidler, Johnson, Donaldson, Bottemiller. Struck out, Donaldson 12, Feidler 8."

August 10, 1924

Browerville, MN
"Bertha 4, Browerville 1. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Donaldson 11, by Repola 6. Wild pitch, Donaldson. Hit by pitched ball, by Repola 2 (Wagner, Johnson)."

August 17, 1924

Battle Lake, MN
"Bertha 1, Battle Lake 0. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Donaldson 19, by Peterson 5."

August 21, 1924

Long Prairie, MN
"Bertha 8, Staples 5. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Double plays, S. Jones to Repola to Blanchett; Donaldson to Abbott. Struck out, by Donaldson 14, by Repola 4."

August 24, 1924

Detroit, MN
"Bertha 4, Gary 3. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Sacrifice Hits, Donaldson, Schroeder. Two-base hits, Donaldson, Sherohman, Berry. Struck out, by Donaldson 7, by Berry 3. Double play, Donaldson to Wagner to Schroeder."

August 31, 1924

Bertha, MN
"Browerville 2, Bertha 3. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Two-base hits, Sherohman, Abbott, Donaldson. Sacrifice hits, Hilden, Donaldson. Struck out, by Donaldson 10, Bocke 6. Wild pitches, Donaldson 2. Hit by pitched balls, by Roche 2 (Johnson and Anderson)."

September 4, 1924

Fergus Falls, MN
"Bertha 7, Pelican Rapids 1. John Donaldson, Pitcher. *Donaldson out for bunting third strike. Struck out, by Donaldson 13, by Horstman 3."

September 15, 1924

Browerville, MN
"Bertha 5, Browerville 2. John Donaldson, Pitcher. Struck out, by Donaldson 14, by Leverette 5. Wild pitch, Donaldson. Hit by pitched ball, by Leverette 1 (Sherohman)."