John Wesley Donaldson

Newspaper Clippings about Southpaw Pitcher John Donaldson

1917 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

February 11, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"The pitching of Mooney, combined with the heavy hitting of the L.A. White Sox, was too much for the Western Pool Hall team yesterday. The colored boys won, 6 to 3. The game was played on the Vernon grounds. Mooney fanned seven, allowed five hits and walked one. Glenn made four hits out of five times up for the winners, including one double."

February 13, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"Imported Southpaw Revives Courage of Chocolate Men - The Los Angeles White Sox, colored, are still whimpering. They want Manager Hull to bring back his San Diego ball club and clean them again. Lon Goodwin, boss of the colored aggregation, wired for Hull to come north again next Sunday, but the local leader is not crazy about it and the chances are that the proffer will be refused.
The elevation of spirit in the White Sox camp is due to an acquisition of a southpaw pitcher, whom they refer to as the greatest left-hander in the game. His name is Donaldson and his home is Kansas City. Donaldson says that John McGraw looked him over and said he was the best southpaw he ever saw and could not have shown Rube Waddell something in the Reuben's palmiest day."

February 15, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"Mr. John Donaldson left Thursday for Los Angeles, California, to pitch for the White Sox. He will return the first of May to resume his position with Schmelzers' All Nations."

February 18, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"Manager Goodwin of the Los Angeles White Sox accepts the challenge issued by Manager Hendrie of the champion San Pedro Merchants' nine, and will arrange a series of games to be played at Maier park, Vernon, in the near future. Goodwin denies that the Sox have ever "run out" on any ball club, as charged by Hendrie. 'It is my policy to match my club with the best in the league, in fact, I would rather see my boys go down to defeat at the hands of a worthy opponent than to win from a team that could not give the fans a run for their money. I have a fighting team that will give the best clubs in the business a worthy battle.' said Manager Goodwin of the White Sox.
The Los Angeles White Sox will cross bats with the Westerns Sunday afternoon at Maier Park, Vernon. The Westerns are an aggregation of ball players from the Coast and major leagues. "Skeeter" Fanning will do the twirling for the Westerns, and John Donaldson, the new left-hander of the Sox, will make his debut on the Coast as the pitcher of the White Sox. Donaldson is said to be one of the greatest negro pitchers in the world."

Los Angeles, CA
"Struck out - by Donaldson, 5 in 6 innings. Mooney, 3 in 3 innings, Pirrone, 3."

February 25, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"San Pedro 7, White Sox 0. Batteries: Schneider and Cook, Donaldson and Baker."

March 3, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"Donaldson, Left Field"

March 4, 1917

Los Angeles, CA
"In the third game of San Pedro L.A. White Sox series the White Sox won, 2 to 1. Mooney hurled a nifty game, letting the harbor boys down with five hits. The colored club won by bunching three hits in the eighth for the run that broke the 1-1 tie."

March 11, 1917

Pasadena, CA
"On Sunday, March 11, the crack Los Angeles White Sox played the Pasedena team in that city. The white boys had no chance with the the Sox, as Donaldson was on the mound. As usual, the Sox won, 13 to 2."

March 18, 1917

Vernon, CA
"The L.A. White Sox unraveled the P.E. team at Vernon yesterday afternoon, 9 to 8. The hitting of Donaldson, the pitcher for the colored club, featured the game. He made a triple, two doubles, and a single in four times at bat."

March 25, 1917

Vernon, CA
"Wilbur Rogan, the pitcher from Honolulu who made his first appearance here yesterday at Vernon, is some pumpkins. He is touted as the best pitcher of the Hawaiian islands, and he seems to be all of that. He held the Westerns to one hit and two runs yesterday. Also Rogan made three triples and a single in four times at bat, helping the L.A. White Sox to beat the Westerns, 10 to 2. Rogan fanned fourteen men. He was a little wild, as he has not pitched for several weeks. His wildness and errors gave the Westerns their two runs in the first round and thereafter they were helpless."

April 8, 1917

Vernon, CA
"The L.A. White Sox were defeated yesterday afternoon at Vernon by the Pacific Electric ball club, 7 to 1. Harry Stewart pitched splended ball for the winners, holding the colored nine to five hits."

April 29, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"John Donaldson, the famed Negro pitcher, will make his first Kansas City appearance of the season Sunday at Association Park, when he will hurl for the Schmelzers against the Kansas Side Giants, a Negro team. Donaldson just arrived from Los Angeles, where, it is said, he pitched twenty-two games and lost only three of them. Opposed to Donaldson Sunday will be another Negro star, Rogan, a member of the Twenty-fifth Infantry at Honolulu, is here on furlough, and will pitch for the Kansas Side Giants.

Newspaper Report on April 29 about the upcoming 1917 season in North Dakota:
Grand Forks, ND
"ALL NATIONS TO TOUR THIS STATE AGAIN - World's Famous Baseball Team Plans Trip Through the Northwest. - The All-Nation's baseball team, known in every section of the United States, will again tour North Dakota this summer, according to information received yesterday from Manager J. E. Gaul of Kansas City, Missouri, where the members of the team are now in spring training. For the past five seasons this team has made a trip through this state and during this time, has played in practically every city and village of any size. According to Gaul, the organization is faster and stronger than ever with Donaldson, the famous negro pitcher, in the best condition of his career. Donaldson has been playing around Los Angeles for the past several months, clashing with some of the fastest league clubs in the west, but only lost two out of 24 games. Others who are still playing with the All Nations are Jose Mendez, Cuban pitcher, Hernandez, Torriente, Frank Blukoi Blattner, and many others. Gaul has already picked his team and has 76 fast men on the utility list, that he will be glad to furnish to any North Dakota nine that is looking for material. Clubs wanting dates with the All Nations will locate the squad in Kansas City, in care of the Schmelzer Arms Co.

May 5, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The Nebraska Indians lived up to their press notices yesterday when they displayed 15 genuine American Indians who can really play baseball. The All-Nations won, 7 to 6."

May 6, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"ALL NATIONS BEAT INDIANS. - The Schmelzer All-Nations took the Nebraska Indians into camp for the second time Sunday afternoon at Association Park by a 5 to 4 count. The Indians scored all their tallies in the opening round, but, after that, John Donaldson, the noted Negro hurler, made them look helpless at the bat. The All-Nations scored their first counters in the fourth frame, when Rogan tripled with a runner on and a moment later he stole home. They put over two more runs in the fifth frame and the winning tally was made in the sixth. Donaldson struck out 12 and Myers, his opponent, whiffed 11."

Kansas City, MO
Same game, different newspaper:
"Struck out - by Donaldson, 12; by Meyers, 11."

May 12, 1917

St. Joseph, MO
"All-Nations 9, South Parks, 1."

May 13, 1917

St. Joseph, MO
"Struck out - by Kinnen, 2; by Donaldson, 7"

May 16, 1917

Topeka, KS
"All Nations 8, Giants 2."

May 17, 1917

Topeka, KS
"The Schmelzer's All Nations in the final game of the series yesterday completely outclassed the Johnson's Giants in every department and defeated them by the score of 11 to 1. Donaldson, the famous negro pitcher, who holds a record of winning sixty out of sixty-five games he pitched last season, went on the mound for the visitors. His twisters so completely baffled his opponents, the management of the All Nations jerked him. On the other hand, the All Nations got to Harrison in the early part of the game and clouted him so hard he was forced to give way to McClelland. A good crowd saw the game. Batteries: All Nations - Donaldson, Mendez, and Coleman, Beck. Giants - Harrison, McClelland, and Jones."

May 24, 1917

Pleasanton, KS
"All Nations 8, Pleasanton, 6. John Donaldson Pitching."

May 26, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"All Nations humbled the St. Louis Giants, 5 to 1, in the first of a 5-game series at Association Park yesterday afternoon. Gatewood, the star battler of the negro team, was not started after a thorough warm-up, whereupon Manager Gaul sent John Donaldson back to the stable. Three hurlers will work in the game at 3 o'clock this afternoon."

June 2, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"All Nations 4, St. Louis Giants 3."

June 3, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The All-Nations repeated their victory over the Kansas City Giants yesterday at Association Park, winning by a big rally in the eighth inning, 4 to 0. Lefty Smith had held the nations helpless up to that time."

June 9, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"Lincoln Cleaning and Dye Works team lost a game to the All-Nations of Kansas City today, the final count standing 9 to 5. The All-Nations ran in four tallies in the first inning, getting a lead which the Cleaners could not overcome."

June 10, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The All-Nations won from the Lincoln Amateur champions Sunday in an easy game, the heavy hitting of the All-Nations being the only feature of the game. Batteries: All Nations - Donaldson, Torriente, and Coleman: Lincoln - Meyers, Stevenson, Miller, and Beyer."

June 28, 1917

Greenwood, NE
"Greenwood 2, All Nations 4. Batteries: Mason and Hansen; Barnes, Donaldson, Yendez, and Coleman."

June 29, 1917

Greenwood, NE
"The All Nations - the team from Kansas City which will collide with the Lincoln Cleaners at the Capitol Beach park the afternoon of the Fourth - Inaugurated its Nebraska trip Thursday at Greenwood, where the K.C. aggregation trounced the Cass County athletes 4 to 2. Greenwood imported several players for the occasion and gave the tourists a merry argument. Batteries, Barnes, Donaldson, Yendez, and Coleman; Mason and Hansen."

June 30, 1917

Omaha, NE
"All Nations 10, Brandeis 3. Donaldson, left field"

July 1, 1917

Omaha, NE
"The first game went to the visitors by a 7 to 2 score, and "Broom" Donaldson, the crack colored slab artist, bested Morrie Olson in the second, the score being 4 to 2."

July 2, 1917

Omaha, NE
"The pitchers' battle went 11 innings. Kirchner, pitching for David City, weakened in the eleventh inning and the All Nations got five runs. The score was the All Nations 6, David City 1. It was a game worth several times the price."

July 3, 1917

Omaha, NE
"In the second game with the All Nations, on Tuesday, July 3, the David City team struck a slump and met an 8 to 1 defeat."

July 4, 1917

Lincoln, NE
"Weird pitching by the Lincoln Cleaner slabsters enabled the All-Nations to romp off with the long end of a 12 to 2 score in the Fourth of July encounter. Staged at the Capital Beach ball park. Donaldson, the famous colored hurler, fanned ten of the Cleaners, but was pounded for nine hits. The Cleaners used three pitchers, Shagard, Luse and Holmberg, and their inability to locate the plate made the going easy for the All-Nations."

July 5, 1917

Lincoln, NE
"Stolen Bases, Coleman, Donaldson, Steno, Grant, Bloodgood."

July 9, 1917

Beaver City, NE
"All Nations 11, Beaver City 5."

July 10, 1917

Cambridge, NE
"All Nations 8, Cambridge 4. John Donaldson, Center Field."

July 11, 1917

Palisade, NE
"All Nations lose at Palisade - The All Nations team of Kansas City bumped into their first defeat of its Nebraska tour when it lost to Palisade last Wednesday, 11 to 7."

July 15, 1917

Julesburg, CO
"Julesburg, Colorado, July 16. - The All-Nations ball team from Kansas City won from the Julesburg team by the score of 6 to 1. Donaldson, pitching for the Kansas City team, held the Julesburg team to no hits. This Donaldson is considered the best in the semi-pro ranks. The Kansas City team plays Sidney, Nebraksa team today."

July 16, 1917

Sidney, NE
"The Kansas City team plays Sidney, Nebraksa team today."

July 17, 1917

Brush, CO
"Tuesday, Brush, Colorado."

July 18 1917

Casper, WY
"Wednesday, Casper, Wyoming."

July 19, 1917

Guernsey, WY
"Thursday, Guernsey, Wyoming."

July 20, 1917

Cheyenne, WY
"Saturday and Sunday, the Cheyenne Indians at Cheyenne."

July 21, 1917

Cheyenne, WY
"Saturday and Sunday, the Cheyenne Indians at Cheyenne."

July 24, 1917

Casper, WY
"In the first of a series of two games between the Casper Feds and the World's All Nations, the latter yesterday afternoon shut out the locals by a score of 5 to 0. The event was staged at the Athletic Park before a large representation of local fans. The second game of the series is in progress this afternoon and the attendance promises to exceed that of yesterday."

Casper, WY
"The All-Nation team from Kansas City won a double header from Casper, Wyoming, the first one by the score of 5 to 0. The batteries were: Casper: Loy and Hogan; All-Nations, Barnes and Coleman. The second score ended in favor of the All-Nations, 6 to 4. Batteries: Casper: Chief Hungry and Hogan; All-Nations, Torriente, Donaldson and Coleman. The Casper team so far has lost only these two game, and had a clean slate until the All Nations struck them, but the Kansas City nine knew they were in the game. The Casper team probably will play in the Post tourney next month."

July 26, 1917

Thermopolis, WY
"The ball game here Thursday afternoon between the local team and the All Nations ended in a shut out... illegible...

July 27, 1917

Worland, WY
"All Nations 13, Worland 5."

July 29, 1917

Casper, WY
"Struck out - by Hicks 6, by Donaldson 1."

Same game, different newspaper:
Casper, WY
"CASPER WINS AND LOSES AT BASEBALL - Casper, Wyoming, August 2 - Casper won and lost when she met Kirby and the World's All Nations ball teams on the home diamond. In the first game Casper took a 4 to 1 victory from Kirby in the second she lost to the All Nations with an 11 to 1 score.

August 16, 1917

Simpson, KS
"The Simpson Leaguers and the World's All Nations are even in the series at Simpson and the games this afternoon will decide the winner. The first day the All Nations won by a score of 2 to 1, while Simpson came back yesterday with a win by a score of 10 to 5. The negro Donaldson pitched the first game. The series closes at Simpson today."

August 17, 1917

Simpson, KS
"Simpson 10, All Nations 5"

August 18, 1917

Simpson, KS
"Simpson 2, All Nations 7"

August 19, 1917

Concordia, KS
"An enormous crowd was in town yesterday to witness the ball game between the Simpson Leaguers and the All Nations which resulted in a victory for the latter by an 11 to 3 score."

August 20, 1917

Washington, KS
"Simpson defeated the All Nations at Washington, Monday, 4 to 3, and won."

August 22, 1917

Clifton, KS
"Simpson Defeated All Nations - The ball game Wednesday afternoon was about as good an exhibition of the national game as has been witnessed in Clifton for a long time. There were plenty of hits and many close plays, especially on the bases. The fielding of both teams was good and many sensational catches were made. The score was 4 to 3 in favor of Simpson and the crowd numbered almost 300, with gate receipts of nearly $150."

August 23, 1917

Chapman, KS
"Simpson and the All Nations played eleven innings to an 8 to 8 tie at Chapman, yesterday. They are at Oak Hill today and Saturday and at Solomon on Sunday."

August 26, 1917

Junction City, KS
"Defeated the All Nations 6 to 5 in 11 Inning Contest. - Wild Bill Horrell of the Old Central Kansas League broke up yesterday's ball game between Simpson, Kansas and the All Nations team with a two-bagger in the eleventh inning. Simpson won, 6 to 5. The game was staged at the ball park east of the Union Pacific passenger station and pleased a large crowd."

August 28, 1917

Salina, KS
"Simpson sluggers almost knocked the All Nations off the map in their first game of the two-day series for the benefit of Company M at Oakdale park, Tuesday. The Kansans brought four-ply wallops in their bat bags and Schmelzers of various nationalities were running like jackrabbits in the three gardens. The result of continued offensive and bum defensive on the part of the Simpson and the All Nations respectively was 9 to 3 in favor of the Jayhawks. The same games played this afternoon."

August 29, 1917

Salina, KS
"The Schmelzer All Nations of Kansas City yesterday turned the tables on the Simpson, Kansas club by trimming the Simpsonites in the second and closing game of the two teams' series in Salina, by a score of 12 to 1. John Donaldson, negro hurler, was on the mound for the All Nations. He allowed six hits and struck out 12 men. Mike Flannigan, Simpson pitcher was hit freely at all times and his support wasn't of the best. Besides the pitching of Donaldson the feature of the game was the hitting of Torriente, the All Nations' Cuban outfields. Torriente, in five trips to the plate, hit a home run, a triple, a double and a single. The Cuban's triple was was easily good for second base on rounding the turn and was forced to go back to the bag before continuing his journey about the paths. The batteries: Simpson - Flannigan and Rigsby. All Nations - Donaldson and Coleman."

September 2, 1917

Indianapolis, IN
"All Nations 5, ABCs 4. Second game All Nations 2, ABCs 4. Donaldson pitches both games."

September 3, 1917

Indianapolis, IN
"All Nations 3, ABCs 6. Second game All Nations 4, ABCs 12. Donaldson pitches first game."

September 9, 1917

Chicago, IL
"Struck out - by Donaldson 9, by Redding 12."

September 13, 1917

St. Louis, MO
"Indianapolis ABCs 10, All Nations 6. Stolen bases - Warfield 2, Cobb 2, Olson, Torriente, Donaldson, Lyons, 2."

September 14, 1917

St. Louis, MO
"The Indianapolis ABC team defeated the All Nations for the second time in as many days when they won the second game of the series yesterday afternoon at Brook's Park by a score of 14 to 3. Drake, who pitched for the All-Nations, was hit hard, especially in the pinches, being touched for sixteen hits. Lynch was the hitting star, with four hits in five attempts, included among them a double and a homer."

September 15, 1917

St. Louis, MO
"All Nations 9, ABCs 7."

September 16, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"ABCs 0, All Nations 4. Batteries - Williams and Malarcher; Donaldson and Coleman."

Kansas City, MO
"ALL-NATIONS BEAT A.B.C.'S. - Donaldson Allows Negro Players Only Two Hits. - The Schmelzer All-Nations won the first of a four-game series from the champion Negro team, the A.B.C.'s of Indianapolis, Sunday afternoon, at Association Park, 4 to 0. John Donaldson, Colored pitcher of the All-Nations, did the mound work and he had the Indianapolis team on his staff during the entire game. Only one of the visitors reached third base. Donaldson allowed but two hits, one in the seventh inning and the other in the eighth. He struck out seven. The All-Nations didn't score until the sixth frame, when they put one counter across the plate. In the seventh they tallied three times off the delivery of Williams. The fielding of Olson, Mendez, and Lyons was a feature of the game. The same teams will play again Monday at 3 o'clock. Mendez or Yendes will work for the All-Nations and Gatewood for the Indianapolis aggregation."

September 17, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The ABCs club of Indianapolis stopped the Schmelzers All Nations in their race for the 4th National semi-pro title yesterday by trouncing the locals 8 to 4. This makes the series even to date and it will take all four games of the series to decide the championship."

Kansas City, MO
"A.B.C.'s WON SECOND OF SERIES. - On Monday the Indianapolis A.B.C.'s gave a demonstration of their true class by beating the All Nations by the score of 8 to 1. The game was slow and uneventful and was cinched by the Taylorites at the beginning. The All Nations promised that Tuesday's game will be a humdinger in which the Cuban Mendez will be pitted against Charleston of the A.B.C.'s."

September 18, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The third game of the All Nations Indianapolis series at Association Park resulted in a one-sided contest yesterday, with the All Nations romping home by a score of 3 to 1. Mendez, the All-Nations' star pitcher, fanned 10 of the dusky athletes from Indianapolis and not a man reached third base until the ninth inning, when Lyons of the All-Nations missed an easy fly in right field. Mendez deserves all the credit for winning the game as he let the ABCs down with two hits and this is remarkable when it is considered that Mendez plays every day at his regular position of shortstop."

September 19, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The All-Nations opened the series with the ABC club yesterday when the locals met defeat in 12 innings, 4 to 2. John Donaldson allowed only (illegible) hits but errors of his mates let in the winning runs."

Kansas City, MO
"The final and last game between the All-Nations and A.B.C.'s was played Wednesday at the Association park. The management made is ladies' day, and more then three thousand fans were in the stands when the umpire called to play. Our sporting editor has no hesitation in saying this is the most thrilling, exciting and hotly contested game of baseball played here this season. We shall not attempt to elaborate but simply say that the game was not won until the last man was out in the last half of the eleventh inning. The final score was 4 to 3 (11 innings) in favor of the A.B.C.'s. Both Williams and Donaldson pitched a grand game, Williams having a shade the best of it while the hitting of Torriente and Gatewood was terrific. Mr. Taylor made a decided impression upon the fans of this city by the gentlemanly deportment of his men and his skillful manner in handling his team, and it is needless to say the A.B.C.'s will be prime favorites in this in the future.

September 22, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The Chicago Union Giants come today, Sunday and Monday for three games. And then comes the World's Negro Champions, Rube Foster's American Giants, and the fans predict that the banner crowd of 7,000 that witnessed last Sunday's game will be surpassed when Rube comes."

Kansas City, MO
"Stolen bases, Torriente, Donaldson, Coleman."

September 23, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"John Donaldson was too much for the Chicago Union Giants yesterday and the Schmelzer All Nations smothered the visitors, 12 to 8. Donaldson allowed six hits, while the All-Nations got 12 off of Pyres, the Chicago flinger."

September 29, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"ABCs 4, All-Nations 5."

September 30, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"Struck out - by Donaldson 11, by Williams 11."

October 1, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"All-Nations Beaten 13 to 9 - The All-Nations baseball club was defeated by the ABCs of Indianapolis at Association Park yesterday, 13 to 9."

October 2, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"ABCs 3, All Nations 0. Second game, ABCs 0, All Nations 1."

October 3, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"ABCs 2, All Nations 6. Batteries: Johnson, B. Taylor and Powell; Donaldson and Coleman."

October 6, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"The sport programme was enjoyed by a large crowd, there being returns from the World's Series Game in the 'Windy City' and a preliminary game between the All-Nations and the Kansas City, Kansas Giants to round out an excellent matinee. The curtain raiser resulted in an easy 8 to 3 victory for the All-Nations."

October 7, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"All-Nations ball team bested the Indianapolis ABCs in the series, winning three out of five games. Every game was hard fought, but the All-Nations came from behind and won the three last games played. Jack Johnson's Topeka Giants will be at Association Park Sunday, October 7, and a great game is expected."

Kansas City, MO
"Giants 0, All-Nations 7. Batteries - Cunningham and Gray; Donaldson and Coleman."

October 14, 1917

Kansas City, MO
"BASE BALL - DOUBLE HEADER - All Pros. vs. Old Lagers At 2 P.M. Winner to Play All Nations - John Donaldson will Pitch

Kansas City, MO
"All Nations 9, Old Fashioned Lagers 0. Batteries - Donaldson and Coleman; Karosen and Majors."

December 9, 1917

San Pedro, CA
"The Los Angeles White Sox defeated the San Pedro Merchants here today by a score of 5 to 3. Inability to hit Donaldson in the pinches and errors at critical moments were responsible for the results."

December 25, 1917

Pasedena, CA
"Struck out - by Piercy 8, Arkenburg 3, Donaldson 4, Mendez 2."

1918 John Donaldson Games

Stories are placed in order of the date they appeared.

January 18, 1918

Los Angeles, CA
"L.A. White Sox 3, San Pedro 4."

April 7, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Struck out, by Donaldson 2; by Jeffries 1; by Lane 2."

April 14, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"ABCs 14, Marcos 0. Batteries - Donaldson and Powell; Dismukes and Watts."

April 15, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"ABCs 5, Marcos 0."

May 5, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"ABCs 14, C. Grant 3. Donaldson, Pitcher."

May 19, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Cuban Stars Will Meet A.B.C.s in Two Games Today - C.I. Taylor's A.B.C.'s are in the best of condition for their five-game series with the Cuban All Stars, according to an announcement by Taylor last night. The players have been working out daily at Northwestern Park, and are prepared to win the series with the Stars. Two games will be played this afternoon, the first one starting at 2:30 o'clock, while one game will be played on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoon of next week. Manager Molina, of the Islanders, claims to have a splendid balanced team. Nearly every man on the club can play two or more positions and each member of the team, with the exception of the catcher, Rodriguez, is a hard hitter. Rodriguez, although not a slugger, is a good man to have at the plate in a pinch. Martinez, a new man with the visitors, is said to be one of the best pitchers that ever played with the team. This is his first visit to the states and he has been going in tip top fashion all season. He is taking the place of Padron and is said to pitch in the same style as the latter. Junco, another one of the twirlers, has been coming to the states for the past five seasons. Last year he defeated Rube Foster's American Giants in five out of seven games. He also won two out of three contests from the A's at Washington Park last season.
Donaldson and Coleman, star battery for the locals, will face the Cubans in the first tilt today with Jeffries and Powell working against the Stars in the second scrap. Taylor's team will line up in the same order that they did against the soldier nine recently, while the Cubans will line up as has been announced, except that Villa will cover second with Jeminez at short. As a special attraction today the left handed members of the A's will put on an exhibition of infielding before the first game and between contests. They will line up as follows: B. Taylor, c; Charleston, 1b; Jeffries, ss; Lyons, 2b; and Donaldson, 3b."

Indianapolis, IN
"ABCs 3, Cubans 6. Struck out - by Donaldson 3."

May 21, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Cubans 9, ABCs 6. Three-base hits, Lyons and Donaldson."

May 22, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Batteries - Donaldson and Coleman.

May 26, 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Eagles 2, ABCs 4. Struck out - by Dawson 4, by Donaldson 5."

June 9 1918

Indianapolis, IN
"Donaldson pitching."

June 16, 1918

Peoria, IL
"Double Header - Donaldson pitches both games, 1 strikeout."

June 29, 1918

New York, NY
"John Donaldson, one of the greatest pitchers in the country, who has been pitching such sensational baseball through the middle west in the past several seasons, signed up with John Lloyd manager of the Brooklyn Royal Giants and is now on his way East to join the crack Brooklyn aggregation who were forced to secure another good man to take the place of Cannon Ball Dick Redding who was drafted into the National Army several weeks ago and is at present overseas.
Donaldson is the highest salaried colored baseball player who ever wore a uniform and the Royal Giant management has been dickering for several weeks with this star player whom manager C.I. Taylor claims did not give his best efforts and played for his release. Donaldson never played ball in the East and will no doubt be received with open arms by the local fans who felt the great loss of Dick Redding, a very popular favorite with the Eastern fans.
Donaldson will make his initial appearance next Sunday when the Royal Giants tackle the Lincoln Giants in a double header at Olympic Field."

June 30, 1918

Harlem, NY
"Old Rivals to Meet Sunday - Two bitter rivals, the Royal Giants and Lincoln Giants, will meet in the third of their series of double-headers tomorrow afternoon at Olympica Field, 186th Street and Fifth Avenue. The Lincolns have not won a game from the Royal Giants, and to keep up their winning streak have engaged John Donaldson, a successful Western pitcher, to take the place of 'Cannon Ball' Redding, as the latter has joined the colors and is now overseas."

Harlem, NY
"Lincoln Giants Split Even - The Lincoln Giants divided a double bill yesterday with their local rivals, the Royal Giants, at Olympic Field. The home team won the opening game by 1 to 0. In the second the Royals were victorious by 4 to 1. Next Sunday the same teams will meet."

Harlem, NY
"Struck out - by Williams 4; by Donaldson 2."

Harlem, NY
"Williams Blanks Royals. - Beats Donaldson in Duel, 1 to 0 - Lincolns Lose Second Game. - Joe Williams triumphed over John Donaldson, the Western semi-pro pitching phenom in a duel at Olympic Field yesterday, when he led the Lincoln Giants to a 1 to 0 victory over the Brooklyn Royal Giants in the first game of a twin bill. in the second game the Royals won, 4 to 1. Next Sunday the same teams will clash in a double header."

July 4, 1918

New York, NY
"Cubans Vs. Royals. - The Cuban Stars of Havana will be back at Dexter Park next Thursday, July 4, for a double header with the Royal Giants. The games will be the first of the season in which the famous Cubans and Royals are to clash. The Royals were to have started a western trip tomorrow, but will remain here for another week in order to play the Cubans on Thursday and the Lincoln Giants next Sunday."

New York, NY
"Struck out - by Calderin 2, by Donaldson 6. Donaldson plays right field in second game of double header."

July 7, 1918

Harlem, NY
"Olympic Field - 136th Street and 5th Avenue, Tomorrow, 1:30 P.M. - Two Games - Colored Championship - Lincoln Giants vs. Royal Giants"

"Old Rivals Play Tomorrow - The two old rivals, the Lincoln Giants and the Royal Giants, will meet tomorrow at Olympic Field, 136th Street and Fifth Avenue, in a double-header in the fourth of their series of games for the colored championship. The two star pitchers, Cyclone Joe Williams for the home team, and John Donaldson for the visitors, will again oppose each other in the opening game at 1:30 p.m."

"Royals vs. Lincolns. - Teams Will Play Fourth Double Header of Series Today. - The fourth of a series of double headers to decide the colored championship of the East will take place this afternoon at Olympic Field, 136th Street and Fifth Avenue, with the Royal Giants and the Lincoln Giants as the opponents. To date the Royals have won five of six games played. Last Sunday Cyclone Joe Williams beat Donaldson, the Western phenom, 1 to 0, in the only game won by the Lincolns. The same pitchers will face each other today."
"Royals-Lincolns Break Even - Two close games were played at Olympic Field yesterday between the Royal Giants and the Lincoln Giants. Joe Williams hurled against John Donaldson, and the Lincolns won by 3 to 2 in the opening game. The Royals' daring base running won the second contest for them, by 10 to 8."

"Lincolns and Royals Divide. - Williams Beats Donaldson - Scores are 3 to 2 and 10 to 8. Joe Williams repeated last week's triumph over John Donaldson when he lead the Lincoln Giants to a 3 to 2 victory over the Royal Giants in the first game of a double header at Olympic Field yesterday. The Royals took the second, 10 to 8. A big crowd saw the contests, in which the rivalry was keen. Next Sunday the Lincolns will play two games with the Cuban Stars."

July 13, 1918

New York, NY
"Donaldson, Left Field."

July 14, 1918

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY
"Royals Add to Victories. - Defeat Bushwicks in Double Header - Each Score is 6 to 1. - The Royal Giants added to their list of victories by defeating the Bushwicks in a double header at Dexter Park yesterday. The score in each contest was 6 to 1. The second game was called at the end of the sixth on account of rain. Next Sunday, the Bushwicks will play a double header with the Cuban Stars."

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY
"Struck out - by Donaldson 5, by Walsh 5."

July 16, 1918

Atlantic City, NJ
"Brooklyn Royal Giants Win - Atlantic City, July 17. - The Brooklyn Royal Giants, with John Donaldson, the highest-salaried colored pitcher known, working on the mound, defeated the Bacharach Giants here yesterday by 8 to 4."

July 21, 1918

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY
"3 Teams at Dexter Park - Royals, Cuban Stars and Bushwicks to Play Today. - The best attractions carded for Dexter Park, near the Cypress Hills L, this season is scheduled for this afternoon. Three teams, the Royal Giants, the Cuban Stars of Havana and the Bushwicks, will be seen in action. In the first game the Royal Giants will clash with the Cubans and in the final contest the winner of the opening game will meet the crack Bushwicks. The attraction should pack the park to capacity. Fernandez and John Donaldson, the Western phenom, will be the pitchers in the opening tilt. John Donaldson has shown splendid form in the three local games he has pitched in this city to date."

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY
"Donaldson pitching."

"Cubans Double Victors. - Defeat Royal Giants and Bushwicks at Dexter Park. - After defeating the Royal Giants at Dexter Park yesterday by a score of 6 to 3, the Cuban Stars of Havana added the Bushwicks to their list of victories. The score was 7 to 4. The Cubans gave a splendid exhibition of fielding in both games."

July 27, 1918

Camp Dix, NJ
"Dix Nine Gives Poor Exhibition - Royal Giants Hand Soldiers Drubbing - Losers Play With New Lineup - By Staff Correspondent. - Camp Dix, July 27. - The Dix baseball team was handed a drubbing this afternoon on the local diamond by the Brooklyn Royal Giants. The final score, 8 to 2, does not show how badly the soldiers were trimmed, for the colored visitors simply toyed with the ball after the fifth inning, and whenever they made a hit allowed themselves to be tagged out. Wholesale transfers has robbed the camp team of its best players. During the past week, Davis, the crack shortstop, was sent to Fort Niagara. Joesphwon, the first baseman, and Butts, the keystone guardian, went to the officers' training camp and Flynn, the left fielder, was also sent to another camp. So it was a nine of entirely new faces that appeared before the fans, and the fact that they had never played together before was clearly demonstrated. Riley, who began the game, was given poor support and retired at the beginning of the second in favor of Bearn, who has not played for a month. The other new men also were unfamiliar with the grounds and their fellow players and the result was sorrowful for the home team. The visitors scored four in the first as the result of three hits, including two three-baggers. They collected one more in the second, two in the fourth, and for good measure added another in the eighth. It was not until the fourth inning that Dix gathered a hit off Brooks and then he eased down, allowing one run in the sixth, when Thompson cantered home on a hit back of third on which he could easily be thrown out. The second and last run was made in the seventh, when two hits followed an error by the first baseman. Roberts, the star of the visitors, twirled in the last two innings and took things mighty easy. The feature of the game for the visitors was the batting of Hewitt and Pugh, Hewitt's fielding and a catch off the player's stand by Cason. Donnely played a good game for Dix and Thompson made two good cathes in right, but also lead the hitting."

Camp Dix, NJ
"The Brooklyn Royal Giants easily trimmed the Camp Dix team here last Saturday afternoon by a score of 8 to 2. Transfers had weakened the soldier boys' nine and a makeshift team had to be put in the field. The batting of Hewitt, Pugh and Thompson and fielding of Hewitt featured."

August 3?, 1918

Prospect Heights, Hackensack, NJ
"Royal Giants Again Trim Prospect Nine - The Royal Giants repeated their victory of last week, again defeating the Prospect Heights team in a loosely played game that failed to hold the spectators interest. The final count stood 8 to 3. The Giants succeeded in annexing twice as many hits as the losers, and the slugging of Wilson, Smith and Stewart was the feature of the battle."

August 11, 1918

Harlem, NY
"Royal Giants to Play Sunday - The Royal Giants, who have won all of their games in the East this season, will clash with the Lincoln Giants in a double header of their series of games for the colored championship next Sunday, at Olympic Field, 136th and 5th Avenue. The Royal Giants are two games ahead in the present series. The Lincolns have strengthened their lineup with several Western players."

"Olympic Field - 136th and 5th Avenue - Tomorrow 1:30 p.m. - Two Games - Colored Championship - Lincoln Giants vs. Royal Giants"

"Lincolns and Royals Clash Again. - Tomorrow afternoon at Olympic Field, 136th Street and Fifth Avenue, those two bitter rivals for the colored championship, the Lincoln Giants and Royal Giants, will meet in another double header. The Royals are two games ahead in the series played to date and the Lincolns are confident that they will even up the series tomorrow."

"Donaldson Will Pitch. - Western Star to Work for Royals Against Lincolns Today. - The Lincoln Giants and the Royal Giants this afternoon will resume their series at Olympic Field, in Harlem. John Donaldson, the Western star who is pitching for the Royals, is out for revenge and will work in one game of the double header. In a recent contest he lost the decision to Williams, and he will hook up with the 'string bean' again today. The Lincolns hold a slight advantage in the series, and judging from the way they have been going in recent weeks they should at least break even with their old rivals."

"Divide Double Header - Yesterday at Olympic Field the Lincolns and the Royals divided a double header. The Lincolns took the first game by the score of 4 to 2 and in the second the Royals won by the score of 8 to 4."

"Lincolns Break Even. - Take First From Royals, 4 to 2; Drop Second, 8 to 2. - In the series of double headers at Olympic Field yesterday afternoon the Lincoln Giants and the Royal Giants broke even. The Lincolns, thanks to splendid pitching by Williams, took the first game by 4 to 2, but dropped the second, 8 to 2. Williams allowed only six hits and fanned eleven men."

Harlem, NY
"Royal Giants 8, Lincoln Giants 2. Batteries - Donaldson and Carson; Hendrix, MacDonald and Collins."

August 18, 1918

North Bergen, NJ
"Bodie Performs Today. - Ping Will Play With Shipyard Nine at North Bergen. - With either Thormahlen of the Yankees or Beckvermit of the Birmingham Internationals doing the pitching, the nine from the Tietjen & Lang shipyard will tackle the Royal Giants this afternoon at North Bergen, New Jersey. The game will be played at Nurge's Field, at Twenty Ninth Street and Bergenline avenue. Ping Bodie and Paul Smith will be in the shipbuilders' outfit. Judging from the fine game they put up against the Camp Merritt nine last week the Tietjens & Lang's shape up as a fast aggregation. The Royal Giants will need some good pitching, and they will use Donaldson, the Western sensation, who has been going so well of late."

North Bergen, NJ
"Tietjen & Lang 5, Brooklyn Royal Giants 2. Donaldson pitching."

August 24, 1918

New York, NY
"Struck out - by Donaldson 2, by See 5."

August 25, 1918

Glendale, NY
"Stolen bases - Mauer, Donaldson."

September 1, 1918

Harlem, NY
"Lincolns and Royals Clash. - Tomorrow afternoon at Olympic Field, 136th Street and Fifth Avenue, those two old-time and bitter rivals, the Royal Giants and Lincoln Giants, will meet in a double header in their series of games for the colored championship. The Royals are two games ahead in this season's struggle, but the Lincolns are confident of evening the score tomorrow."

"Old Rivals to Meet - Tomorrow afternoon, at Olympic Field, those two oldtime and bitter rivals, the Royal Giants and Lincoln Giants, will meet in a doubleheader in their series of games for the colored championship."

"Lincolns Resume Series - May Overtake Royal Giants in Harlem Today. - The series between the Lincoln Giants and the Royal Gaints will be resumed at Olympic Field in Harlem this afternoon with a double header. The Royals hold the upper hand by a two game margin, but things are likely to be evened. In the opening game the Lincolns will send Williams to the mound and John Donaldson, the Royals' ace, is likely to oppose him."

"Lincolns Defeat Royals - Yesterday the Lincoln Giants beat the Royal Giants in a double-header, taking the first game by a score of 3 to 2 and the second game by 4 to 3."

"Lincolns Take Two. - The Lincoln Giants evened their series with the Royal Giants at Olympic Field yesterday. The home club wiped out the two game advantage of the Royals with a double victory 3 to 2 and 4 to 3."

Harlem, NY
"Last Sunday at Olympic Field the Lincoln Giants defeated the Royal Giants in two of the finest contested games seen in Harlem this season by the scores of 3 to 2 and 4 to 3. Cyclone Joe Williams, without a doubt the best pitcher in the East, was in fine form and had his share in the winning of both games. By winning both games the Lincolns wiped out the two-game advantage held by the Royals."

September 2, 1918

Brooklyn, NY
"On Labor Day the Cuban Stars will face the Royal Giants."

"There will be a double header tomorrow between the Cuban Stars and the Royal Giants."

"Today the Cuban Stars and the Royal Giants will play two games at Dexter Park."

September 15, 1918

Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, NY
"Games at Dexter Park. - At Dexter Park, near the Cypress Hills elevated station this afternoon the Bushwicks will meet the Royal Giants in a double header."

"Surprise by Bushwicks. - Take Both Games of Double Header From Royal Giants. - The Bushwicks sprang a surprise on the Royal Giants at Dexter Park yesterday, when they took both games of a double header, by 10 to 7 and 7 to 5. Stengel and Ellison, the former Tiger, starred for the Bushwicks."

New York, NY
"The Royal Giants got quite a surprise handed to them last Sunday afternoon when they lost both ends of a double header to the fast going Bushwicks, 10 to 7 and 7 to 5. Stengel of the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers and Ellison, the former Tiger, starred for the Bushwicks. Robinson and Brooks pitched good ball for the Royals, but the team was not in a hitting mood."

September 22, 1918

Jersey City, NJ
"JERSEY-ROYAL GIANT GAMES - Double-Header at West Side and Culver Avenues Sunday Afternoon. - One of the best baseball attractions of the season will be offered Jersey City fans Sunday, when the New York Giants, playing under the title of "Jersey City," will meet the Royal Giants in a double-header at the Jersey City Baseball Park. The first game will start at 2:15. In the Jersey City lineup will be such stars as Hal Chase, Art Fletcher, Larry Doyle, Jay Kirke, Fred Wilhoit, George Burns, Ollie O'Mara, Lew Wendell, Red Causey and Al Demaree. The Royal Giants have played great ball all season, and last Saturday, at North Bergen, they defeated the Tietjen and Lang team for the second time this season. They are coming here Sunday to beat the Giants, as they realize that this is the first time in the history of their club that they have faced a major league team. There has always been a great deal of discussion among baseball gans as to whether the colored stars could really defeat a major league team. They will make a desperate attempt to capture at least one of the games of the double-header. The fans Sunday will see one of the greatest colored players ever developed in Shortstop Lloyd, formerly of the Chicago Giants. Many loyal followers of the Royals are coming over from New York to see the games Sunday. The first game will start at 2:15p.m.

Jersey City, NJ
"NEW YORK GIANTS AND ROYAL GIANTS IN DOUBLE-HEADER SUNDAY - New York Giants will furnish Hudson County fans with the biggest bargain offered this season, Sunday (tomorrow), when they clash with the Royal Giants in a double-header at the Jersey City baseball park. The Giants will again play under the name of Jersey City, and will present in their lineup such great stars as Hal Chase, George Burns, Art Fletcher, Joseph Wilhoit, Jay Kirke, Larry Doyle, Ollie O'Mara, Red Causey, Lew Wendell and Al Demaree.
The Royal Giants are determined to show up the Giants, as this is the first time in the history of the colored champions that they have had the long-looked for opportunity of facing a real major league club. The Royals will offer to Hudson County fans their strongest lineup, including Shortstop Ted (John Henry) Lloyd, formerly of the Chicago American Giants: Pearl Webster, Charles Earle, Oliver Marcelle, John Cason, Johnny Pugh, Harrison, Joe Hewitt, Louis Santop, William Parks, Robinson, and John Donaldson.
The first game will start at 2:15, when Al Demaree will face Robinson. The second game will start immediately after the conclusion of the first, with Donaldson working against Red Causey. Hundreds of shipyard workers from the plant where the Giants are now employed will be on hand Sunday to root for them. The games are expected to draw the record crowd of the season at West Side Avenue.
SHIPBUILDING LEAGUE CHAMPS SEEKS SERIES - The manager of the Harlan and Hollingsworth Shipbuilding Company team (Wilmington) proposes a home and home series between the Giants and Harlan team, which recently won the Atlantic Coast Shipbuilding League pennant. Rogers Hornsby, Joe Jackson, Gus Getz, Williams of White Sox and other leaguers are battling in H and H Loggery.

JERSEYS (GIANTS) WIN BOTH GAMES - Major League baseballers representing Jersey City captured both ends of a double-header from the Royal Giants (colored) at West Side and Culver avenues yesterday afternoon (7-0 and 1-0). The winners' gunners were Al Denaree and "Red" Causey.

September 29, 1918

New York, NY
"Lincolns Returned Winners. - The Lincoln Giants were returned the winners in both ends of a double-header at Olympic field last Sunday, defeating the Royal Giants by a score of 8 to 4 and the Cuban Stars 6 to 0. The Lincolns were in fine form, collecting a total of 21 hits in both games. Struck out - by Williams 7; by Brooks 4; by Donaldson 5."

Harlem, NY
"Lincolns Win Two. - Defeat Cuban Stars by 6 to 0 and Royal Giants by 8 to 4. The Lincoln Giants were in particularly fine form yesterday at Olympic Field. They defeated the Cuban Stars by 6 to 0 and the Royal Giants by 8 to 4."

October 13, 1918

Long Island, NY
"At Dexter Park, Long Island, Sunday, October 13, the Bushwicks robbed the Royal Giants of both games. The players seemed to have a touch of influenza or something, while the Bushwicks were pulling off all kinds of exhibition stunts. Kelleher pitched scientific baseball throughout the entire game, Brooks doing the same for the Royals, but had poor support. Both pitchers demonstrated fine work. The Bushwicks took both games, first 3 to 2, second 2 to 0."

Long Island, NY
"Bushwicks Run Riot. - Hand Royal Giants Jolt of Season in Double Header. - Yesterday's balmy weather made the Bushwicks feel like cutting loose at Dexter Park and they handed the Royal Giants the jolt of the season. The Bushwicks won both games of a double header by 8 to 2 and 2 to 0. In the second game both Kelleher and Brooks were in form and allowed only four hits each."

October 17, 1918

New York, NY
"Struck out - by Donaldson 5, by Williams 2."