John Wesley Donaldson

Newspaper Clippings about Southpaw Pitcher John Donaldson

May-June 1915 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

May 1, 1915

Cushing, OK
"The All-Nations won from Cushing, Oklahoma, Saturday, 6 to 2.

May 2, 1915

Kansas City, MO
"The Kansas City Colts, formerly the Kansas City, Kansas Giants, administered the first defeat of the season to the Schmelzers yesterday, 4 to 0. The features were the fielding of the Colts, the pitching of Donaldson, who struck out nineteen men and let the Schmelzers down without a hit, and the homerun of Gray."

Cushing, Oklahoma
"All-Nations won from Cushing Oklahoma Sunday, 8 to 1.

May 3, 1915

Jennings, OK
"All-Nations won from Jennings, Oklahoma, Monday, 8 to 2."

May 4, 1915

Hominy, OK
"The All-Nations team won a 10-inning game at Hominy, Oklahoma, Tuesday. The visitors made three in the tenth and retired Hominy with two runs by a double play whhen two men were on bases.

May 7, 1915

Chanute, KS
"Ball Game if Rain Permits - All-Nations Team Coming to Start Season. - Play Will Begin at 4 o'Clock and Merchants Have Agreed to Close From That Hour Until 6, City Team Manager Reports. - 'The baseball game for tomorrow with the All-Nations club looks doubtful,' said Jimmie James, manager of the Chanute team, this afternoon. 'However, if it is possible we will play. A man and team will be ready to roll the outfield in case the sun shines. The commitee will not be out today, but if the weather is fair the merchants, who have agreed to close their stores from 4 to 6 o'clock for the game, will be called upon. The suburban stores have agreed to close during the hours named.' Chanute's lineup will be picked from the following men: Buchanan, Rush, Blankenship, Stewart, Bishop, Barnes, D. Jenner, S. Jenner, Holliday, Westling. Gallager, Jacobs, Miller, Reed and Peterson. The All-Nations team won a 10-inning game at Hominy, Oklahoma, Tuesday. The visitors made three in the tenth and retired Hominy with two runs by a double play when two men were on bases. The All-Nations won from Cushing, Oklahoma, Saturday, 6 to 2, and Sunday 8 to 1, and from Jennings, Oklahoma, Monday, 8 to 2. The team is composed of Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Cubans, Hawaiians, Indians and Filipinos."

Chanute, KS
"No Ball Game Here Today. - All-Nations Players Went to Longton for a Game, Instead. - There was no ball game here today. Yesterday's rain put a quietus on the plans which the Boosters had made to open the season by a contest with the All-Nations team. The All-Nations players went to Longton, instead, to play today."

May 12, 1915

Eureka, KS
"One of the largest crowds in the history of Association Park witnessed the defeat of the Eureka Red Sox yesterday afternoon at the hands of the All Nations aggregation. At the close of the conflict the game bag of the visiting team contained eight birds, the Red Sox nothing. Notwithstanding the fact that Eureka was shut out, the home boys played a strong game. The visitors were professionals and old heads at the game, and it is not expected that the average amateur team would be in their class. Kite and Bales composed the battery of the Red Sox, and worked well against the hard hitting visitors. Donaldson, the big smoke in the box for the All Nations, was probably the fastest twirler that ever worked in Association Park. However, he was taken out after two innings and his place taken by another pitcher. After the big black was relieved the home boys fared better, several times getting a man to third. The game was absolutely free of quarreling and rag-chewing, and thoroughly enjoyed by all.
The Red Sox secured 4 hits during the game, and the All Nations 8."

May 15 & 16, 1915

Iola, KS
"The All-Nations Base Ball Club representing the Schmelzer Arms Co., of Kansas City, Mo., invaded the Devil's domain Saturday and Sunday and succeeded in wrestling a series of two games from them. Saturday's game was poorly attended, it being Iola's busy day, but Sunday's crowd taxed the capacity of the Grand Stand, Chanute sending a delegation of about sixty fans. Donaldson, star twirler for the All Nation club was doing slab duty for the visitors and was nicked for fourteen blows in Saturday's battle and while 'Bad Eye' Jackson, the Devil's choice was touched for only seven safe ones, his support was very wobbly, errors being responsible for their defeat by an 8 to 7 score."

"Sunday Donaldson was the star stickman of the day, gathering three blows, one a two-bagger, out of four trips to the plate. Crow and Blattner for the visitors and A. Grubbs and Harold for Iola also pelted the pill for two bases. Sunday's game was the worst defeat that the Go-Devils have suffered in several seasons, the game ending 10 to 3. The Batteries for Saturday's game were: All Nation, Donaldson and Snyder; Iola, Jackson and A. Grubbs. For Sunday's game: All Nation, Jacobs and Snyder; Iola, Harper, Harold and A. Grubbs.

May 17, 1915

Garnett, KS
"By a score of 7 to 11, the Garnett baseball team went down in defeat to the All-Nations team, at the local park, yesterday afternoon. The visiting team were all professional players, thoroughly trained, and have been playing since the opening of the season, while it was Garnett's first appearance on the diamond this year, and to a lack of practice they attribute their defeat. Up to the sixth inning, the local team had failed to make first base, but in the seventh inning made one score; another in the eighth; rallied in the last half of the ninth, and drove in five. A feature of the playing was Bump's pitching. He was put into the box in the second inning to take the place of Roush, and proved a puzzle to the visitors. Lynch, Flynn, and Milligan each landed on the ball for three bases. Tom Flynn umpired the game."

May 24, 1915

Leavenworth, KS
"The All-Nations baseball team dropped a hard fought game to Joe Dear's Vets yesterday afternoon at the Soldier's Home ball yard, 4 to 3. "

May 25, 1915

Falls City, NE
"Tuesday was an ideal day for a base ball game, with the thermometer registering 87. A large crowd followed the Falls City Band and team of All Nations to the Ball Park and witnessed a lively contest. Falls City proved too much for the visitors and won by the following score: 5 to 2."

May 30, 1915

Omaha, NE
"Struck Out - By Gray 7, by Donaldson 9. Two-Base hit - Donaldson."

Omaha, NE
"Storz versus All-Nations at Rourke park. Donaldson will be in the box for the All-Nations this afternoon."

"ALL-NATIONS HAVE AN EASY TIME WITH STORZ - First Game Ended 2-1, but Second Was Blank for Brewers, With Donaldson Pitching. - The All Nations won a double bill from the Storz at Rourke park Sunday in the presence of a large crowd of fans, mainly attracted by the appearance of Smoke Donaldson, the sensational colored twirler. Scores were 2 to 1 in the first, which went seven innings, while the second ended 3-0."

"ALL-NATIONS HAVE AN EASY TIME WITH STORZ - First Game Ended 2-1, but Second Was Blank for Brewers, With Donaldson Pitching. - Another Double Bill Carded for This Afternoon - "Smoke" to Work on Mound Today. - The All-Nations won a double bill from the Storz at Rourke park Sunday in the presence of a large crowd of fans, mainly attracted by the appearance of Smoke Donaldson, the sensational colored twirler. Scores were 3 to 1 in the first, which went seven innings, while the second ended 3-0.
In the first Olson twirled well enough to win up to the sixth, when he aided his own downfall by passing a man and contributing a wild pitch. Jacobi was air-tight in pitches. The little Jap fanned ten of the Storz while he was out on the slab. Donaldson and Gray had an interesting duel up to the seventh, where fatal miscues by Woodruff and Vabous sent all hopes a glittering. Two games this afternoon, with Donaldson and Mendez for the All-Nations and Hayes and McGuire for the Storz. First game at 2 o'clock.

May 31, 1915

Omaha, NE
"Struck out - by Donaldson 13, by Hayes 4. Wild Pitches - Donaldson, Hayes."

Omaha, NE
"STORZ TAKE BOTH THE GAMES FROM VISITORS - Mighty Donaldson Falls in Second Encounter and Brewers Score on Hard Hits. - A timely triple by Woodruff in the final inning of the first game, and a bombardment of smoke Donaldson in the second inning of the second game resulted in a double win for the Storz yesterday. Scores, 6 to 5 and 7 to 8.

"STORZ TAKE BOTH GAMES FROM VISITORS - Mighty Donaldson Falls in Second Encounter and Brewers Score on Hard Hits. - First Game Was Procession After Omahans Get to the Husky Negro Pitcher. - A timely triple by Woodruff in the final inning of the first game, and a bombardment of smoke Donaldson in the second inning of the second game resulted in a double win for the Storz yesterday, Scores, 6 to 5 and 7 to 3.
In the first game McGuire started for the Storz. Two errors, two passes and a hit by Blattner resulted in his retirement. Gray took up the burden and held the All-Nations until the sixth, when they tied up the count. In the Storz half of the fifth Woodruff hit for two bases with two on, and before the smoke had cleared the Storz had acquired a two-run lead. With the score tied in the last half, Woodruff smashed a triple over Donaldson's head, after two were down, and Vanous hit a fast one to short on which the Jap threw wide to first and Woodruff scampered home with the winning tally.
To Johnny Hayes credit must be given for defeating the Brewers' old foe, Donaldson. Harry Welch started the colored marvel's downfall in the second with a smash to right for two sacks. The Storz then started the procession, after Hayes hit safe and scored two, which resulted in enough runs to win the game."

June 4, 1915

Lennox, SD
"The All Nations defeated Lennox yesterday, 9 to 1, which makes their record so far this year 37 victories to 5 defeats."

June 6, 1915

Sioux Falls, SD
"The All Nation and the Sioux Falls club played an 18-inning game here, the Sioux Falls club winning the game in the eighteenth inning by a score of 1 to 0. The game was a great pitchers' battle between Lane and Donaldson, the great colored pitcher. Both pitchers are airtight during the whole game, the Sioux Falls club winning the game in the eighteenth inning on a hit, sacrifice and an error, which gave them one run.
Batteries - All Nations, Donaldson and Snyder; Sioux Falls, McCarthy and Lane. Struck out - by Donaldson, 30; by Lane, 17. Base on balls, by Donaldson, 2; by Lane, 1."

June 7, 1915

Luverne, MN
"The first of the All-Nation frays was won by Luverne by a score of 7 to 1, with R. Donaldson, a brother of the famed twirler, on the mound for the All Nations, and Dresses doing the heavy work for the Cubs. The records show that Donaldson was found for ten hits and Dressen for three."

June 9, 1915

Luverne, MN
"The All-Nations went down to defeat for the second time Tuesday afternoon in a 9 to 6 game. Mikami, a Jap, did the pitching for the travelers and he was found for 13 hits, while Wiedel did the pitching for Luverne. The game turned into a gluttonous feast of hits, thirteen being charged to Mikami and fourteen to Wiedel."

June 11, 1915

Brookings, SD
"The local team put up a weak opposition against the All Nations here Friday afternoon. The score was 7 to 2. The hitting of the winners featured."

June 12, 1915

Howard, SD
"The travelers also defeated the Howard club, 9 to 6, Donaldson worked for the winners and allowed only 4 hits."

June 13, 1915

Aberdeen, SD
"John Donaldson, the phenomenal colored twirler for the All-Nations baseball aggregation, with the minor assistance of his teammates, served up a 4 to 0 shut out to the Hub City Cubs on Sunday afternoon at Tacoma park. One of the biggest crowds of the season was present and the fans were certainly given a rare treat in the line of sensational pitching. "

June 14, 1915

Ipswich, SD
"J. Donaldson, Center Field. "

June 16, 1915

Oakes, ND
"Cogswell lost to the All Nations at Oakes yesterday afternoon 4 to 0. Donaldson, the big colored star, was on the rubber for the All Nations and the result was never in doubt after the first inning. It was just a question of how many scores Donaldson's teammates would make. With the exception of Lange every man on the Cogswell team struck out several times. Ellis pitched great ball for eight innings but weakened in the ninth, allowing the All Nations to score three times. Aside from his spectacular work in the box, Donaldson hit safe three times in four times up."

June 17, 1915

De Smet, SD
"About sixteen hundred people witnessed the forenoon ball game between the locals and the noted All Nations. The great Donaldson was in the box for the visitors, and he showed what he could do as a strikeout artist. Before he tightened up our boys secured two runs, and during the rest of the game he did not loosen up for fear of losing the game. Three hits were secured, and a number of men were on bases. Aside from Donaldson the team is not especially strong, and with anyone else in the box the De Smet team would have no trouble in handling them. Pfremmer pitched six innings for the locals, Murphy finishing. The boys played good ball, and the game was hotly contested. "

June 20, 1915

Carrington, ND
"The All-Nation ball club won an interesting game from Carrington here yesterday by a score of 5 to 3. The features of the game being the stealing of home by Chief Snyder and the pitching of Jap Jacobs, who replaced Jones in the box after Carrington had secured three runs in the fifth inning. That makes ten straight victories for the All Nation club."

June 21, 1915

Carrington, ND
"Base on balls off Lyle 8, off Donaldson 2; struck out by Lyle 18, by Donaldson 9."

June-August 1915 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

June 22, 1915

Cando, ND
"Three-base hits, Donaldson, Bacon. Struck out, by Keenan 5, by Donaldson 20."

Cando, ND
Same games, posting from a different newspaper:
"Cando Wins One and Ties Another With All-Nations Team - (Herald Special Service.) Cando, North Dakota, June 24, The All Nations and Cando teams played two great games at Cando Tuesday. The first was won by Cando by a score of 3 to 2 and was a twelve-inning game.
The second also was a twelve-inning game and was called on account of darkness without a score. Both pitchers pitched great ball, Donaldson having twenty-one strikeouts and allowed but one hit, while Kennin struck out five and allowed two hits."

"TWO GAMES GO EXTRA INNINGS - Box Scores of Cando-All Nations Game Shows Great Playing. - (Herald Special Service) Cando, North Dakota, June 25. - In two of the fastest games of the national pastime seen in this part of the country in years, the All Nations and the home club played two extra inning games before more than 1,500 people, who came from the surrounding country to watch these two teams play. The first game was a pitcher's battle between Carver and Russell, which went 12 innings, and which was won by the home club by the close score of 3 to 2. The locals secured the lead in the third inning and kept it until the ninth, when the visitors tied it up. The next three innings were featured by fast fielding by both teams. In the last half of the 12th an error, a hit batsman, a hit and a sacrifice fly gave the home club one run and the game. The fielding of Donaldson, the "Black Walter Johnson," in this game was a feature. He made some of the most sensational running catches ever seen on the local grounds.
The second game was another extra inning game between Donaldson for the visitors and Keenan for the home team, which went ten innings 0 to 0, and which was called at the end of the tenth on account of darkness. Both pitchers pitched gilt-edged ball, allowing two hits apiece. Donaldson for the visitors struck out 20 men and only one man got as far as second base. In the ninth, a base on balls and a hit nearly gave the visitors a score, but fast fielding by the home club spoiled all their chances."

June 23, 1915

Minot, ND
"Two Thousand people saw the Minot regular team defeat the All Nations at Dorman's park last evening by a score of 8 to 1. The Magigians clinched things for fair in the first inning when they scored seven runs. The All Nations made one score in the second inning, but that was all, for after that they succeeded in getting nothing but ciphers. Features of the game were a home run in the first by Spillane with the bases full off Jacobs, and another home run in the second by Rush, with no one on. Spillane's pitching was superb and he should have a shut-out to his credit. He was never in deep water, but kept the hits well scattered and at all times had his opponents at his mercy.
The All Nations used three pitchers, both Jones and Jacobs being knocked off the rubber, but the home boys were finally stopped in the fifth round when Sowies took the mound. Jap Jacobs who relieved Jones in the second appeared to have everything in the book, but just happened to be out guessed by both Spillane in the first and Rush in the second who straightened his benders for a round trip.
Donaldson, the great pitcher for the All Nations worked in the center garden and was the comedy artist for the visitors, pulling off several stunts that kept the stands in excellent good humor."

June 24, 1915

Berthold, ND
"In a heavy slugging match this afternoon in which the All Nations got eleven hits and the locals eight, the former won by a score of 7 to 4. Jones, who opened for the visitors, was taken out of the box at the end of the third after the locals got him for two runs. Russell finished the game."

June 25, 1915

Kenmare, ND
"In a hard fought battle between the All Nations and Kenmare Friday afternoon, the former team won out in the finish. For a number of innings the local team held the score down to 3-3, when in the last of the seventh inning two more runs were brought in by the traveling aggregation, making the score 5-3 in their favor. The game was witnessed by one of the largest crowds out to a game this season, many being in attendance from Norma, Niobe, and Bowbells. The majority of the business houses closed shop."

June 26, 1915

Ambrose, ND
"One of the best exhibitions of the national game ever witnessed by local fans was played here last Saturday when the local aggregation defeated the All Nations with a score of 2 to 1. Errorless ball was played by both teams and at no time during the nine frames were either of the clubs sure of the game. Jap Jacobs, who won 19 out of 21 games for the University of Japan, occupied the mound for the visiting team and although he did very creditable work, our boys found him for 7 hits. Russell for the locals proved quite invincible and only permitted one hit, that by the far-famed Donaldson, whose name is familiar to all followers of baseball here."

June 27, 1915

Crosby, ND
"The largest crowd of baseball fans ever attracted in this part of the state was in evidence in Crosby last Sunday. About 2500 people were here, from towns within a radius of 75 miles to witness the double header baseball event, the main attraction being the game with the much heralded All Nation aggregation. The first game Crosby vs. Ambrose was a good game in sports, with the visitors having an edge the best of it. The exhibition game with the All Nations demonstrated to the large crowd that it is some ball team. Donaldson the famous colored pitcher was on the mound three innings and one hit was garnered off his delivery. The Crosby boys were in fit form with Larson on the mound. The game resulted in Crosby winning with the score 7-8."

June 28, 1915

Minot, ND
"Struck out, by Spillane 7; by Donaldson 19."

Minot, ND
"ALL-NATIONS 7; MINOT 0. - The All-Nations took the Minot team into camp Monday evening at the park, score 7 to 0. The game was very fast. Minot got two hits and the visitors six. John Donaldson, the colored pitcher for the visitors, is a wizard. He is a wonder at speed, curves and control."

June 29, 1915

Harvey, ND
"Donaldson, Center Field."

July 1, 1915

Williston, ND
"Donaldson, Center Field. Home Runs - Donaldson, Hiesing, Bruegger."

July 2, 1915

Sidney, MT
"In a very interesting and well played game on the Sidney diamond, the home team defeated the All-Nation club by a score of 7 to 6. The local boys played their best game of the season, and their batting was the feature of the game, 11 hits being made off the All Nations' three pitchers, Russell, Jones, and Smith. Russell, the darkey, lasted but one inning, Sidney getting five hits and four scores off his delivery. Jones, the next pitcher, lasted but four innings, and was taken out when it was evident that Sidney was getting onto him. Smith was put in Jones's place, and made a good finish, but in the tenth inning two safeties and a dead ball netted the run that gave Sidney the game. Caven was on the mound, and pitched masterly ball thru'out the contest, getting eight strike-outs and fielding his position faultlessly. It was as good a game as ever been seen here, and Sidney certainly deserves a great deal of credit for the gilt-edge ball it put up for this occasion, in order to better a team of the class of the All-Nations, which has some of the best players outside of organized base ball."

July 3, 1915

Sidney, MT
"The Sidney club knocked Russell, All Nations pitcher, out of the box in the first inning scoring five runs. Chief Smith replaced him, holding Sidney to two hits the balance of the game. The All Nations hit safely twelve times, but fast fielding of the Sidney club cut off several runs at the plate. With the score 5 to 5 in the tenth, Sidney secured a walk and scored the winning run with a long hit. A feature of the game was a homerun of Donaldson."

July 4, 1915

Glendive, MT
"Struck out - by Donaldson, 16; by Goldrick, 5."

July 5, 1915

Glendive, MT
"Three-base hits - Cavin, Donaldson."

July 6, 1915

Glendive, MT
"Struck out - by Donaldson 4; by Smith 6; by Hicks 8."

July 7, 1915

Beach, ND
"ALL NATIONS TO BE HERE. - The All Nation base ball team, which has been touring the state during the past month, and who have been taking into camp nearly every team which they meet, are scheduled to play here on Wednesday, July 7. This promises to be a great exhibition of the national game, for every player on the visiting team is a star. The locals will strengthen up considerably on that day and a good game is promised. Among the players who make up the All Nation team are Jose Mendez, the great Cuban star who made such a record against the Philadelphia team on their trip to Cuba. They have in John Donaldson another great pitcher who has defeated some of the greatest teams in the United States. He is considered the greatest colored pitcher in base ball. The game will start promptly at three o'clock."

Beach, ND
"The All Nations won a game from the Beach club by a score of 12 to 4 and played a tie game of 12 innings with the Dickenson team, which was called on account of darkness with the score standing 0 to 0. The game was a pitchers battle between Donaldson and Gardner, Donaldson allowing three hits and striking out 18 men, while Gardner struck out 10 men and allowed only three hits."

July 8, 1915

Dickinson, ND
"The Dickinson ball team held the All Nations players down to a tie for eleven innings and called it a draw. Kenneth Gardner and Leslie Wasem furnished the battery for the locals going up against Donaldson, who is claimed to be the world's fastest colored pitcher. It was an exciting game witnessed by the largest crowd ever on the Dickinson diamond.
The game between Beach and the locals was called off after six innings on account of rain which necessitated dragging the diamond for the next game of the series. The visitors were in the lead. The game was called in the 12th inning because of darkness after Gardner had struck out 10 and Donaldson 19 men. Each allowed 2 hits. The day before the All Nations club defeated the Beach team by a score of 12 to 4."

"The All Nations won a game from the Beach club by a score of 12 to 4 and played a tie game of 12 innings with the Dickenson team, which was called on account of darkness with the score standing 0 to 0. The game was a pitchers battle between Donaldson and Gardner, Donaldson allowing three hits and striking out 18 men, while Gardner struck out 10 men and allowed only three hits."
*This is a repeat from the day before, since it mentions both days.

July 10, 1915

Almont, ND
"The All Nations base ball team had little trouble defeating Almonts team Saturday by a score of 16 to 6. There was a large crowd in town to attend the game and Almont was putting on all the evidence of a 4th of July celebration."

July 11, 1915

Mandan, ND
"Struck out by Donaldson in five innings 12, by Jacobs in 4 innings 3, by Dorfier 8."

July 12, 1915

Jamestown, ND
"In a loosly played contest the Carrington baseball team defeated the All Nations at the Fair Grounds on Monday evening by a score of 9 to 2. Carrington took the lead in the initial inning, a home run with two men on bases scoring three tallies, enough to win the game. However, the Carrington sluggers pounded out six more tallies, hitting Chief Smith freely. The game was relieved by Sparks of fast baseball.
In the box for Carrington was Dewey Lyle, star twirler of Jamestown last season, and he showed the same form as when wearing the Jamestown uniform. It was his second victory of the season over the All Nations. In the center field for the All Nations was John Donaldson, who attracted the usual amount of attention. The All Nation's regular catcher was injured and his place taken by Howard Rolfe of the Jamestown headquarters team. He played an excellent game and was responsible for the All Nations' two tallies. The crowd was large, with many in the grandstand, the bleachers filled and the usual fans along the first-base line. Nearly 100 autos circled the field."

July 13, 1915

Jamestown, ND
"The second game played on Tuesday afternoon, starting at 3pm, (illegible) Leahy, Carrington's pitcher heaved a good game and the support given him by the rest of the team was of the best, there being only three errors made by the locals and the visitors only making four. Leahy allowed six hits, but keeping men scattered prevented the opposing team from scoring. Nine hits were secured off Jacob, the All Nation pitcher. Jacobs struck out eleven men and Leahy struck out six.

The third game played on Tuesday starting at 6:30 resulted in the lop-sided score of 17-2. While Carrington expected to get heat they had no intention of letting the visitors run away with the game and would have succeeded in keeping the score down had we had a pitcher who was in shape. Schmerler, played good ball up to the sixth inning when his arm gave out and a substitute pitcher was put in his place. And then for fun the All Nations began. Donaldson pitched the game for the All Nations and allowed eight hits and struck out twelve men. Schmirler got five strike outs and Koenig the substitute pitcher got three. A total of fourteen hits was scored by the All Nations in this game."

July 14, 1915

Oakes, ND
"The All-Nations also won from Oakes Wednesday, score 10 to 6."

July 15, 1915

Milnor, ND
"The All-Nations won a fast game from the Milnor club today by a score of 4 to 0. Donaldson and Farris both pitched good ball, but Donaldson was invincible in pitches and received better support than Farris. Donaldson struck out thirteen men, and allowed four hits; Farris struck out nine, and allowed five hits."

July 16, 1915

Wahpeton, ND
"The All-Nations won two games from the fast Wahpeton and Hankinson clubs. The Wahpeton game was 7 to 1, and the Hankinson game, 3 to 0. Batteries at Wahpeton were Jap Jacobs and Durham, Faust and Smith. Batteries at Hankinson were Chief Smith and Durham, Narum and Albers. Wahpeton secured but three hits off of Jap Jacobs and Hankinson got two hits off Chief Smith."

July 18, 1915

Havana, ND
"Havana closed the most successful baseball season known to this city Sunday, when they were defeated by the All Nations by a score of 8 to 3. Donaldson pitched for the All Nations, while Parks was on the mound for the locals. Seven hits were secured off Donaldson, including a double and a triple. Parks and Pollock secured two hits each, while Mosberg, Leach and Dean got one each."

July 19, 1915

Britton, SD
"Monday's game was played in Britton with the All Nations. The game was but a repetition of Sunday's game. Twight pitched his ordinary good game of ball, but this it seems was not good enough to hold the All Nations boys down. The home team did not hit as good as the All Nations second best pitcher as they did against Donaldson, and could only succeed in getting two men around. The All Nations tally sheet was a little bit more spotted, as the result of eleven scores."

July 20, 1915

Aberdeen, SD
"Donaldson, Center Field"

July 21, 1915

Gettysburg, SD
"The Gettysburg Cubs played the best game of the season yesterday afternoon against the All Nations, holding the professionals to two scores. The final score was 2 to 0, in favor of All Nations. Sumner for the Cubs fanned 12 men, passed 6, hit 3 and gave 6 hits. Jones for the All Nations fanned 6, passed 0, hit 0, and gave 7 hits."

July 22, 1915

Faulkton, SD
"The 'All Nations' ball team made its appearance here Thursday afternoon according to schedule, coming from Gettysburg, where they played the day before, winning by a score of 2 to 0. They play a fast game and no doubt one of the strongest teams in the state, as they have trimmed up pretty nearly everything on the road. They are in a class by themselves and while they did not shut out the home team they took the long end of the game by a score of 5 to 1. A big crowd saw the game."

July 23, 1915

De Smet, SD
"Donaldson, Center Field. Two base hits - Kennedy, Donaldson, Russell."

July 25, 1915

Bryant, SD
"All records for baseball attendance since the opening of the Bryant Ball Park were broken at the local park on Sunday, when close to 1500 fans witnessed the game between Bryant and the All Nations. John Donaldson, considered one of the best colored pitchers in the world was on the mound for the All Nations, and his work in the box was remarkable. He struck out 17 men and allowed two hits. Fairchild garnered a hit over second base and Welch drove a fast one past the third baseman. Sky and Nelson were the battery for the home team and their work through the game was good. The All Nations scored one earned run and the other runs came in on errors by the local team. Only twenty nine men faced Donaldson, three men facing him in each inning."

July 27, 1915

Mitchell, SD
"Donaldson, Center Field"

July 28, 1915

Mitchell, SD
"Struck out - by Donaldson, 16; by Johnson, 7."

July 29, 1915

Montrose, SD
"All Nations came to play baseball in Montrose. Thursday last. A big crowd went out to see them. The All Nations team is one of the most celebrated baseball clubs in the U.S. They are sent out as a special attraction by the Schmelzer Arms Co., of Kansas City, MO. They are under the management of Wilkinson and Gaul. This team always puts up a good game for any local team that can play ball. They mostly lose out in Montrose and did this time. The crowd cheered both teams along to victory - if possible - as the All Nations are quite popular here coming once or twice every season. Luck seemed against them however, last Thursday, and the Montrose boys won, the score being 3 to 1 in their favor. A large number of autos came to see this game. They did not tarry any, however, when it was over and they disappeared almost mysteriously. The crowd seemed to enjoy the All Nations game, and it ought to considerably encourage the local team here to win over such celebrated professionals."

July 30, 1915

Bryant, SD
"Bryant vs. All Nations - Bryant, July 30 - The All Nation baseball club which has been touring this part of the country, handed Bryant the white lemon. Only 29 men faced Donaldson, the famous chocolate twirler for the mixed team and he struck out seventeen of these and allowed only two hits. The final tally showed the All Nations to the good with a 5-0 score.

July 31, 1915

Sioux Falls, SD
"Donaldson... 1 Hit"

August 1, 1915

Sioux Falls, SD
"Baseball in the Northwest - Sioux Falls Cleans All Nations by 2 to 1 - Games at Dupree - Sioux Falls, Aug. 4 - Special - A scratch hit by Schaefer followed by a single by Lindell in the lucky seventh, gave Sioux Falls the victory over the All Nations in one of the fastest games seen in the city for a long time, the score ending 2 to 1 in favor of the locals. Instead of being a contest between two teams it was more like a game between Donaldson and Lane. Donaldson was right and it was not until the seventh inning that Sioux Falls could get anything that looksed like a hit while on the other hand Lane, while pitching good ball, was touched up for six clean hits, two of these being doubles. After his teammates had batted in a run in the second inning the colored wonder tightened like a wire and the succeeding innings passed quickly by, the local batters going out one-two-three; several times by successive strike outs."

"Two base hits, Donaldson. Struck out - by Donaldson, 15; by Lane, 3."

August 4, 1915

Webster City, IA
"A fine ball game was witnessed by a large crowd at Riverside park Wednesday afternoon between the Webster City Nationals and the All Nations. With a whirlwind in the box for the All Nations like Donaldson, the home boys did well. The score was 1 to 0 in favor of the All Nations.

August 5, 1915

Cherokee, IA
"Cherokee's crippled team was defeated here today by a score of 5 to 4 by the All Nations. Cherokee had three pitchers playing the outfield and two outfielders covering second and third. Batteries, Rasmussen, Donaldson and Durham; Brown and Ludwick."

August 6, 1915

Sibley, IA
"The Chicago Union Giants defeated the All Nations at the celebration here before 2,000 paid admissions. Batteries: Buick and Coleman; Smith and Durham."

August 8, 1915

Yankton, SD
"Strikeouts - by LaBiss, 5; by Donaldson, 15."

August 9, 1915

Beresford, SD
"The All Nations won from Beresford by a score of 8 to 0. The features of the game were the heavy hitting of the All Nations and the pitching of Russell, who held the Beresford club to one hit."

August 10, 1915

Sioux Rapids, IA
"In the baseball tournament held here today the first game between Webster City and the All Nations was won by the All Nations by a score of 10 to 4 in seven innings. Batteries: Palmer and Harmony; Smith and Durham.
The second game between Sioux Rapids and the All Nations was won by Sioux Rapids, 3 to 1. Kinnen struck out twelve men. Batteries: Kinnen and Kerin; Rasmussen and Snyder. The same clubs play here Wednesday with Donaldson pitching for the All Nations."

August 16, 1915

Bancroft, IA
"The All Nations defeated Bancroft in a hard thirteen inning game on the local diamond yesterday 4 to 3. Kensey of Bancroft struck out twenty-two men and Smith and Donaldson twenty-one."

August 17, 1915

Union, IA
"The All Nations won two games here, 11 to 2 and 6 to 2. Batteries for first game: All Nations, Drake and Durham; Union, Hansen and Snyder. For second game, All Nations Donaldson and Durham; Union, Blackburn and Snyder."

August 20, 1915

Sheffield, IA
"The All Nations and the Albert Lea club played at Sheffield yesterday, the All Nations keeping up their winning streak by winning 4 to 1. Batteries: All Nations, Rasmussen and Durham, Albert Lea, Barrett and Fitzgerald."

August 21, 1915

Albert Lea, MN
"The All Nation baseball machine took their second game from the fast Albert Lea aggregation Saturday, by the score of 8 to 6. The game was full of thrills and errors. Eight errors were tallied against the Albert Lea bunch while they All Nations got by with only three. The local were ahead until the fifth when the All Nations got one in the lead. In the eighth Albert Lea tied them and it looked as though the game would go into extra innings but the 'jinx' got hold of us and we let in two runs in the ninth, and the game was lost. The All Nations have improved considerably since last year and are easily the fastest team that has been here this season. The attendance was the best of the year, eight hundred being present."

August 22, 1915

Albert Lea, MN
"Struck out, by Donaldson 8. Ulch, 7. Attendance 1500."

August 23, 1915

Britt, IA
"The All-Nations and the Albert Lea clubs tied the fourth game of their seven game series at Britt, IA., the All-Nations winning the fourth straight game by a score of 7 to 0. The feature of the game were the winning hitting of the All-Nations and the pitching of Drake. Batteries - All-Nations, Drake and Durham; Albert Lea, Barrett and Fitzgerald."