Newspaper article about John Donaldson and
the Kansas City Monarchs Baseball Team

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John Donaldson The article reads:
This Week
8 Years Ago

8 YEARS AGO, 1921

    Chicago, July 3. Currie starred for Monarchs, but was pulled for Donaldson in the first inning. Donaldson pitched good ball but was given raged support. The Monarchs lost 4 to 7. Hello! Monarchs win doubleheader, and in Chicago too! Duncan made 5 hits out of 5 times at bat in second game. Currie beat Dave Brown, Rogan successful against Johnson, Starks and Brown. Chicago shuts out Monarchs in fourth game of series.
    Monarchs lost 5th game and the series. McNair pitched and held the Giants to 3 hits when the Giants scored the winning run on an error, making it 4 to 3 for locals.

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