Newspaper article about John Donaldson scheduled to play for American Giants.

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The article reads:

    Next Wednesday morning the recuits and regular members of the American Giants will assemble at Schorlings park, 39th and Wentworth Ave., at 10 o'clock in the first workout of the season.
    Dieta Johnson, newly signed coach of the Giant pitching staff, will take immediate charge of the pitchers, while Sam Crawford will condition the men. Foster will observe the play from one of the boxed seats.
    Transportation has already been sent men not in the city and they have been arriving all week. Christobel Torrienti, the Cuban, who will alternate with Jim Brown at first base in place of John Donaldson of Kansas City, whose services were sought by Foster, will not report until April 15. Torrienti is in Hot Springs taking off some superfluous flesh and trying the baths.
    The others who will not be here when the season starts are Willie Foster, pitcher and brother of Rube, who is in Rodney, Miss., at Alcorn College. Willie will report on May 15 with Aubrey Owens, a senior in the dental school of Meharry Medical College.
    When the whistle blows Wednesday the following men will trot out on the field in uniform: William McCall, from the Birmingham Black Barons, pitcher; George Harney of Chicago, pitcher; Juan Padrone, now of Chicago, but formerly of Cuba, pitcher; John Anderson of Waxahachie, Texas, pitcher; Robert Alonzo, Martinsburg, Tenn., pitcher; Frank Stevens, Buffalo, pitcher; Dave Malarcher, Chicago, third baseman; Bobby Williams, New Orleans and Chicago, shortstop; Bingo DeMoss, Chicago, captain and second baseman; Jim Brown, first baseman; Will Owens, Chicago, utility infielder; Vic Harris, Cleveland, outfielder; LeRoy Taylor, Wiley university, Marshall, Texas, outfielder; Floyd Gardner, Chicago, outfielder; Bill Ellis, late of the West Virginia Collegiate Institute, Institute, W. Va., outfielder; roy Tyler, 24th U.S. Infantry, outfielder, and several others including Harold Ross, Lorain, Ohio, pitcher, and John Hines of Wiley University, who made such a hit last year behind the bat.
    Although the league season does not get under way until May, Foster opens the baseball season on Easter Sunday. April 12, when the Chicago Blues will appear on the South side lot. Dave Black, veteran twirler and ex-big-leaguer, will work against Foster's men with Velletta, ex-Pyot hurler.
    The Chicago fans are begging the master mind of baseball to give them another championship team.
    All league clubs have been strengthened greatly this year and some of the most hotly contested games are carded for the South side fans who will pull for a world series between Chicago and the winners of the Eastern league race.
Chicago Defender Article about John Donaldson