A newspaper article mentioning John Donaldson, being honored at an Indianapolis Clowns baseball game.

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The section of the article about Donaldson reads:
Clowns Meet N.Y. Stars
At Comiskey Park Aug. 15

The caption under the picture reads: BILLY VAUGHAN, the only midget playing organized baseball is dwarfed by two of his teammates on the Indianapolis Clowns that play at Comiskey Park tomorrow night against the New York Stars.

    The Indianapolis Clowns are predicting a big turnout for their baseball game and funshow extravaganza at Comiskey Park, Chicago, on Wednesday night, August 15. Pre-game interest has the odds-makers anticipating a turnout of 10,000 fans and a hotly contested game betweeen the classy Clowns and their close competitors, the New York Stars.
    The game figures to be a real "Donnybrook" in every sense of the word, but so does the entertainment - including fireworks displays and a host of acts and exhibitions. Then there will be the honoring of old time players like Joe Green, and the participation of such former Negro American League stars as Bingo DeMoss, Sandy Thompson, William Fox Jones, Ruben Currie, Thurman - Jennings, David Malarcher and John Donaldson.
    Other luminaries who expect to take part in the mammoth presentation include Ray Schalk, Urban Faber, Dizzy Truot, Duke Slater, former University of Iowa football great who will make presentations to the honored guest, J. B. Martin, former president of the Negro American League.
Chicago Defender Article about John Donaldson