John Donaldson and All Nations Article
Newspaper article about John Donaldson, the All-Nations, and the
St. Louis-Kansas City "Muny" Championship

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The article reads:

    Left to Right-Kaltenreider, 3b; Keenoy, ss; Laue, 2b; Regna, substitute; Novak, p; Hahn, rf; Maune, cf; Joque, c; Conley, substitute; Gregory, lf; Thomas, 1b; Hays, p and mgr; Haub, p.

ARRANGEMENTS were made by the directors of the "Muny" Association yesterday for an additional attraction at Association park Saturday and Sunday in connection with the St. Louis-Kansas City "Muny" championship series, for a preliminary game each day to be played by the All-Nations. Saturday at 1:30 o'clock the All-Nations will play the Kansas City, Kas. Giants. On Saturday they will play Jack Johnson's Topeka Giants in the preliminary. John Donaldson, the All-Nations' famous pitcher will pitch the Sunday game.
    A block of 500 reserved seats were ordered by the Kansas City Field Club for both Saturday and Sunday games. The members of the Schmelzer team are all members of the Field Club and the club members are going to be on hand to root for them in the first intercity series ever held between the municipal associations of St. Louis and Kansas City.
    Word was received from St. Louis that Pitcher Nokak and Right Fielder Hahn, who have been ordered to report for military service at Camp Punsten this week have been granted a week's leave of absence so that they could participate in this series. As both of these men are among the best players on the team, this will aid their chances of winning. Pitcher Novak has pitched a majority of their winning games this year while Hahn has led the team in hitting.
    Arrangements are being made to entertain the St. Louis team and their friends while they are in the city. They are to be quartered at the Hotel Muelenbach. A motor car trip over the boulevards and through the parks will be made Sunday morning. A theater party also is being given for them. In fact, everything is being done that can be done to have the St. Louis boys go home with the same kind of a feeling regarding their treatment in Kansas City, as the members of the Schmelzer team had after their return from St. Louis last week.
    It is hoped that baseball fans of the city will turn out to watch this series as well as they did in St. Louis last week when 15,000 people turned out in the two days. The games will start each day at 3 o'clock at Association park. Umpires Chick Wheeler and Pat Boyle have been appointed to do the officiating. Returns of the world's series games will be announced from the stands as rapidly as received over a special wire to the park. Announcers will be stationed at points throughout the stands to cry out the results play by play.

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