Newspaper column about John Donaldson pitching for the All-Nations, and scouting for the White Sox.

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The column reads:
July Fourth

    THE KANSAS CITY Monarchs and the Indianapolis Clowns meet at Comiskey park, Chicago, on July 4. Tom Baird's Monarchs, with John O'Neil managing, can be relied upon to give a good account of themselves. Since the founding of the old Negro National league in Kansas City's Paseo Y back in 1920, with the late Andrew Rube Foster as President, the Monarchs consistently were a first division team with league championships and "colored world series" titles being grabbed off by the Missourians time and again. The names of famous players on that club would easily make one believe he was reading a "Who's Who" in Negro baseball.
    Mendez, Mothel, Heavy Johnson, McNair, Rogan, Moore, Frank Dunca, Donaldson are only a few of the oldtimers who proceeded Newt Allen, Joseph, Lefty Cooper, Jesse Williams and still later, Jackie Robinson, now with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Gene Baker, the infielder with Los Angeles whom the Chicago Cubs didn't give a fair break in the 1953 spring training season, and others.
    Baird has sent more Monarch players to the minors, and some like pitcher Johnson who went to the Chicago White Sox and Henry Thompson, now with the New York Giants; Willard Brown, who was signed with the St. Louis Browns along with Thompson and dropped after a short time (Brown is now with Dallas) than all the other Negro baseball club owners added up together.
    Some claim that Tom "has the connections." Satchel Paige, laughed at by many as being too old, is still in there pitching as a reliefer for Bill Beeks St. Louis Browns and Dizzy Dismukes, the old underhand ball artist for the old Indianapolis A.B.C.s under the late C. I. Taylor, and later for Foster's American Giants and still later pitcher, then business manager for the Monarchs, is now a full time scout for the New York Yankees while John Donaldson, who makes his home in Chicago and was once the Monarchs' ace hurler dating back to the pre-Monarch days when J.L. Wilkinson signed John as a pitcher-outfielder for the All Nations, is scout for the Chicago White Sox.
    Looks like both Baird and the Monarchs have done "pretty well" for themselves. He paid Robinson $500 per month for playing shortstop and that was more money than Jackie received for playing with the Montreal Royals of the International league.
    AS FOR SYD Pollock's Indianapolis Clowns, one can assure the fans that his team has been a crowd pleaser. Like for the New York Yankees, the fans turn out wherever they play. It's baseball plus added entertainment. This year Pollock presents the first woman in Negro baseball. she comes from Minneapolis, plays second base and draws the applause of the paid customers.
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