Newspaper article about John Donaldson, attending a dance held by the Old Ball Players Club.

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The article reads:
    THE OLD BALL PLAYERS club of Chicago and Evanston IS BUSY GETTING prepared for 4th Annual Cabaret Dance to be staged at Club DeLisa Friday night, Jan. 25. PRESIDENT GEORGE SWEAT has a special committee composted of board chairman Albert McEndrees; Sandy Thompson, Bingo DeMoss, Joe Green, Carter Wilson, MAURICE WIGGINS, WILLIAM "FOX" JONES, Marion Thomas, John "Sutherland" Clark; Bill Dover, musicians union; John Donaldson, Snag Thomas, Bobby Anderson, looking after pre-arrangements for the annual affair. - INCIDENTLY, BINGO DEMOSS, club's treasurer reports a total of $3,046 left in the treasure after coming to the aid of so many needy ex-players during 1956.
Chicago Defender Article about John Donaldson