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John Donaldson Succumbs
Great Dies
At County

    John Wesley Donaldson, 77, who was rated over the great Satchel Paige among the old Negro National League, died last Wednesday at Cook County Hospital following a siege of sickness brought on by bronchial pneumonia and kidney infections.
    Along with many other black stars, Donaldson suffered from baseball's strict segregation. His pitching skills prompted the fabled New York Giants manager John McGraw to say, "I think he (Donaldson) is the greatest I have ever seen. I would give $50,000 for him if it wasn't for the color line."
    Born in Glasgow, Miss. Feb. 20, 1892, Donaldson began his illustrious career at the age of 13 when he held the local semi-pro team to three hits, while striking out 18.
    Grabbed off the Glasgow sandlots by W. L. Wilkerson, one of the co-founders of the Negro National League, Donaldson joined the famed Kansas City Monarchs after attending George R. Smith College in Sedalia, Miss.
    Dividing his time between the mound and the outfield because of his hitting prowess, Donaldson's career ranged from the Monarchs, Indianapolis ABC's, Detroit Stars, Joe Green's Chicago Giants, Saskatoon of the Canadian League, Brooklyn Royal Giants and St. Cloud.
    While pitching for St. Cloud, Donaldson hurled a four-hitter against the New York Giants and hit a homer for a 9-2 win over the world champion Giants. This performance brought McGraw's statement.
    He once pitched 30 scoreless innings while barnstorming against the Kansas City All-Stars of the American Association. In 1912, Donaldson pitched a one hitter against a Minnesota All-Star team, fanning 27 men, the first 11 in a row.
    Major league scouts said that Donaldson had the control of Christy Mathewson and Grover Cleveland Alexander; and the speed of Lefty Grove and Walter Johnson. All four pitchers named are member of baseball's Hall of Fame.
    Donaldson coached and managed Paige and finished his baseball career as a scout for the White Sox. Up until his death, he spent his time teaching baseball to youngsters throughout the Chicago area.
    Donaldson is survived by his wife, Eleanor and three sisters-in-law. His wake will be held Sunday evening at Metropolitan Community Church, 41st & King Drive. Funeral services at the church are scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday.
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