Newspaper article about John Donaldson and
the All Nations Baseball Team

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The article reads:
Past K.C. Team to Play Blues Saturday
and Sunday at Athletic Park.

    Manager Lhuillier has matched a two-game series with the Schmelzer's All Nation team of Kansas City for Saturday and Sunday, May 19th and 20th, and the local fans are due for the treat of the season when the Blues tangle with the visitor, who are said to be the fastest independent team in the country. The Pleasanton boys will put up a stiff fight, and both games will be good games.
    The All Nations travel in their own private car, and carry sixteen players. They come here merely on account of having the two days open. The semi-pro season has not yet fully opened, and they find it difficult to get games, consequently they decided to come here for the series. The Nations carry some of the fastest players in the country, barring major leaguers. They had games in Topeka yesterday and today, and will come here direct from there.
    T. Gerome, the All Nation's advance agent, was here the first of the week billing the town, and showed us a big wad of press notices, all of which hand it to the All Nations in a flattering way. They carry John Donaldson, the famous negro hurler, whose record last season was sixty wins out of sixty-five starts. Mr. Gerome informed us that Donaldson would probably pitch part of both games. Other pitchers with the club are Mendez and Prieto, both Cubans. Blukoi, the big Hawaiian second baseman, is another star with the team. Besides negroes, there are players of five different nationalities with the All Nations, namely: Indian, Italian, Cuban, Irish, and Hawaiian.
    Brown and Wilson will pitch for Pleasanton, and as both have been working out regularly, their arms should be in good condition, and the All Nations will meet some real opposition. The games will be called at 3:00 p.m. and admission will be 25c. A large crowd from out of town is expected.
John Donaldson

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