Recently unearthed newspaper article about John Donaldson and
the Tennessee Rats Baseball Team

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John Donaldson The article reads:
Darkytown a Winner.
  A dark cloud descended upon Redfield last Friday, in the shape of Brown's minstrel troupe, a dark hued combination of footlight entertainers and baseball players. They gave a couple of very creditable performances Friday and Saturday evenings   They were matched for a ball game on the afternoon of each day, but a rain Friday put a stop to the exhibition that day, and it would have been more merciful had another storm intervened Saturday. The weather clerk sent out good weather, however, and the locals were sacrificed by score of 10 to 0. It might have been worse had the darkies not been kindheartd enough to leave the pickedup Redfield nine some shreds of self respect.
Another article about the same game appeared in another local paper:
  Geo. Rardin caught for Redfield in a game of ball at that place last Saturday, agianst the Tennessee Rats. Charles Ireland was down with him. The Rats defeated Redfield 10 to 0.
John Donaldson

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