Newspaper article about John Donaldson attending a Hank Aaron baseball game.

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Under the picture, the explanation reads: SYD POLLOCK, owner of the Indianapolis Clowns who meet New York Stars in first Annual Midwest Classic at Comiskey Park night of Aug. 15 visited County Stadium in Milwaukee yesterday for the Braves - Cub game and spent considerable time talking to Hank Aaron, the Milwaukee slugger who went to the majors from the Clowns. The article reads:
Indianapolis Clowns Play
N.Y. Stars Here Aug. 15

    The Indianapolis Clowns who meet the New York Stars at Comiskey Park Wed. night, Aug. 15, have sent several top players to the major leagues, including the great Hank Aaron of the Milwaukee Braves.
    Hank was a leading hitter with the Clowns and like several other players who graduated from the nationally famous Clowns, was followed by Major league scouts day after day whenever and wherever the team played before being signed to a big league contract.
    The Clowns are generally credited with being the best team playing independent ball, and if there is close competition for the unofficial crown it is the New York Stars whom they meet here August 15. While the game itself figures to develop into a real "battle of the bulge" there will be added attractions that will be just as appealing as the game itself. This extra will be in form of circus activity by the players, some of the best actors as well as ball players, and a gigantic firework display after the game.
    Adding to the evening's activity will be the honoring of several old timer players like Joe Green who will be given a special citation.
    Participating in the ceremonies will be such former Negro American League stars as Bingo DeMoss, Bobby Anderson, Sandy Thompson, Wm. Fox Jones, Ruben Currie, Thurman-Jennings, David Malarcher, and John Donaldson, all outstanding players in their time.
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