A newspaper article mentioning John Donaldson, mentioned among other old time baseball stars.

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The section of the article about Donaldson reads:
Chicago Defender Article about John Donaldson
In The Good Old Summertime It's 'Picnic Time.....'

The picture captions read:
    * NOW'S THE TIME to take to the great outdoors for fun and frolic at old-fashioned picnics and barbeques... and that's just what the Old Baseball players of Chicago did last Sunday. The scenic outing spot was Harms Woods out on the North Shore near Evanston, Ill. Defender Photographer Tony Rhoden's camera-lens captured some of the highlights appealing to youngsters and the elders alike.

    * SMALL FRY GET into the picnic fare act and turn out some very yummy grilled hot dogs (center photo). Young cook intent on her job (right) is Michele Clenna of Chicago. Eager to sink their teeth into the juicy, piping hot "dogs" are (from left) James Anderson of Chicago, Arthur Barry, Evanston and Sharon Anderson, also of Chicago.

    * CASUAL ATTIRE was the order of the day, of course, and relaxing in the casual manner is this group of charming picnickers being charmed by John Donaldson, famous old-time fast ball pitcher. All eyes and ears are Rose Harris, Marion Kirk, Margaret McGuire and Lucille Sykes. Top right: What's a picnic without spicy, succulent barbeque cooked outdoors to a tantalizing brown and bassed with savory sauce. Masters at the charcoal pit are (from left) Edgar Pitts, Waller Harpel and H. Benhart.

    * PICNIC TIME also is the time when family and friends get together and spread picnic goodies under the shade trees. Typical is this group (at left) which joined Evanstonians and Chicagoans to relax and romp with the Old Ball Players. They are Mrs. Hattie Knazze, Jeffery Knazze, Richard Knazze, Juanita Jordon, Richard Jordan, Mr. And Mrs. McEndrea, Mattie Lee Williams, Mrs. Albertine Knazze, F. D. A. Sanders, Claude Cole, Lathan Knazze, Phillip Jordon, Lee S. Bandy and Mr. Harper. Below right: Mrs. George Sweatt, Mrs. R. M. Jackson, Mrs. John Murray, Miss Nicola Graham and Mrs. Margo David.