John Wesley Donaldson

Newspaper Clippings about Southpaw Pitcher John Donaldson

March-June 1914 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

March 3, 1914

Chicago, IL
"Giants Map Trip of 10,000 Miles - Rube Foster has mapped out a 10,000 mile spring trip for his made-over American Giants, one of the greatest Colored ball teams now in the country. They left for Palm Beach, Florida, Tuesday, March 3, and after a stay there of a week they will go direct to California, thence up through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Montana, Idaho and North Dakota, returning to Chicago on April 26.
Foster is taking with him 'Cyclone Joe' Williams, Lindsay, Wickware, Daugherty, Donaldson and Foster, pitchers; Petway and Booker, catchers; J. and B. Taylor, Lloyd and Monroe, infielders; Hill, Duncan and Gans, outfielders, with Jesse Barber as utility. Foster's new men are Lloyd, Gans, Williams and Donaldson."

March 26, 1914

Des Moines, IA
"J.L. Wilkinson arrived yesterday in the city and is already getting things underway for another big season of the All Nations baseball club. Jose Mendez, alias "the Black Matthewson," will be with the club again this year, and is expected to prove the sensation that he has since leaving Cuba, where he has won the reputation of being the best ball player the island has ever produced. Donaldson, the colored pitcher, and Naito, the Jap from the University of Chicago, he announces, will be with the team on their trip through the Northwest. The other players have not been selected, but it is expected fully as fast a team as played for the All Nations club last season will again make the trip. Players will arrive in the latter part of April, and will take two weeks training on a local field. It is hoped the team will be seen in action in Des Moines, the headquarters of the nine, this Spring.

May 9, 1914

Grimes, IA
"The All-Nations team defeated Grimes 12 to 3 Saturday with Donaldson pitching..."

May 10, 1914

Grimes, IA
"The All Nation baseball club won a clean cut victory over Grimes yesterday afternoon..."

May 14, 1914

Centerville, IA
"*Jackson and Donaldson exchanged places in the sixth inning."

Centerville, IA
"Centerville Wins From All Nations - Centerville, Iowa, May 15. - The formal opening game of the season was played Thursday afternoon with the All Nations team of Des Moines, score 3 to 1. Centerville made its entire score in the fourth inning and All Nation in the seventh. With Wheeler pitching and Miller behind the bat, only two hits were made against them. The visitors had Jackson and Donaldson in the box, who lost eight hits, and Bloomberg catching. Errors were even, two each. The game was exciting throughout, and was seen by a large crowd, the stores closing for the opening game. Two preliminary games have been won by Centerville, so they start on the season confident of success. The All Nations will play at Unionville, Missouri, Friday, and returning here for Saturday and Sunday."

May 15, 1914

Unionville, MO
"The All Nations will play at Unionville, Missouri, Friday..."

May 16, 1914

Centerville, IA
"Donaldson cf..."

May 17, 1914

Centerville, IA
"Batteries, All Nations, Donaldson and Shaumberg:"

May 21, 1914

Centerville, IA
"Donaldson cf, p..."

May 27, 1914

Newton, IA
"The Newton boys secured three hits off Donaldson, who also struck out sixteen men."

May 29, 1914

Newton, IA
"On account of the high wind and dust perfect fielding was impossible."

May 30, 1914

Omaha, NE
"That famous All-Nation base ball club will dine at the expense of the Storz on May 30 and 31. They will also do their best to mucilage a couple of games onto their list during the visit."

Omaha, NE
"The Storz Team Today, Great Attractions - The Storz and A.O.U.W. teams will meet this afternoon at Rourke Park, the game to be called at 3 o'clock. This will be the last opportunity the Brewers will have to play in Omaha prior to Decoration day, May 30, and Sunday, May 31, when they will meet the famous All-Nation team. In addition to the remarkable colored twirler, John Donaldson, undoubtedly the greatest negro pitcher in the worl, and Jose Mendez, the Cuban wonder, known through the United States as the black Mathewson, the All-Nations have secured Jesse Cannon-Ball Jackson, another colored pitcher, reputed to have equal speed to any pitcher in the game today. The catching staff has been strengthened by the addition of Chief Mzhicktino of the Haskell Indians and the infield is reinforced. Walla, last year's third sacker, returning to his old position at short and new man Pedros, at third. That those who witnessed the games last year will be out to see the marvelous work of Donaldson and Mendez, there is no doubt, and with the hundreds who have heard of their remarkable performances, anxiously awaiting an opportunity to see them in action, the coming games will be the means of filling the Vinton street park to its capacity."

Omaha, NE
"ALL NATIONS DEFEAT THE STORZ BY 7 TO 6 - Gilt Edge Ball Played by Both Crews, Pitchers Behaving Like Professionals - Falconer of the Brewers Heavy With the Hickory, Collecting 4 Hits in 5 Trips - Although the Rourkes were playing at Sioux City yesterday afternoon, Vinton Street park was not deserted, as the Storz team and the All-Nations were fighting it out for the first time this season. When the battle was over the score showed, All-Nations 7, Storz 6. the game was fast and interesting from start to finish and kept the 4,000 fans guessing until the last batter was out. Both teams played gilt-edged ball for the first six rounds and the twirlers were going at it like a couple of leaguers. McGuire was the slab artist for the first six rounds and the twirlers were going at it like a couple of leaguers. McGuire was the slab artist for the Brewers, while Mendez, the "Cuban wonder," heaved them over the visitors.

The feature of the game was the hitting of Falconer for the Storz, who made four hits out of five trips to the plate, and the base-running of Donaldson. The same teams will play again this afternoon with Donaldson the strike-out man, on the mound for the All-Nations, and Olson in the box for the Triumphs. The game will start at 3 o'clock."

Omaha, NE
"All Nations Beat Storz - Triumph Over Their Omaha Rivals in Close Combat. - Cuban Star Battered Hard - Redoubtable Cuban Hammered Off the Slab by Local Batsmen and is Replaced by Jackson. - With the heralded Smoke Donaldson and the swarthy Cuban Mendez in their midst, the All Nations made their third annual appearance at Rourke Park, and sent the Storz down to defeat in a sharply fought battle that ended, 7 to 6, with the Cosmopolitans on the victorious end. The game did not present an exciting appearance until after the sixth, when it verged into a see-saw affair. The Storz made a final bid in their last half but were frustrated by a cleverly executed double play, due to Blattner's lightning stop of Welch's hot shot over second. Mendez began the twirling for the mixed crowd and the colored contingency were evidently surprised at the manner in which the Brewers treated his offerings. The Cuban was finally replaced by Cannon Ball Jackson, who resembled anything but what his name implies. Jackson had a close call during his sojourn on the slab, but escapd unscathed. Pete McGuire, the latest addition to Bradford's twirling staff, made a good impression in the first six rounds of the fray, but weakened as the battle progressed further. His retirement occured in the eighth and Olson took up the burden."

May 31, 1914

Omaha, NE
"All Nations 3 - Storz 0 - Struck out - by Donaldson 18, by Olson 8."

June 2, 1914

Dow City, IA
"All Nation Base Ball Team at Dow City June 2 - Manager Elias O'Meara has contracted with the All Nation baseball club for a game here June 2nd. It will be played on the new diamond at the race track, the game being called for 3 o'clock. John Donaldson, a colored pitcher will pitch for the All Nations, and has the reputation of winning every game he pitched for the club last season. Ben Reeves, the champion, of Iowa wrestler, is also a member of the team. This club has played 114 games in the past season and won 92 of them, lost 22 and tied 2. This will undoubtedly be the biggest game to be played on the local diamond this season. We present a picture of the team. The names of the members are as follows, reading from left to right; Top row, Wanbum, Cabinas, Blattner, Dunbar, Naito; Bottom row, Fitzgerald, Crowe, Donaldson, Perry, Reeves."

Dow City, IA
"The All Nation baseball club appeared here June 2nd, as scheduled. It was to be regretted that the day was so showery as to put the diamond in poor shape. Our boys were in good form, however, and considering that this was their first game since organizing they did excellent work and up to the last inning held the visitors to one score. In the last half the visitors perked up pretty lively and made the score read 4 to 0. They went from here to Woodbine, where they played Wednesday."

June 3, 1914

Woodbine, IA
"All Nations 3 - Woodbine 1. - Special Dispatch to the World-Herald. - Woodbine, Iowa, June 3. - The All Nations aggregation beat Woodbine today in a fast game, by the score of 3 to 1. Batteries, Donaldson and Schaumburg; Andrus and Lacy."

Woodbine, IA
"All Nations Win From The Woodbine Team - Woodbine, Iowa, June 3 - (Special.) - The All-Nations defeated Woodbine Wednesday by the score of 3 to 1. Andrews, the Omaha pitcher, is the best amateur pitcher seen in the Western part of Iowa this season. In the ninth he struck out the great Jose Mendez, with the bases full."

Woodbine, IA
**Same article, from the Council Bluffs, Iowa newspaper**

June 4 and 5, 1914

Moorhead, IA
"ALL-NATIONS WIN TWO GAMES EASILY AT MOORHEAD - MOOREHEAD, IOWA, June 5 - (Special.) - The All Nations had two easy games with the locals, winning both games. Score, first game: All Nations, 7; Moorhead, 1. Batteries: All Nations, Mendez and Brindley; Moorhead, Stuckey and Anderson. Score, second game: All Nations, 6; Moorhead, 1. Batteries: All Nations, Blattner and Brindley; Moorhead, Fisher and Anderson.
Today's game was called in the seventh inning, the All Nations having to catch a train to Omaha, where they meet the Storz Saturday and Sunday.

Moorhead, IA
This article is about the same baseball games on June 4 and 5, but was posted in the Saturday Omaha Evening World Herald.

June 6, 1914

Omaha, NE
"Storz against All-nations at Rourke park again this afternoon. - Donaldson had the Storz crew guessing last Sunday."

Omaha, NE
Same game, box score only:
"Donaldson cf..."

June 7, 1914

Omaha, NE
"Manager Bradford, of the Storz, has secured the services of Pep Saunders, star slabman of the Dick Bros. team of Kansas City, to pitch Sunday's game against Broom John Donaldson, the colored marvel of the All Nations. Pitching against the strongest semi-pro teams of Kansas and Missouri Saunders has a record of eight straight victories this season. A graduate of William Jewel college, Liberty, Missouri (the home of Pa Rourke's dandy center fielder) he coached the team for two seasons, signing with the Western association in 1912, he proved to be the sensation of the league, but gave up the game ot enter on a business career. With two great twirlers battling for honors, Sunday's game will likely prove to be a game to be remembered. Today's game will also be a remarkable contest with the Storz great slabman, Olson opposing Cannon Ball Jackson, the wonderful colored right hander."

Omaha, NE
"BROOM" DONALDSON, the wonder of the pitching world, will go against the Storz Triumphs down in Pa's lot tomorrow, Nuff said. We'll be there."

"All Nations 3, Storz 5. Two-base hits - Welch, Donaldson. Double plays - Donaldson to Dunbar, Sanders to Graham and Dyck. Struck out - by Sanders 12, by Donaldson 8."

"The All Nations did not show much "pep" Sunday against the Storz."

Omaha, NE
Same game, from a different paper, box score only.
"Struck out: By Sanders, 12; by Donaldson, 8."

June 10, 1914

Luverne, MN
"Donaldson, the colored twirler for the All Nations, appeared to have things much his own way..."

June 12, 1914

Lake Wilson, MN
"John Donaldson opened for the All Nations and retired in favor of Jackson in the fifth inning..."

Lake Wilson, Minnesota
"Tennessee Rats Defeat the All Nations. - Lake Wilson, Minnesota, June 14. In the second game of a double header, the Tennessee Rats defeated the All-Nations, 2 to 0. The game was a pitchers' battle between the mighty Donaldson of the All-Nations and Johnny Vinens of the Rats. The feature of the game was Goodall's two bagger with two men on. Vinens had twelve strikeouts to his credit, while Donaldson had seven. Vinens struck out Donaldson, Mendez, Coleman and Blattner. This was the first defeat of the year for Donaldson."

June 14, 1914

Marshall, MN
"In the fourth Donaldson started trouble again and with two errors and two sacrifices the All Nations scored again."

June 15, 1914

Lamberton, MN
"There was a good crowd out and several visitors from Sanborn and Revere..."

June 18, 1914

Jasper, MN
"The mighty Donaldson was in the box for the transcients and his work was very clever..."

June 19, 1914

Sioux Falls, SD
"Struck out, by Overgaard 1, by Koon 0, by Hewitt 3, by Mendez 5;"

June 20, 1914

Sioux Falls, SD
"Struck out, by Donaldson 28, by Lane 3."

June 22, 1914

Pipestone, MN
"A home run by Mendez was one of the features of the game..."

June 23, 1914

Pipestone, MN
"...the All-Nations players were again victorious..."

June 24, 1914

Sibley, IA
"In a glutton of hits off the supposedly invincible Donaldson..."

June 26, 1914

Windom, MN
"...Sioux Falls handed the All Nations aggregation the short end of a one sided score..."

June 27, 1914

Good Thunder, MN
"...Donaldson and Mendez in the outfield, were as active as kangaroos and were always under the ball..."

June 28, 1914

Owatonna, MN
"Struck out - by Donaldson 22, by Barrett 15.

June 29, 1914

New Ulm, MN
"Donaldson, cf..."

New Ulm, MN
"All Nations Do Beat the Dutch - Sixth Inning Disastrous For Athletics in Monday Game. - Error by Hanna Will Starts All Nations to Four Runs. - One big inning, the sixth, when every break went to the visitors, gave the All Nations the game Monday against the Athletics. Four juicy scores tricked over the plate in that frame and in the next inning they annexed another, the final score being 5 to 2. The Athletics should have chalked up more scores in the fifth inning, but, as it happens, poor coaching kept them scoring more than two runs. The way the game began it looked like a pitchers' battle between Conway and Sam White, for both of them fanned three in the first inning. In the next the local batters bunched hits off White and drove him to cover, Jackson going on the slab in the sixth inning. Jackson's speed and hooks had the Athletics baffled and they could not do anything with him. Conway, who twirled the entire game for New Ulm, was in fine form, striking out thirteen of the All Nation battery. He allowed six hits and passed one man, but several of the hits came after chancing to retire the side had been offered. Not a single run was earned off his pitching. Little Hanna Williams was the unfortunate goat of the contest, for it was his error in the sixth that paved the way for the All Nations scores. The speedy youngster evidently had an off day which comes to the best of them every once in a while. The ball appeared to take a bad hop and Mendez's speed was too great to allow Williams to throw him out after fumbling it. Until the last of the fifth only two men reached first and neither of them had chance to count. Pfeiffer then began the cannonade which drove White to the coop. Big Bill was the first man up for the Athletics and he smashed a single to center. Then the All Nations drew in for the expected sacrifice bunt and Chick Williams crossed them my driving the sphere to left center for a pair of bags, scoring Pfeiffer from first. The coacher on third was so tickled that New Ulm had rung up a score that he forgot to let Chick know where the ball was and Williams was run down between second and third. After Hodgins grounded to Blattner, Burk lined single to left and Dahms' double to the same field brought him home. Dahms was to third on Mendez's wild throw to ... plate to catch Burk. Conway walked and drew a throw to first, but Dahms waited too long before making his dash for the plate and Conway was run down. Things looked very bright for New Ulm as it seemed impossible for the All Nations to score more than one run on Conway. But the baloon exploded with a loud bang in the sixth. With that gone Williams fumbled Mendez's g...der long enough to give him a life. D... was passed and White scored Mendez with a clean hit to left. Schonburg's single counted Dunbar and two more runs resulted when Conway fumbled Jackson's dinky roller. Donaldson put an end to the mess by striking out. After Seymour skied to Cordes in the seventh, Walls smashed out another hit and stole second. He went to third on a passed ball and scored on Blattner's hit to right. That was all of the scoring for the day, although both teams had a chance or two to push one over. New Ulm's final opportunity came in the eighth. Conway was safe on Walla's high throw and Hanna walked. Jackson was equal to the occasion, however, and struck out both Shapere and Cordes, retiring the side. The last two innings were played in semi-darkness and one cannot blame anybody for striking out."

July-August 1914 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

July 3, 1914

Marshall, MN
"Stolen bases, Mendez 2;"

July 4, 1914

Minneota, MN
"...innings pitched in, by Donaldson 1..."

July 5, 1914

Marshall, MN
"...struck out, by Nikolson 3, by Donaldson 13;"

July 6, 1914

Paynesville, MN
"Monday the "All Nations" team were here and played our boys."

July 7, 1914

Osakis, MN
"Tuesday's game at Osakis was won by the All Nations;"

July 8, 1914

Bertha, MN
"The game should have been a good one, but when the mighty Donaldson proceeded to strike out the first two batsmen..."

July 9, 1914

Buffalo, ND
"The All Nation club defeated Buffalo by the decisive score of 11 to 2 at Buffalo July 9."

July 10, 1914

Jamestown, ND
"This was the first defeat suffered by the Jamestown team this season."

July 11, 1914

Jamestown, ND
"The game was featured by the heavy hitting of the All Nations."

July 12, 1914

Jamestown, ND
"Donaldson is credited with twenty-five strikeouts and Lyle ten.

July 13, 1914

Aberdeen, SD
"PLAY 'ALL-NATIONS' ON MONDAY - LOCAL TEAM WILL RUN UP AGAINST A FAST NINE AT WYLIE PARK ON MONDAY - Aberdeen baseball fans will have an opportunity to witness something out of the ordinary when the Aberdeen ball team meets the All Nations Baseball club at Wylie park next Monday evening, July 13, at 6:30 o'clock. This team comes to Aberdeen with the best reputation, as to ball playing, of any team playing here for some few years. During the season of 1913 they played 145 games, won 121 of them, lost 17 and tied 4. They carry with them a battery that has played with and against some of the greatest ball players in the world. Mendez, one of their pitchers, defeated the Detroit Tigers, the American league champions in a ten inning game, 1 to 0. During that game he struck out Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford. They also have with them John Donaldson, the noted colored pitcher, who won 80 games out of the 85 that he played in two seasons.
Their team consists of eleven players, nine of which represent nine different nations in the world. This will be by far the hardest game the Aberdeen boys have played this year and there is a little doubt as to who will come out on top. The local team men seem confident of victory but they are not going to say very much until after the game and then of course it will depend. The game for next Sunday has not been arranged yet but the Aberdeen team figures on playing either the Tacoma park team or the Groton boys. There will be special street car service for the game next Monday evening."

July 15, 1914

Aberdeen, SD
"The Aberdeen baseball club was defeated by the All Nations here before a huge crowd..."

July 16, 1914

Hankinson, ND
"Donaldson for the All-Nations was in fine form and allowed but five hits, while Narum also pitched pretty good ball.

July 17, 1914

Wahpeton, ND
"This is the thirteenth straight victory for the All Nations.

July 18, 1914

Barnesville, MN
"Three-base hits, Donaldson and Rolfe.

July 19, 1914

Ada, MN
"Donaldson eased up and allowed the locals to score 4 runs in the ninth.

July 20, 1914

McIntosh, MN
"This was the first defeat registered against McIntosh this season.

July 21, 1914

Grand Rapids, MN
"The victory Tuesday is the seventeenth straight for the All-Nations team."

July 22, 1914

Hibbing, MN
"Two base hits: Donaldson, Geiselman;"

July 23, 1914

Hibbing, MN
"ALL-NATIONS HUMBLE HIBBING TEAM, 4 TO 0. - (Range Bureau of the News Tribune.) - HIBBING, July 23. - In one of the most remarkable ball games ever played on the range, the All-Nations team won from the locals, 4 to 0, this afternoon. Donaldson, pitching for the visitors, was in remarkable form. He struck out 18 men allowing only three hits. More than 1,000 fans saw the battle."

Hibbing, MN
Article from the same game, box score only:
"Struck out - by Tedisco, 7; by Donaldson, 18."

July 24, 1914

Chisolm, MN
"At the ninth inning while the game was a tie Mendez who had pitched for the All Nations so far, was removed and they put in their star pitcher, a negro named Donaldson."

July 25, 1914

International Falls, MN
"Joe Graves, formerly of the Philadelphia Athletics, and "Cannon Ball" Jackson, were the opposing pitchers."

July 26, 1914

International Falls, MN
"Donaldson and Ursella were in superb form, the former having a shade the better of it."

July 27, 1914

Baudette, MN
"The All Nation club maintained their long winning streak by defeating the strong Baudette team yesterday at the opening of their new ball park.

July 29, 1914

Little Falls, MN
"ALL NATIONS AND PLUTOS - LOCALS WILL MEET PAST PROFESSIONAL BALL TEAMS NEXT WEEK. - Manager Newman of the Blues has made arrangement to have the local team meet the All-Nations at the fairgrounds next Wednesday evening, beginning at 6 o'clock. The All-Nations on their tours throughout the country lose few games and are very fast. John Donaldson, the wonderful colored pitcher, who worked with the team when they were here last, is still with them, and will likely be on the mound. It is likely that the Plutos of French Lick Springs, Indiana, the fast colored professional team, will also play here with the locals on some day of next week."

Little Falls, MN
"Struck out - by Donaldson 13, by Wermerskerchen 4."

Little Falls, MN
"All Nations Take 2 Games - From Local Team, First by Score of 7 to 5, Second by 4 to 0 - Little Falls was handed the small end of the stick by the All Nation baseball team in two games Wednesday. The first game was played in the afternoon and resulted in the defeat of the locals by a score of 7 to 5. The second was an evening game, in which the locals were shut out, 4 to 0, in six innings. Newman started out in the box for the local team in the first game, but was hit by a line drive by Mendez in the first half of the third inning, and Dominick was put in. He allowed eight hits, passed three men, and struck out four. Mendez played a good game for the All Nations, allowing eight hits, struck out five men and passed three. The visitors started scoring in the second inning when with one man out, dunbar passed, Brindley hit one into left field which proved good for two bases, and Dunbar scored on a scratch hit by Mikami. Brindley then scored on Jackson's fly to right field. Seymour grounded out shortstop to first, retiring the side. They made two scores in the third inning. Donaldson got a single, Crow got first and second on an error by Lauermann and Donaldson went to third. Mendez sent out a line drive which struck Newman in the stomach, rendering him unconscious. Donaldson scored but Mendez was retired Smith to Lauermann. Blattner then got a two-bagger, scoring Sam Crow, and Brindley grounded out, shortstop to first. Little Falls got all their scores in the last half of the third innings. The excitement started when Smith went to first on an error by Dunbar. Dominick and Krey singled, scoring Smith. Dominick started for home but was retired on a squeeze play. Brandell got a hit, advancing Krey and Lonier found the ball for a two-bagger, scoring Krey, Murphy went first on a passed ball and Brandell scored, Tanner grounded out, Mendez to Dunbar and Lonier scored. Berg and Lauermann each got a hit, scoring Murphy. Smith then struck out, retiring the side. The All Nations completed the tally in the first half of the fifth innings, when they secured three more scores. Sam Crow singled and advanced to second on a hit by Mendez, and scored on an error by Smith. Blattner singled, scoring Mendez and scored on a two-bagger by Jackson. Dunbar grounded out to first, Brindley flew out to short and Mikami flew out to first, ending the scoring for the remainder of the game. - The Evening Game - The second game was started at 6:15 p.m., and lasted but six innings, being called on account of darkness. Wermerskerchen or Pierz worked on the mound for the locals in this game, and acquitted himself in a creditable manner. He struck out four men, allowed but five hits and passed two men. Donaldson, for the visitors, played his usual game, striking out thirteen men, allowing but two scratch hits and issuing but one pass. Considering the face that it was very dark during the game, it is a wonder that any of the players dared face Donaldson as his delivery is nearly as swift as lightning. Several times the batter was just preparing to swing the bat when the ball would already be tucked away in the catcher's mitt. The All Nations started scoring in the first half of the first inning when Mendez got a two-bagger, advanced to third on a sacrifice hit by Sam Crow and scored on a balk. Frank Blattner then singled, advanced two bases on a single by Dunbar and the two scored on an error by Lonier. They made their fourth score in the fifth inning when John Donaldson got a three-bagger and scored on a hit by Frank Blattner. Little Falls was not given a single chance by John Donaldson and only two men who saw first base, these being Berg and Wermerskerchen, the latter reaching third.

July 30, 1914

Anoka, MN
"Couette batted for McCarthy and laid one down with the mighty Donaldson pitching, Sheley and Pusch going to 3rd and 2nd.

July 31, 1914

Arlington, MN
"Stolen bases: Donaldson, Seymour;"

August 1, 1914

New Ulm, MN
"Night Baseball Great Success - Athletics Take Kindly to the Midnight Pastime and Bag Game - Huge Crowd Turns out to see Indoor Baseball Under Arclights - Over seventy minutes of uproarious excitement was furnished to the monstrous crowd which turned out to see "baseball by electric light" staged Saturday night at the Association park by the New Ulm Athletics and the All Nations. And it tickled the fans that the local boys soon became accustomed to the unusual conditions and managed to bag at least one game of the three game series played against the All Nations Saturday and Sunday, the final reckoning being 13 to 11 in favor of the home crowd. Indoor baseballs were used and indoor baseball rules governed the play. A new diamond was laid out with smaller dimensions, which tended to produce closer plays at first base and brought forth some exceptionally rapid foot work on the paths. In indoor baseball, ten men play on each side, there being both a right and a left short fielder. The playing rules differ in a few minor points from the regulation outdoor game, but both the fans and the players soon mastered the essential differences and thouroughly enjoyed the sport.
The largest crowd seen at a ball game in New Ulm for many moons entered into the spirit of the occasion and cheered and applauded vociferously at every opportunity. The play was exceptionally fast, there was plenty of snappy fielding and sensational catches, numberous opportunities to laugh at ludicrous incidents, and clouting enough to satisfy the most rabid fans. The huge sphere often squirmed and twisted out of the hands of the fielders to the keen disappointment of the particular fielder involved, provoking plenty of mirth and enjoyment in the stands. A complete record of every play was not kept as the game was so fast that it would have taken at least a dozen scorers to get every play correct. But erros were numerous, some of them excusable and others atrocious. However, the crowd did not mind and both teams made about the same number of missplays, so no particular harm was done. When it comes to hitting, let it suffice to say that enough singles and two-bagers were made to fatten the batting averages of many an ambitious athlete, if they could be entered in the records. Two bases was the limit of all hits according to the ground rules established, otherwise there would have been several three-baggers and a couple of "heimlaufs."
William Hodgins began the twirling for the Athletics during the first three innings and as "Bill" did not have a baseball uniform on he could not do himself justice. Sheldon did the catching during these innings and when the All Nations scored eight runs off Hodgin's delivery, the committee on strategy held a meeting and decided to reverse the battery. The move flustered the enemy and they could only obtain three more runs in the remaining six innings. Dunbar and Blattner comprised the battery for the All Nations and while they held the Athletics fairly well in the early innings the local bunch kept plugging away and finally won out in the last two innings. It was a new experience for most of the New Ulm players but after they became accustomed to the ball and the lights they took to the game like a gang of pickaninnies to a watermellon patch on a moonlight night in Alabam' and hit the ball to all corners of the field. A walk, an error, a hit and a fielder's choice gave the All Nations three scores in the first innings, but the Athletics tid it up in their half of the round on a bunch of clouts. Seymour rang up another marker for the visitors in the second and an avalanche of hits and errors gave them four more in the third frame. Sheldon then went into the box and allowed the All Nations a single score in each of the fifth, seventh, and eighth innings, bringing their total up to eleven. The All Nations had such a big lead that it looked as if they would run away from the home boys, but the Athletics were not one whit discouraged.
They managed to punch the plate once in four successive innings, the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth, and a grand batting rally in the lucky seventh gave them four runs more and the lead, the score being 11 to 10. Blattner then counted one for the All Nations in the first of the eighth, knotting the count at eleven all. An error, a single by Friedl and a two-base slam by "Chick" Williams gave New Ulm two runs in the last of the eighth and made the score 13 to 11 in favor of New Ulm. Mikami was disposed of in the first of the ninth, Sheldon to Smith. Jackson scratched a hit over Sheldon's head but Seymour forced him at second, Pfeiffer to C. Williams. Crow was then retired on a foul tip to Hodgins and the game was over."

"All Nations Win Saturday Game - Smith Hit Hard by Travelers and Athletics Receive Trouncing - Ed. Friedl Smashes Ball Over Canvas in Fourth For Home Run. - No "pep" gives the entire story of the Saturday game between New Ulm and the All Nations. That is, it gives the New Ulm side of it. It was a one-sided score with the travelers on the long end of it. The final reckoning being 10 to 2. As play was not begun until 5:45 and the sky clouded up so that the sun was entirely hidden from view the contest had to be called on account of darkness after seven innings had been played. Jose Mendez, the Cuban box artist of the All Nations, graced the hillock for the visitors and had the Athletics completely at his mercy except for a home run by Friedl in the fourth inning. He allowed only five hits in the seven frames, fanned ten of the Athletics, and did not issue a single free ticket to first. An error by Seymour gave New Ulm their first run in the first session and a "heimlauf" smash brought home the other. Joe Smith did the twirling for the Athletics and was touched for eleven safeties by the tourists. Apparently the All Nations were on a batting rampage and they tore into Smith's offerings with reckless abandon at times. In justice to Joe, however, we must admit that with a little alertness on the part of some of the Athletics, several of the blows would not have gone for hits. Besides the eleven hits, Smith granted four passes to the initial corner and the combination resulted in the one-sided score.
Little "Hanna" Williams put up a corking good game for New Ulm, grabbing three long flies in center and banging out two of the Athletics' five hits in his three trips to the plate. The rest of the bunch put up a lifeless sort of a game and after the All Nations took the lead in the second frame the result was never in doubt. The All Nations fielded in great style, Seymour's error in the first round being the only misplay charged against them. Seymour made up for his mistake by scooping up several hard chances later in the game. Mendez began the game by drawing a walk to first and Crow sacrificed him to second, Sheldon and Carlson. Brandall then flew out to Lindemann and Donaldson rolld one to Cordes. H. Williams singled to left with one out in the last of the inning and went to the middle hassock on a passed ball. "Chick" flew out to Brandall but Pfeiffer hit one through Seymour and "Hanna" scored the first run of the contest. Blattner walked to start the second and went to second on a wild throw by Smith. Dunbar went out to Carlson, unassisted, Blattner taking third on the out. Brindley sent a blow to center, scoring Blattner, and then swiped the keystone corner. Seymour fouled out but Mikami pickled a single to right and another run was chalked up. Mendez hoisted a long fly to center but Williams managed to get under it. The game was hopelessly lost in the third inning. Crow dropped a hit in right and Brandall poked one at Smith, who threw wild to first, Crow going to third and Brandall to second.
Donaldson's bingle to center scored two and Donaldson counted on Dunbar's blow to left. Mendez walked to start the fourth but was snuffed out in an attempt to pilfer second base. Crow swung another hit into the right garden and after Brandall fanned, Donaldson singled to center, sending Crow to third. Blattner's smash to right scored two more. A single by Brindley, a couple of fielder's choices and a pair of doubles by Mendez and Brandall gave the All Nations their final three scores in the fifth frame. New Ulm had only a few slight openings after the first inning. In the second session Carlson singled to left with two down but Smith struck out, retiring the side. Friedl caught one to his liking in the fourth and swung it over the left field fence for a home run. In the last of the sixth "Hanna" beat out an infield hit and after "Chick" fanned, Pfeiffer singled to left. With the "Rabbit" on third and Pfeiffer on first, they started a double steal and Williams was run down near the plate."

August 2, 1914

New Ulm, MN
"John Donaldson Beats New Ulm - Famous Southpaw Fans Twenty One of the Athletics Sunday. - Crawford Twirls Great Ball But Receives Miserable Support. - The hooks and sweeping curves of John Donaldson, to say nothing of his reputation, were enough to defeat New Ulm in their game with the All Nations Sunday. New Ulm was presented with a run in the first inning and with Crawford pitching masterly ball retained the lead until the sixth when the visitors pushed two across. Thereafter, they scored in every inning and the final summary shows the score 6 to 1 in the All Nations' favor. The rangey left-handed negro certainly had something on the old pill for he allowed but two hits and struck out twenty one of the Athletics, which is a fanning record for New Ulm for the 1914 season. A walk, a brace of stolen bases, and an error gave the local men a score in the opening inning, but after that the opportunities to count were few and far between, as only two more men reached first base. But while talking about good pitching, Frank Crawford must also be mentioned. The New Ulm twirler did some wonderful work in the box, striking out fourteen of the heavy hitting All Nations. He allowed eight bingles but four of them were obtained after the game had been thrown away. Of the half dozen runs scored by the All Nations only one was earned off Crawford's pitching and that came with two down in the eighth frame. The Athletics played great ball until the sixth inning. Until the break came, they fielded in sensational style and displayed plenty of pep and ginger, but when they broke they went all to pieces and five errors were charged against them. "Chick" Williams apparently had an off day at second for he made two errors and did not get a hit. However, he did smash one on the nose in the ninth, which oridnarily would have been good for at least three bases, but Brandall made a wonderful running catch and cut off the hit. Sheldon, playing first for the Athletics, put up a great game until the last few innings, and then, when the game was lost, he joined the rest of the kickers and kicked the ball around. In the hitting line not much need be said for the Athletics but "Hanna" Williams and Pfeiffer undoubtedly deserve honorable mention for getting the New Ulm hits. Mendez was the hero of hte afternoon with the willow, for the cuban connected for a single, a double, and a triple in five trips to the plate. It was his single that started the rumpus in the sixth inning and his daring steal of third with one down that drew a bad throw from Hodgins, resulting in the first score for the All Nations. Donaldson was the only other man to get more than one hit off Crawford, the southpaw getting a single and double in four times at bat. With two down in the first inning, Brandall punch a line drive to left, the ball bounding past Dahms. Drandall tried to make third on the hit but was thrown out.
Donaldson started off on his strikeout record stunt by fanning Cordes and H. Williams, but "Chick" drew a walk. He stole second and third and then Pfeiffer dumped one in front of the plate. Schoenburg made a low throw to first and the first score of the game was chalked up. Only two other New Ulm players reached first in the nine innings. In the last of the third with two down "Hanna" Williams pickled a hit to right and stole second, but C. Williams fanned and retired the side. Pfeiffer began the last of the fourth with New Ulm's second and final hit of the day. After Hodgins and Friedl struck out Pfeiffer swiped the middle cushion but Sheldon went the way of the great majority and took three. Donaldson singled to center to start the second session. Blattner attempted the second session. Blattner attempted to sacrifice but Sheldon gathered in his pop foul. Dunbar struck out and Jackson forced Donaldson at second, Friedl making the paly unassisted. A walk to Mikami opened the third, but Schoenburg rolled to Sheldon and Mendez and Crow hit nothing but the atmosphere. In the fourth, "Chick" Williams foozled a chance on Donaldson with one down, but both Blattner and Dunbar fanned. For a change, New Ulm reitred the All Nations in order in the fifth inning, but the effort seemed to be too much for them, for they exploded with a loud bang in the sixth and the pieces were never gathered together. Mendez swung a single to right to start the inning and Crow sacrificed him to second. He stole third and when Hodgins threw the ball low to Cordes, Mendez scored. Brandall was safe at second on an error by C. Williams and Donaldson doubled to right, scoring Brandall with the winning run. Blattner struck out and Dunbar was thrown out, C. Williams to Sheldon. With two down in the seventh, an error by Sheldon gave Schoenburg a life and a double to center by Mendez scored him. Crow fanned. Again in the eighth, Crawford struck out the first two men to face him but Blattner then pickled a double to right. Dunbar's line drive to right scored him and gave the All Nations their only run earned off Crawford. Jackson fanned for the third out. Sheldon let Mikami's grounder get through him in the ninth but Schoenburg forced him at second, Cordes to C. Williams. Cordes made a good stop of the ball and then showed some exceptional speed in recovering the pill and shooting it to the keystone corner. Mendez smashed a three base blow to right, scoring Schoenburg and the Cuban counted the final run when Cordes missed Pfeifer's throw to get him at the third cushion. Crow struck out and Brandall flew out to Sheldon."

August 3, 1914

Springfield, MN
"The Maroons played an errorless game, but they appeared to be more or less at the mercy of the visitors..."

August 5, 1914

Sibley, IA
"Twelve hundred fans saw the All Nation club defeat the fast Luverne team today in an exciting pitchers' battle by the score of 2 to 1."

August 6, 1914

Little Falls, MN
"Signs with the All Nations - Little Falls, MN, August 6 - Elmer Brandell, the Anoka boy who played center field for Little Falls the past two seasons, is now with the All Nations, the fast traveling team who beat the Blues two games last week."

August 7, 1914

Sioux Falls, SD
"Donaldson, lf..."

Little Falls, MN
"Brandel Signs With The All Nations - Elmer Brandel, known to local baseball fans as 'Brun,' has joined the All Nation team, which played here last week. Brandel played here until Thursday of last week, when he went to Anoka and signed up with the M & A League. Anoka played with the All-Nations on Thursday of last week and it was in this game that Brun won his fame. 'Cannon Ball' Jackson pitched the first part of the game for the All-Nations but he was taken out and John Donaldson put in when Brun ot two hits off him. The score was then 2 to 1 in favor of the All-Nations. Brandel went up to the plate and got a hit. He sent one out which brought in two scores, the bags being filled when he stepped up to bat. Manager Iverson of the All-Nations immediately got Brandel to sign up with him and he played his first game with them at New Ulm, where they won by a big score. Brandel is one of the best players Little Falls ever had. Although the fans were disappointed to see him leave they are wishing him all kinds of success with the All-Nations."

August 8, 1914

Sioux Falls, SD
"Double plays, Donaldson to Schaumberg to Blatner; Baker to Schram to Fritts."

August 10, 1914

Sioux Falls, SD
"Six pitchers were used by the two clubs.

August 11, 1914

Aurelia, IA
"ALL NATIONS HERE TUESDAY - The famous All Nations baseball club will be here in Aurelia and play the local team on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 11. The All Nations travel in their own private combination hotel railway car and carry a canvas fence and canopy covered grandstand. Among the All Nations are the famous John Donaldson, the greatest colored pitcher in the U.S. today; Jose Mendez of Havana, Cuba, considered the best all around player; Joe Graves, the Indian pitcher who belongs to the Philadelphia Athletics and is only loaned to the All Nations; Naito, the Japanese, comes directly from the university at Tokyo, Japan, and is considered the best player on the team. They also have a Chinaman who is almost as good as Naito. Blattner, the giant Hawaiian, plays second.

ALL NATIONS TOO MUCH FOR US - The All Nation ball team was too much for our boys in the game here Tuesday afternoon and won the game 3 to 0. Jose Mendez, the Cuban pitcher, had the locals on his list and held them to a single hit which was made by Albert Rapp in the eighth inning. Mendez struck out seventeen of our batters and only three of them reached first, Smith when his third strike was missed and Gano on an error by Mikami, the Chinese shortstop. Royer was best out of a hit in the seventh when the right fielder made a nice run and scooped up his fly. Gano pitched shutout ball for the Aurelia team. He struck out nine of the All Nations, allowed only six hits, and would have held the visitors scoreless but for a couple of errors by Smith in the fifth inning when they made their three scores.

August 12, 1914

Storm Lake, IA
"A one-handed stag of a line drive by Second Baseman Thompson, of Storm Lake, and the hitting of Dunbar and Crowe, the Indian third baseman of the All Nations, were the day's features.

August 13, 1914

Storm Lake, IA
"Donaldson was forced to extend himself, but proved equal to the emergency, and established the record of twenty-two strikeouts and allowed but one scratch hit."

Storm Lake, IA
"Storm Lake Blanked. - Storm Lake, Iowa, August 13. - Special Telegram. - In a pitchers' battle the All Nations shut out Storm Lake today, 3 to 0. Each team had but one man on until the ninth inning. Donaldson allowed but one hit and struck out twenty. Crawford allowed but two hits, one a scratch. Batteries: Crawford and Miller; Donaldson and Schaumberg."

August 14, 1914

Webster City, IA
"All Nations 8, Webster City 4 - An Interesting Ball Game at Riverside Park in This City - All Nations Exceptionally Strong. - White Sox Not at Their Best - Home Team Makes Creditable Showing Considering Strength of Opponents. - The All Nations - White Sox ball game in this city Friday afternoon drew a big crowd of spectators and an interesting contest was witnessed. The visitors have trimmed up every team they have met in this section of country and that the home boys should be a sacrifice to their prowess was no surprise to the fans. In fact, the White Sox did well in making the showing they did, especially in view of the further fact that they put up a rather weak article of ball. The visitors are an exceptionally strong aggregation. The score was 4 to 8. In the first inning for Webster City, Morgan made a two-base hit, and on error by Seymour on Sucher's grounder, Morgan scored. One hit, one run. Second inning, All Nations: Blattner walked. Dunbar made first on error by Mitchell, advancing Blattner to second. Jackson hit for two bases, scoring Blattner and Dunbar. Seymour made first on fielder's choice. Graves hit to Richards and was put out at first. Schaunburg singled, scoring Seymour. Mendez struck out. Two hits, three runs. Second inning, Webster City: Moose singled. Berggren and Clapper struck out. Richards singled. Ludeman singled, scoring Moose. Morgan struck out. Three hits, one run. Third inning, All Nations: Brandell three base hit. Donaldson singled, scoring Brandell. Blattner to first base on Richards' error. Dunbar hit into a double. Jackson flew out to Clapper. Two hits, one run. Third inning, Webster City: Sucher three base hit and scored on passed ball. One hit, one run. Fourth Inning, All Nations: Graves, second man up, two base hit. Schaunburg hit by pitched ball. Mendez singled, scoring Graves. Brandell struck out. Donaldson singled. Mitchell caught Schaunburg at the plate. Three hits, one run. Fifth inning, All Nations: Blattner walked. Dunbar sacrificed, advancing Blattner to second. Jackson two base hit, scoring Blattner. Moose's error on Seymour's grounder scored Jackson. Morgan caught Seymour at third. Schaunburg flew out to Berggren. One hit, two runs. Sixth inning, All Nations: Mendez walked. Brandell flew out to Morgan. Donaldson two base hit, scoring Mendez. Blattner singled, but Dunbar fouled out and Jackson went out on a fly to Berggren. Two hits, one run. Eighth inning, Webster City: Corbin singled. Sucher singled, but Brandell caught Corbin going to third. An error by Mendez scored Sucher and gave Mitchell first base. Moose and Berggren were put out on infield grounders. Two hits, one run."

August 15, 1914

Austin, MN
"Paid Admissions 420."

August 16, 1914

Austin, MN
"Struck out by Crouse, 15, by Donaldson 15...Paid Admissions 1,047."

August 17, 1914

Dodge Center, MN
"Struck out by Seymour 8, by Crandall 11."

August 18, 1914

Owatonna, MN
"Donaldson, lf... Attendance 950."

August 19, 1914

Blue Earth, MN
"In the ball game between the All Nations and Blue Earth at the fairgrounds last Wednesday afternoon, the home team was defeated by the score of 5 to 1."