Newspaper article about John Donaldson and
the All Nations Baseball Team

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The article reads:

    Local baseball fans will have the opportunity, next Wednesday and Thursday, of witnessing the first out-of-town club of the season in action at the local baseball lot. Jack Johnson, local heavyweight boxer and manager of Johnson's Giants, has secured the Schmelzer All-Nations team to appear here for two games. Schmelzer's is a Kansas City aggregation that has fame thru (sp) the west as a semi-pro team. The team includes John Donaldson, said to be the greatest colored pitcher in the world; Jose Mendez, a Cuban pitcher, who has a record of defeating the Detroit Tigers in a ten-inning 1 to 0 game, in which he struck out both Ty Cobb and Sam Crawford; Blukoi, a Hawaiian, said to be the best second baseman outside of organized baseball, and Prieto, a Cuban pitcher, who won every game he pitched at Havana, Cuba, in the 1915 season. Donaldson has a record of winning sixty games last season out of sixty-five pitched.
    While dope appears to favor the Kansas City team, the Giants should put up a good fight with Harrison or Reams in the box, according to Johnson last night.
John Donaldson

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