Newspaper article about John Donaldson, mentioned as a member of the Old Ball Players Club.

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The article reads:
Friends Frolic With Old Ball
Players At Merry Benefit Party

    Close to 800 prominent Chicagoans, identified with the civic, professional, business, political, social, educational and athletic progress of the community, braved severe sub-zero temperatures to pack the Club DeLisa recently when the Old Ball Players club of Chicago and Evanston gave its fourth annual benefit cabaret party.
    Given once a year as a social the oldtimes and young set to keep alive semi-pro baseball days in and around the Chicago area and throughout the State and to pay tribute to the founding of the Negro National League by the great Andrew (Rube) Foster during the 1920's.
    Honored guests paying tribute to his widow, Mrs. Sarah Foster and Frank (Fay) Young, dean of sports writers and Chicago Defender sports scribe, who collaborated with Foster in setting up Cubs star shortstop; Joe Green, first chairman of the board; vice president Nick Roberts; Jim Enright, noted sports columnist, Chicago American and Big Ten Basketball officials together with Rep. William Robinson, Ralph Bermels, formerly with the White Sox and Joliet Standards, Maurice Davids, social director, Old Ball Players and Eddie Plicque, master of ceremonies and boxing authority.
    A heartwarming highlight came when the entire assemblage together with Foster's son, Rube and the latter's charming wife, Doris paid tribute to Mrs. Foster's 72nd birthday.
    Among guests noted in the huge throng were Mr. And Mrs. Walter and Cecil Monroe, Mr. and Mrs. George Allen Parker, Mrs. Theodosia Shaw, Mrs. Elsie Buford and party; Mr. and Mrs. Floyed (Jelly) Gordon, Sandy Thompson and party; Lillian Hatchen, who was the excited winner of the television set given by the club; Mr. and Mrs. B. Charles, Vera Gant, a basketball star in her own right and husband, Charles, who starred on Xavier's championship quintet at the Southern conference.
    Also Arthur White, Mrs. Inez Anderson, Mrs. Artie Wiggins, Mrs. Miranda DeMoss, Mrs. Marion Thomas, Mrs. John Donaldson, Quarcia Jordan, Mrs. T. P. Jefferson, Fox Jones, Snag Thomas, Albert Morehead, Mrs. Johnny Clark and a party, Mr. and Mrs. Midardo Midina, Mrs. Norma Carr, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Langrum, Mrs. Mary A. Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Daniels and Mrs. Della Harris, among others.
    The president, George Sweatt, expressed the appreciation of members for the support of the affair which insured a sizable increase to the benefit fund now totalling in excess of $3,000.
Chicago Defender Article about John Donaldson