Newspaper column about John Donaldson as a scout for the White Sox.

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The column reads:

    THE games played Sunday in the Negro American League marked the start of the fifteenth season... the Negro American League is the outgrowth of the Negro National League... as organized by the late Rube Foster, J. L. Wilkinson, C. I. Taylor and others... in Kansas City... back in 1920... In the years between 1919 and 1926... Foster had teams in Milwaukee, Toledo, Cleveland, St. Louis, Dayton, Detroit, Birmingham, Indianapolis, Memphis, Chicago, Kansas City and Columbus... Out of those teams came some great ball players... Wilbur (Bullet) Rogan, Christobel Torrientti, Oscar Charleston, Floyd (Jelly) Gardnet, Elwood (Bingo) DeMoss, Newt Joseph, Norman (Turkey) Stearnes, Andrew (Lefty) Cooper, Arvil Riggins, Jose Mendez, John Beckwith, Hurley McNair (one of the greatest natural hitters of all time), Pete Hill, Frank Duncan (the outfielder), Frank Duncan (catcher) Larry Brown, Dave Malarcher and many others.
    SOME BASEBALL fans were churning up a lather of conversation the other day... and the name of Ray Dandridge... third baseman for the St. Paul Saints in the American Association - was dragged in... and it was the concensus that Dandridge would be in the majors today but for his age... The little infielder is a slick fielder and a good hitter... as can be attested by his average of .355... Dandridge is just about 15 years too early... The Chicago American Giants have a slick young infield in John Scott at first, Jesse Douglas at second, Clyde McNeil at short, and Edward White at third base...

    JOHN DONALDSON... who used to toss up some tantalizing southpaw twisters as a member of the Kansas City Monarchs' team... has renewed his contract as a scout for the Chicago White Sox... Donaldson almost snagged two players for the Sox last year... but the Monarchs sold Bob Thurman and Earl Taborn to the Yankees. Taborn has since been released by the Chicago Cubs' farm team at Springfield, Mass... The Cubs acquired Thurman and Taborn when they purchased the Newark franchise from the Yankees and transferred the team to Springfield....
Chicago Defender Article about John Donaldson